RAF Apprenticeships

Ready for a fresh challenge?

Imagine earning a recognised qualification, at the same time as your RAF salary.

RAF Apprenticeships give you the chance to complete a UK-recognised trade apprenticeship while you’re training or working in the RAF.

You could earn an apprenticeship in a range of roles; anything from an Aeronautical Engineer, working hard to keep our aircraft ready for action, to a Chef, developing new ways to cook under pressure.

Maybe you’re an IT specialist, using cutting-edge technology to maintain our radar and communication set-ups, and develop the next generation of electronic warfare systems.

Whatever trade area you choose, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best practical experience, skills and knowledge – and the best possible start to your RAF career.

Other benefits of joining the RAF include:

  • attractive pay and benefits
  • six weeks’ paid holiday a year
  • subsidised food and accommodation
  • free medical and dental care
  • free gym and sports facilities access

RAF Apprentices can also benefit from accelerated pay, excellent training and worldwide travel.

Engineering and technical

Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering

Duration: 3 years

‘The Aeronautical Apprenticeship has been hard work but I’ve enjoyed it all the way. With learning taking place during training in the classroom, and then in a practical work environment, you really get the best of both worlds.’

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Catering and hospitality

Catering Training Squadron

Duration: 1 year

'I have received fantastic support from my line managers and colleagues here at RAF Benson. Their help has really encouraged me to continue with my further education, something that I hadn’t really thought about before.'

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'Winning the silver medal Best in Class in the RAF Junior Steward competition was memorable, as was winning a silver medal at the tri-Service competition at Sandown. I am extremely proud of all that I’ve achieved since joining the Royal Air Force.'

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Security and defence

Defence College of Policing and Guarding

Duration: 12 months

'I’ve learnt so much from doing the apprenticeship…I was well supported throughout the entire course and any help I needed I was given by my tutors, who made everything seem simple.'

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RAF Regiment

Duration: 1 year

'Hard, fair and very rewarding throughout my training, the most physically demanding thing I’ve ever done in my life.'

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RAF Fire and Rescue Service

Duration: 1 year

'I had been torn between either a career in the Military or a career in the Fire Service. When I became aware that the RAF had a Fire Service it became the logical thing to do.'

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Personnel supportPersonnel support

RAF School of Administration

Duration: 1 year

'At the beginning of my NVQ, I did not feel very confident, but now I’ve completed all the work and hit my targets, I’m very proud of myself.'

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Air operations support

Central Air Traffic Control School

Duration: 18 months

'My trade-related apprenticeship has allowed me to get some civilian qualifications at the same time as doing my RAF training. I’ve improved my Key Skills and qualified for a pay rise when I completed the apprenticeship, which was great!'

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School of Aerospace Battle Management

Duration: 1 year

'The resources available at the School of Aerospace Battle Management are excellent and help you to achieve the apprenticeship.'

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Communications and intelligence

Defence College of Communication Information Systems (DCCIS)

Duration: 3 years

'Overall I thought that the Key Skills were relatively easy to accomplish. However, the BTEC assignments were a bit more challenging to complete. I’m looking forward to completing my NVQ in the workplace and achieving my Advanced Apprenticeship.'

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Defence School of Intelligence

Duration: 2 years

'A good way to earn extra qualifications…another string to my bow.'

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Defence School of Photography

Duration: 2 years

'The resources are state of the art and of exceptionally high quality.'

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Logistics and equipment

Supply and Movements Training Wing

Duration: 2 years

'I feel that undertaking this apprenticeship has been of great benefit to me. The recognised qualification gained will stand me in very good stead for life after the RAF. In the shorter term, it’s also a good stepping stone to further education, such as NVQ level 3.'

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Defence Movements School

Duration: 18 months

'It’s a really challenging job...it has given me confidence to take what I’ve learned outside the RAF. I would strongly recommend apprenticeships.'

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