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History of 624 Squadron:

No 624 Squadron was formed at Bilda, Algeria on 22 September 1943, from No.1575 (Special Duties) Flight which had been dropping agents and supplies to resistance forces in Italy and southern France. Such duties formed the main task of No.624, with a secondary bombing role when circumstances permitted. With an establishment of eighteen Halifaxes and two Venturas, drops were made over France, Italy, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia and early in 1944 the B-17s of the 122nd Squadron USAAF were attached for similar missions. Stirlings were added in June 1944, but with southern France and much of Italy in Allied hands by September, The squadron & ORB's in fact were not signed off until 24th September 1944.

On 28 December 1944 No.624 reformed at Grottaglie with Walrus amphibians for mine-spotting duties. Detachments were based around the Italian coast and in Greece for this purpose until the squadron was disbanded on 30 November 1945.

The 624 Squadron association website is available by following this link.

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