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7644 (VR) Public Relations Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, is tasked to support the RAF and wider UK Defence mission by providing skilled Media Operations Officers to ensure the actions of our Armed Forces are communicated and understood.

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On Operations
- Over the past 12 months, Squadron members have deployed to Afghanistan and around the world, planning and delivering media operations.

Support to the RAF - The Squadron also provides communications support, in the UK and overseas, to the RAF and wider UK Defence as Media Operations Officers, Media Escorts, Event Planners, Media Trainers and Mobile News Teams.

Training - Maintaining a high level of professional and subject-matter knowledge is essential for PR professionals, and Continuous Professional Development for its Officers forms a key part of the Squadron's own training objectives. Many of these activities attract CIPR CPD points.

Latest News

Wycombe Lady Joins Exercise Artic Kite

Wycombe lady in Norway

23 June 2014

A woman from High Wycombe has been deployed to Norway to work with the British Forces as the Royal Air Force Reserves partake in Exercise ARCTIC KITE

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USAF Bomber deployment finishes

United States Air Force bomber deployment finishes

20 June 2014

A deployment by the US Air Force to RAF Fairford which has seen strategic bombers fly daily training sorties around the UK has come to an end

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    For more information on the Squadron please contact Sergeant Justine McGarrity on 01400 266496 in Working Hours

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