Polish Pilots

Polish Air Force Exhibition

The Polish Air Force Exhibition at RAF Northolt tells the story of the thousands of brave Polish airmen and women who came to the UK after their home was occupied by the Nazis and Soviets in 1940. Having fought two courageous, but ultimately losing battles in Poland and France, they arrived in Britain demoralised and homesick, but determined to seek revenge. They immediately sought to join the RAF.

Many Polish airmen would go on to distinguish themselves in the RAF's most famous battle, the Battle of Britain. Still more would fight bravely later in the war, either as part of Fighter Command or Bomber Command. By the end of the Second World War, nine Polish fighter squadrons had been set up in Britain, along with four Polish bomber squadrons and a Polish branch of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force.

Today, the British people owe a debt of gratitude to those Poles that arrived here in 1940 and determined to help us win the war. Without them, the Battle of Britain in particular might have seen a different outcome.

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Visiting the Exhibition

The Polish Air Force Exhibition can be visited by appointment on weekdays only (Monday - Friday). Please note that as RAF Northolt is a working military base, security checks and procedures are in place. Visits can be arranged via the following contacts:

Tel: 01895 238154

Email: 11gpenquiries@btconnect.com


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