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541 Squadron



"Alone above all"


A Bird's Eye Speedwall

History of 541 Squadron:

No.541 Squadron was formed on 19 October 1942 at Benson from B and F Flights of the Photographic Reconnaissance Unit. Equipped with Spitfires, it carried out photographic reconnaissance missions over Europe until the end of the war, some Mustangs being received in June 1944. During 1946 the squadron received some Lancasters for survey work in Africa, but disbanded on 30 September 1946, the Lancaster flight becoming No.82 Squadron.

On 1 November 1947, No.541 reformed at Benson with Spitfire PR.19s for photographic reconnaissance and survey duties. In December 1950 these were replaced by Meteors, which the squadron took to Germany in June 1951 to reinforce Second TAF, remaining there until disbanded on 6 September 1957.

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