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This page provides links to the latest versions of the JPA electronic forms. Contact details for the JPAC EC are also provided.

Forms listed in regular type can be completed by users offline. However, these forms all require input from unit HR Admin staff. Orphan user’s will then be required to submit the forms in accordance with current guidelines (ie either to HR Admin staff in theatre or direct to the respective single service “Global” admin office).

Forms in bold type can also be completed offline. However, these forms should then be submitted direct to the JPAC EC either by mail or fax (details below). Regrettably these form can not be e-mailed as original signatures are required. All forms submitted by fax will also require a hard copy (original signature) to be sent to the JPAC EC.

JPA E002 (MS Word) - Fuel and Light Record for Service Personnel in Privately Rented Accommodation Overseas
JPA E003 (MS Word) - Claim to Council Tax 25% Single Householder Discount
JPA E005 (MS Word) - Application/Authority for Substitution Pay
JPA E008 (MS Word) - (JPA E008 has been re-numbered to JPA F025) in Allowances
JPA E010 (MS Word) - Mobilised Reservists' Financial Assistance Claim Form
JPA E015 (MS Word) - Sports Lottery Application Form
JPA E016a (MS Word) - Change to UK Bank Details (including Split of Net Pay)

JPA E016b (MS Word) - Change to Overseas Bank Details (including Split of Net Pay)
JPA E019 (MS Word) - Unit Training Night Register
JPA E019A (MS Word) - Unit Training Night Register - continuation sheet
JPA E020 (MS Word) - Unit Continuous Training Register
JPA E020A (MS Word) - Unit Continuous Training Register - continuation sheet
JPA F001 (MS Word) - Continuity of Education Allowance - Claim for CEA(Board, Day), SENA, SENA(Day), DSA(NW), or Gurkha Education Allowance (GEA)
JPA F002 (MS Word) - Claim for Continuity of Education Allowance (Guardians) - CEA(Guardians)
JPA F004 (MS Word) - Refund of Legal Expenses for Sale and Purchase of a Residence at Work Address or Refund of Legal Fees on Letting and Repossession
JPA F008 (MS Word) - Non-Availability Certificate of Service Accommodation/Messing
JPA F010 (MS Word) - Claim for Service Risks Insurance Premiums Refund
JPA F011 (MS Word) - Claim for Uniform Grants - Officers
JPA F012 (MS Word) - Application for Advance of Travelling Expenses
JPA F013 (MS Word) - Application for Refund of Nugatory Holiday Expenses
JPA F014 (MS Word) - Compensation for Loss / Damage of Personal Effects
JPA F016 (MS Word) - Claim for Expenses - Offline Application
JPA F018 (MS Word) - Claim for Disturbance Allowance
JPA F019 (MS Word) - Claim for Civilian Clothing Annual Grant/Daily Allowance (CCAG/CCDA)

JPA F025 (MS Word) - Expenses Receipts Submission, Audit Confirmation and Retenetion
JPA H001 (MS Word) - Arrivals Input Document - Service Personnel
JPA H002 (MS Word) - Arrivals Input Document - Non-Service Personnel
JPA M001 (MS Word) - Clearance Certificate
JPA N001 (MS Word) - Declaration of Personal Status Category (PStat Cat)
JPA N004 (MS Word) - Covering Letter for Will Despatched to JPAC
JPA N005 (MS Word) - Declaration of Children's Details
JPA P001 (PDF Document) - Compassionate Leave Travel From Overseas (Compassionate Card)
JPA R001 (MS Word) - Application for Leave or Other Absence Types
JPA R002 (MS Word) - Cancellation or Amendment to Absence Request

Contact Details

JPAC EC telephone enquiry lines are open between 0700 - 1900 (UK local time) Monday to Friday. A 24 hour e-mail enquiry service is also available.

Routine Enquiries:

Fax:Mil: 94561 3586
Civil: 0141 224 3586
International: 0044 141 224 3586
Address (Letters):JPAC Enquiry Centre
Mail Point 465
Kentigern House
65 Brown Street
G2 8EX

Urgent Enquiries:

Telephone:Mil: 94561 3600
UK Freephone: 0800 085 3600
Civil: 0141 224 3600
International: 0044 141 224 3600
Unit Admin Office:As promulgated at Unit level
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