Battle of Britain - Roll of Honour

Below is the Battle of Britain Roll of Honour that was updated in February 2012

Name Rank Initials Nationality Squadrons Status
Adair Sergeant J J British 151-213 Killed
Adams Pilot Officer D A British 611-41
Adams Sergeant E H British 236
Adams Pilot Officer H C British 501 Killed*
Adams Flight Lieutenant J S British 29
Adams Sergeant R T British 264 Killed
Addison AC 1 W N British 23
Aeberhardt Pilot Officer R A C British 19 Killed*
Agazarian Pilot Officer N le C British 609 Killed
Aindow Sergeant C R British 23
Ainge Sergeant E D British 23
Ainsworth Sergeant S British 23
Aitken Sergeant A British 219
Aitken Sergeant H A British 54
Aitken Squadron Leader The Hon J W M British 601
Akroyd Pilot Officer H J British 152 Killed*
Albertini Sergeant A V British 600
Aldous Pilot Officer E S British 610-41 Killed
Aldridge Pilot Officer F J British 610-41
Aldridge Pilot Officer K R British 32-501
Aldwinckle Pilot Officer A J M British 601
Alexander Sergeant E A British 236 Killed
Alexander Pilot Officer J W E British 151
Allard Flight Lieutenant Officer G British 85 Killed
Allcock Pilot Officer P O D British 229 Died
Allen Pilot Officer H R British 66
Allan Flying Officer J H L New Zealander 151 Killed*
Allen Flying Officer J L British 54 Killed*
Allen Sergeant J W British 266
Allen Sergeant K M British 257-43-253
Allen Sergeant L H British 141
Allgood Sergeant H H British 85-253 Killed*
Allison Sergeant J W British 41-611-92 Killed
Allsop Squadron Leader H G L British 66
Allton Sergeant L C British 266-92 Killed*
Ambrose Pilot Officer C F British 46
Ambrose Pilot Officer R British 25 Killed
Ambrus Pilot Officer J K Czechoslovakian 312
Anderson AC 2 J D British 604
Anderson Pilot Officer DJ British 29
Anderson Sergeant J A British 253
Anderson Squadron Leader M F British 604
Andreae Pilot Officer C J D British 64 Killed*
Andrew Sergeant S British 46 Killed*
Andrews Sergeant M R New Zealander 264
Andrews Pilot Officer S E British 32-257 Killed
Andruszkow Sergeant T Polish 303 Killed*
Angus Sergeant R A British 611-41 Killed*
Angus Sergeant J British 23
Appleby Pilot Officer M J British 609
Appleford Pilot Officer A N R L British 66
Arber Sergeant I K British 603
Arbon Pilot Officer P W British 85
Arbuthnott Sergeant J British 1-229 Killed
Archer Sergeant H T British 23 Killed
Archer Sergeant S British 236
Aries Pilot Officer E W British 602
Armitage Flight Lieutenant D L British 266
Armitage Sergeant J F British 242 Killed
Armstrong Pilot Officer W British 54 Died
Arnfield Sergeant S J British 610
Arthur Pilot Officer C I R Canadian 141
Arthur Pilot Officer C J British 248 Killed*
Ash Flight Lieutenant R C V British 264 Killed*
Ashcroft Sergeant A E British 141 Killed
Ashfield Flying Officer G British FIU Killed
Ashton Pilot Officer D G British 266 Killed*
Ashton Sergeant D K British 32 Killed
Ashworth Sergeant J British 29
Aslett Sergeant A T R British 235
Aslin Sergeant D J British 32-257
Assheton Pilot Officer W R British 222
Atkins Sergeant F P J British 141 Killed*
Atkinson Pilot Officer A A British 23 Killed*
Atkinson Sergeant G British 151 Killed
Atkinson Pilot Officer G B British 248
Atkinson Pilot Officer H D British 213 Killed*
Atkinson Flight Lieutenant M R British 43 Killed
Atkinson Pilot Officer R British 242-600-111-213 Killed*
Atkinson Pilot Officer R British 111-213 Killed*
Austin LAC A L British 604 Killed*
Austin Sergeant A T British 29
Austin Flying Officer F British 46 Killed
Austin Sergeant S British 219 Killed
Ayers Sergeant D H British 600-74 Killed*
Ayling Sergeant C A H British 43-66-421 Flt Killed*
Babbage Sergeant C F British 602
Bachmann Pilot Officer J H British 145 Killed
Bacon Pilot Officer C H British 610 Killed*
Baddeley Sergeant D H British 25 Killed
Bader Squadron Leader D R S British 242
Badger Flight Sergeant I J British 87
Badger Squadron Leader J V C British 43 Killed*
Bailey AC 2 C C British 23
Bailey Sergeant G J British 234-603
