A RAF Hercules in flight

The RAF in Wales

The RAF in Wales

The principal RAF Station in Wales is RAF Valley on Anglesey; this is the RAF’s fast jet training base and information about units operating there may be obtained by going to our “Links” Page.

Other RAF units in Wales include Service elements at Fairbourne, Cawdor Barracks (formerly RAF Brawdy), Pembrey Sands, Sealand, St Athan, Crickhowell, Capel Curig and Llanwrst.

New Information

As part of the RAF Air Command initiative, and in an endeavour better to inform the public about MOD aviation activity on a wider scale, the RAF CRO for Wales is tasked with the dissemination of information on Military Aviation Exercises beyond the Marches and into the immediatley adjacent West Midlands and English South West Peninsular (Low Flying Areas No.4 and No.2). Press Releases concerning low flying exercises and significant increases in military aviation activity will now be passed to press and media outlets covering those areas. For information about Low Flying Areas please go to our Links pages. If you are a Media Editor or a Journalist and you would like personal addressing for Press Releases please contact the CRO Wales

Air Displays in Wales

RAF Participation

If you require any RAF assets for an event you are holding please contact us and we will do our best to facilitate to your request.

(Header image of RAF Hercules - Copyright: Morley Lester)

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