19 September 2011

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Her Majesty The Queen has been graciously pleased to approve an amendment to the qualifying criteria for the Accumulated Campaign Service Medal (ACSM) for members of the Armed Forces, MoD Civil Servants, and Contractors on Deployed Operations (CONDO). This amendment came into force on 1 July 2011.

The ACSM was instituted to recognise individual repeat operational service in those theatres where the General Service Medal (1962) (GSM 62) with clasp was awarded since 14 Aug 69. In May 2000 the Operational Service Medal (OSM) replaced the General Service Medal 1962 (GSM 62) as the United Kingdom’s campaign service medal. Consequently, the ACSM ribbon and qualifying period have been amended to recognise this change and the range of qualifying service amended to reflect the contemporary operational and medallic environments. The medal will now be known as The Accumulated Campaign Service Medal 2011 (ACSM 11).

Qualifying time and criteria

To be awarded the ACSM 11, an individual must hold a qualifying operational medal as listed in Para 4 below or other specifically designated multi-national campaign medals1 and have completed more than 24 months (720 days) campaign service. Bars are to be awarded for each additional period of 720 days approved operational service. A month is defined as 30 days and part-months may be accumulated.

The following campaign service counts towards the ACSM 11:

GSM Northern Ireland 14 Aug 69 - 31 Jul 07
GSM Dhofar 01 Oct 69 – 30 Sep 76
GSM Lebanon 07 Feb 83 – 09 Mar 84
GSM Mine Clearance Gulf of Suez 15 Aug 84 – 15 Oct 84
GSM Gulf 17 Nov 86 – 28 Feb 89
GSM Kuwait 08 Mar 91 – 30 Sep 91
GSM N Iraq & S Turkey 06 Apr 91 – 17 Jul 91
GSM Air Operations Iraq (South) 16 Jul 91 – 18 Mar 03 (North) 16 Jul 91 – 30 Apr 03
OSM Sierra Leone 05 May 00 - 31 Jul 02
OSM Afghanistan 11 Sep 01 - To a date to be decided
OSM Democratic Republic of Congo 14 Jun 03 - 10 Sep 03
The Iraq Medal 20 Jan 03 – 22 May 11
Multi-national campaign medals. Approved since 1 Apr 002
Note: 1 Air Sortie equates to 1 day towards the ACSM at the rate of not more than 1 sortie per day.

The following areas do not count towards the ACSM 11:

Service prior to 14 Aug 69.
Kuwait during Op TELIC after 10 Aug 03.
Service in the Balkans.
Service in the British Embassy in Iraq.
Service on Op BANDOG with the exception of Afghanistan.
The Gulf War – The Gulf Medal 1990-91.
The Falklands – South Atlantic Medal.

Service in a theatre of operations which has been shorter than that required to qualify for the associated medallic recognition will not count towards the ACSM 11, less the following instances:

An individual who receives a gallantry award, but does not complete the qualifying period of service to qualify for the associated operational service medal, will automatically qualify for the operational service medal with time served in theatre accruing towards the ACSM 11.

This same principle applies to those who are killed or injured and CASEVACed out of theatre prior to completing the qualifying period of service for medallic recognition. In each case the operational medal will be awarded and the time served in theatre accrued towards the ACSM 11.

The holding of a gallantry award will carry no automatic entitlement to the ACSM 11.

Eligible personnel

All holders of an approved operational medal as listed in Para 4 above or other specifically designated multi-national campaign medals3 serving on or after 1 Jan 08, be they military, MoD civilian or Contractors on Deployed Operations, serving or retired, are eligible for the ACSM 11 provided they meet the qualifying criteria. This will ensure that those who have left the Services since 2 Jan 08 with considerable repeat campaign service are not forgotten.

The ACSM may be awarded posthumously where service prior to their death meets the eligibility criteria herein described.
In addition to the criteria outlined in paragraphs 3 and 6 above, individuals with unrecognised qualifying accumulated campaign service (excluding service already recognised by the award of an ACSM and or bars, prior to 1 Jul 11) are entitled to carry forward their service towards the ACSM 11 and subsequent bars as appropriate.

Design of medal

The Medal remains as the former ACSM, that being it shall be circular, made of silver and bear on the obverse the Crowned Effigy of Her Majesty. On the reverse the inscription ‘FOR ACCUMULATED CAMPAIGN SERVICE’ is set within a four part ribbon surrounded by a branch of oak leaves with laurel and olive leaves woven through the motto ribbon. However, differently from the previous medal, the medal is suspended from a ribbon, one and a quarter inches in width, consisting of a central stripe of purple with two vertical stripes of gold flanked on either side by a stripe of green. This change in ribbon denotes the change in criteria.

Rosette emblems denoting the award of each Bar are attached to the ribbon when the ribbon only is worn. A maximum of 3 rosettes may be worn. To denote service beyond the award of 3 Bars (3 silver rosettes), the following shall be worn:

Four Bars will be denoted by a single gold rosette.
Five Bars will be denoted by one gold and one silver rosette
Six Bars will be denoted by one gold and two silver rosettes.
Seven Bars will be denoted by two gold rosettes.

The sequence will be followed until nine clasps are denoted by three gold rosettes. A further announcement will be made in the event that holders of the ACSM 11 become eligible for a tenth clasp.


The medal is to be worn on the left breast, immediately after UK operational service medals, including UN and NATO medals. The medal will not attract post nominal letters.
Medals will be issued to eligible personnel by the MoD Medal Office, including those who have left the service and to the Next of Kin of those personnel who are eligible but have since deceased.


Serving Personnel. Applications are to be submitted on form JPA S003 to the MoD Medal Office.

MoD Civil Servants. MoD civil servants should submit their applications on form PPPA 114 to the PPPA S2O Team at the address given below. Where there is a mixture of civil service and military service the application should clearly show this on the form. PPPA will verify the civil service component, and the MoD Medal Office will verify the military component:

PPPA S20 Team
MOD Foxhill
J Block, Spur 18

CONDO. Applications for Contractors on Deployed Operations (CONDO) are to be submitted on CONDO Form 5 to the address below for verification of their contractor service. If there is former military service to be taken into consideration this should be identified clearly on the application form. CONDO Ops will verify the contractor component, and the MoD Medal Office will verify the military component.
CONDO Mounting Cell
Cedar 3A, #3338
MOD Abbey Wood
BS34 8JH

Retired Personnel.

Those who have left the Services since 2 Jan 08 with qualifying service should apply to the MoD Medal Office to confirm eligibility:
Ministry of Defence Medal Office
Innsworth House
Imjin Barracks

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