Bailey Pilot Officer J C L D British 46 Killed*
Bailey Pilot Officer J R A British 264-85
Bailey Pilot Officer G G British Missing
Bailey Pilot Officer H N D British 54
Baillon Pilot Officer P A British 609 Killed
Bain Pilot Officer G S P British 111
Baines Squadron Leader C E J British 238
Baird Pilot Officer G H British 248
Baker Sergeant A C British 610
Baker Sergeant B British 264 Killed*
Baker Pilot Officer C C M British 23
Baker Sergeant E D British 145 Killed*
Baker Pilot Officer H C British 43.421
Baker Sergeant L V British 236
Baker Sergeant R D British 56 Killed*
Baker Pilot Officer S British 600.54.66
Ball Flight Lieutenant G E British 242 Killed
Bamberger Sergeant C S British 610-41
Bandinel Pilot Officer J J F H British 3 Killed
Banham Flight Lieutenant A J British 264-229
Banister Sergeant T H British 219
Banks Sergeant W H British 245-32-504
Bann Sergeant E S British 238 Killed*
Baraldi Pilot Officer F H R British 609
Baranski Flight Lieutenant W Polish 607
Barber Pilot Officer R H British 46
Barclay Pilot Officer R G A British 249 Killed
Barker Sergeant J K British 152 Killed*
Barker Pilot Officer G L British 600 Killed
Barker Sergeant F J British 264
Barnard Sergeant E C British 600
Barnes Pilot Officer W British 405
Barnes Sergeant L D British 257-615-607
Barnes Flying Officer J G C British 600
Barnett Squadron Leader R E British 234
Baron Pilot Officer R V British 219 Killed*
Barraclough Sergeant S M British 92
Barraclough Sergeant R G V British 266
Barran FLight Lieutenant P H British 609 Killed*
Barrett Sergeant W E British 25
Barron Sergeant N P G British 236
Barrow Sergeant H J R British 607-43-213 Killed
Barry Flying Officer N J M South African 3-501 Killed*
Barthropp Flying Officer P P C British 602
Bartlett Sergeant L H British 17
Bartley Pilot Officer A C British 92
Barton Pilot Officer A R H British 32-253 Killed
Barton Flight Lieutenant R A British 249
Bartos Pilot Officer J Czechoslavakian 312 Killed
Barwell Wing Commander PR British 242
Bary Pilot Officer R E British 229 Killed
Bashford Sergeant H British 248
Bassett Flying Officer F B British 222 Killed
Batcheloe Pilot Officer G H British 54 Killed
Batt Sergeant L G British 238
Baxter Sergeant S British 222 Killed*
Bayles Flying Officer I N British 152
Bayley Sergeant E A British 32-249 Killed*
Bayliss Pilot Officer D British 604
Bayliss Sergeant E J British 248 Killed
Bayly Sergeant J New Zealander 111
Bayne Flight Lieutenant A W A British 17
Bayne Squadron Leader D W British 257
Baynham Pilot Officer G T British 234-152
Bazin Flight Lieutenant J M British 607
Bazley Flight Lieutenant S H British 266 Killed
Beake Pilot Officer P H British 64
Beamish Wing Commander F V Irish 151-249-56 Killed
Beamish Sergeant R British 601
Beamont Flying Officer R P British 87
Beard Sergeant J M B British 249
Beardmore Pilot Officer E W B Canadian 1(RCAF)
Beardsley Sergeant R A British 610-41
Beatty Sergeant M A British 266
Beaumont Pilot Officer W British 152 Killed*
Beaumont Flight Lieutenant S G British 609
Beazley Pilot Officer H J S British 249
Beda Sergeant A Polish 302
Bee Sergeant E H British 29
Beechey Sergeant A F British 141
Beer Sergeant C S F British 235 Killed*
Begg(FAA) Sub Lieutenant G W British 151 Killed
Belc Sergeant M Polish 303 Killed
Balchem Squadron Leader L G British 264 Killed
Beley Pilot Officer W G Canadian 151 Killed*
Bell Flying Officer C A British 29
Bell Sergeant C H British 234 Killed
Bell Sergeant D British 23 Killed
Bell Flying Officer J S British 616 Killed*
Bell Sergeant R British 219
Bell-Slater Flying Officer D B British 253
Bell-Walker Sergeant H J British 72
Benn Sergeant G W British 219
Bennett Pilot Officer C C Australian 248 Killed*
Bennett Sergeant H E British 43 Killed
Bennette Pilot Officer G R British 17 Killed
Bennions Pilot Officer G H British 41
Bennison Sergeant A A New Zealander 25
Benson Pilot Officer N J V British 603 Killed*
Benson Pilot Officer J G British 141
Bent Sergeant B British 25
Benzie Pilot Officer J Canadian 242 Killed*
