Airman / Airwoman

The majority of RAF personnel are airmen and airwomen, who are employed in a wide range of ground support roles.

As an airman or airwoman you do not have a commission – but that’s not to say you couldn’t earn one later in your career.

The rank structure for non-commissioned staff is:

  • Aircraftman/woman
  • Leading Aircraftman/woman (LAC)
  • Senior Aircraftman/woman (SAC)
  • Senior Aircraftman/woman Technician (SAC(T))
  • Corporal (Cpl)
  • Sergeant (Sgt)
  • Chief Technician (Chf Tech)
  • Flight Sergeant (Flt Sgt)
  • Warrant Officer (WO).

You will join as an Aircraftman/Aircraftwoman, your rank while you complete basic recruit training. You will be promoted to Leading Aircraftman/Aircraftwoman after six months or when you complete your trade training, whichever occurs first.

You will normally be promoted to Senior Aircraftman/Aircraftwoman after you have passed a trade ability test and have completed one year’s total service.

Promotion to Corporal and above is by competitive selection.

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