RAF Banner with Crest.

525 Squadron



"Vinciendo vincimus" ("We link together to conquer")


A winged foot enfiled by a chaplet of roses and maple leaves

History of 525 Squadron:

No.525 Squadron was formed at Weston Zoyland on 2 September 1943 as a transport unit with Warwicks. In November it began flying services to Gibraltar, but after a number of accidents to transport Warwicks, the type was grounded and No.525 converted to Dakotas. In September 1944, regular flights began to Allied bases in France and Belgium and soon after the end of the war it extended these to the Mediterranean. In March 1946 the squadron took over the mail and newspaper service between the UK and British bases on the Continent, which continued until it was renumbered No.238 Squadron on 1 December 1946.

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