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83 Expeditionary Air Group
(83 EAG) is the Royal Air Force’s operational headquarters for the Middle East and Afghanistan, responsible for most UK air operations in the Operations KIPION and HERRICK joint operating area of some eight million square miles. Using a range of state-of-the-art aircraft and equipment, the personnel of 83 EAG’s five expeditionary air wings deliver effective support to land and maritime forces using the full spectrum of air power roles: Attack, Air Mobility, Control of the Air and Intelligence.

83 EAG is also firmly embedded as part of the Coalition’s command and control structure, providing RAF aerospace battle managers and other operational specialists who maintain the UK’s influence on strategic multinational operations. 83 EAG also supports vital UK national and defence objectives across the Middle East.

Message from Air Officer Commanding 83 EAG

83 EAG is at the forefront of modern air power. As its Air Officer Commanding I’m committed to supporting UK, ISAF and Coalition operations across the joint operating area, supporting transition in Afghanistan and the redeployment of British forces. I’m proud of the people who serve in my Headquarters and in the five Expeditionary Air Wings that contribute directly to the maintenance of peace and security in this region.

Air Cdre M Sampson DSO MA RAF

Air Officer Commanding and UK Air Component Commander

Headquarters 83 Expeditionary Air Group

RAF Personnel

83 EAG is the Royal Air Force’s operational headquarters for the Middle East, responsible for most UK air operations in the Operations KIPION and SHADER joint operating area of some 8 million square miles.

901 Expeditionary Air Wing


The Wing provides essential Real Life Support, cargo, postal and technical services to 83 EAG and other assigned units, including Joint Force Communication and Information Systems.

902 Expeditionary Air Wing

902 EAW Introduction

902 EAW Sustains Air Operations in support of Op KIPION, from a fully functional, capable and adaptable UK Expeditionary Air Wing located at RAFO Musannah.

903 Expeditionary Air Wing

903 EAW Introduction

Based in RAF Akrotiri, 903 EAW is established to deliver assured support to 83 EAG assigned Force Elements and associated personnel.

905 Expeditionary Air Wing

An RAF Typhoon climbs rapidly

905 EAW is based at the Permanent Joint Operating Base of Mount Pleasant Complex in the Falkland Islands.

906 Expeditionary Air Wing

906 introbox image

906 EAW operates the UK’s air mobility hub in the Middle East, and is thereby a critical link in the UK’s strategic air-bridge to and from the Broader Middle East.

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