Current Operations

Agile. Adaptable. Capable.

  • The RAF protects the UK and supports her interests 24/7.
  • The RAF provides the Nation with choice in times of crisis.

Latest ops news

RAF Typhoon Aircraft in Latvian Independence Day Flypast

Latvian flag

In honour of Latvian Independence Day, a flypast took place over Kraslava by a Typhoon...

04 May 2016

Op Azotize


LOGISTICS SQUADRONS from Royal Air Force Wittering were on the move again this week in...

08 April 2016

RAF Tornado Flies in ‘Desert Pink’ to Mark 25 Years on Operations

Tornado GR4 painted in Op Granby colours to mark the 25th Anniversary of Tornado support on Operations

Twenty-five years since the Royal Air Force helped liberate Kuwait from Saddam Hussein’s forces, an...

19 February 2016

Insider Report

RAF Policing


RAF police officers talk about their day to day lives and duties in Afghanistan. Clare...



What it's like to be a senior nurse on deployment and how well our reservist...

Flight Operations


RAF Flight Ops Assistants use the latest technology to update aeronautical data, provide information for...

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