Beresford Flight Lieutenant H R A British 257 Killed*
Bergman Pilot Officer V Czechoslovakian 310
Berkley Sergeant T C E British 85 Killed
Bernard Sergeant F A Czechoslovakian 238-601
Bernas Pilot Officer B Polish 302
Berridge Sergeant H W British 219 Died
Berry Flight Sergeant F G British 1 Killed*
Berry Pilot Officer R British 603
Berry Sergeant A British 264 Killed*
Berwick Sergeant R C British 25 Killed
Beveridge Sergeant C British 219
Beytagh Squadron Leader M L British 73 Died
Bickerdyke Pilot Officer J L New Zealander 85 Killed*
Bicknell Sergeant British 23
Bicknell Squadron Leader L C British 23
Bidgood Pilot Officer E G British 253 Killed
Bidgood Sergeant I K British 213 Killed
Biggar Squadron Leader A J British 111
Bignall Sergeant J British 25 Killed
Binham Sergeant A E British 64
Birch Flying Officer C N British 1
Bird-Wilson Flying Officer H A C British 17
Birkett Pilot Officer T British 219 Killed
Birrell(FAA) Midshipman M A British 804-79
Bisdee Pilot Officer J D British 609
Bisgood Pilot Officer D L British 3 Killed
Bitmead Squadron Leader E R British 266-310-253 Died
Black Sergeant A British 54 Killed
Black Sergeant H E British 32-257-46 Killed*
Blackadder Flight Lieutenant W F British 607
Blackwood Squadron Leader G D M British 310-213 Died
Blair Pilot Officer C E British 600 Killed
Blair Pilot Officer K H British 151
Blaize Adjutant P French 111
Blake(FAA) Sub Lieutenant A G British 19 Killed*
Blake Squadron Leader M V New Zealander 238-234
Bland Pilot Officer J W British 601-501 Killed*
Blane Sergeant W H British 604
Blatchford Flying Officer H P Canadian 17-257 Killed
Blayney Pilot Officer A J British 609
Blenkharn Sergeant F British 25
Bloomeley Pilot Officer D H British 151
Bloor Sergeant E British 46 Killed
Blow Sergeant K L O British 235 Killed
Boddington Sergeant M C B British 234
Bodie Pilot Officer C A W British 66 Killed
Boitel-Gill Flight Lieutenant B P A British 152 Killed
Bolton Sergeant H A British 79 Killed*
Bomford Sergeant British 601
Bonseigneur Pilot Officer C A Canadian 257 Killed*
Boot Pilot Officer P V British 1
Booth Sergeant G B British 85
Booth Sergeant J J British 23-600
Boret Pilot Officer R J British 41 Killed
Borowski Flying Officer J Polish 302 Killed*
Boswell Sergeant R A British 266-19
Boulding Flying Officer R J E British 74
Boulter Flying Officer J C British 603 Killed
Boulton Flying Officer J E British 310 Killed*
Bouquillard Adjutant H French 245-615-249 Killed
Bowen Flight Lieutenant C E British 607 Killed*
Bowen Pilot Officer N G British 266 Killed*
Bowen-Morris Sergeant H British 66-610-92
Bowerman Sergeant D R British 222
Bowman Sergeant L D British 141
Bowring Flying Officer B H British 111-600
Boyd Flight Lieutenant R F British 602
Boyd Flight Lieutenant A H McN British 145-600
Bowyer Flying Officer W S British 257 Killed
Boyle Sergeant C British 236
Boyle Flying Officer J G Canadian 41 Killed*
Bracton Sergeant British 602
Braham Flying Officer J R D British 29
Bramah(FAA) Sub Lieutenant H G K British 213
Branch Flying Officer G R British 145 Killed*
Brash Sergeant G B British 248 Killed*
Breeze Sergeant R A British 222 Killed
Brejcha Sergeant V Czechoslovakian 43 Killed
Brennan Sergeant J S New Zealander 23 Killed*
Brett Flying Officer P N British 17
Brewster Pilot Officer J British 615-616 Killed
Briere Pilot Officer Y J Free French 257 Killed
Briese Flying Officer Canadian (1(RCAF))
Briggs Pilot Officer M F British 234 Killed
Briggs Sergeant D R British 236 Killed
Bright Flying Officer V M British 299 Killed
Brimble Sergeant G W British 242 Killed
Brimble Sergeant J J British 73 Killed*
Brinsden Flight Lieutenant F N New Zealander 19
Britton Flying Officer A W N British 263 Killed*
Britton Pilot Officer H W A British 17 Killed
Broadhurst Wing Commander H British 1
Broadhurst Pilot Officer J W British 222 Killed*
Brooker Flying Officer R E P British 56 Killed
Brookman Sergeant R W A New Zealander 253
Broom Sergeant P W British 25
Brothers Flight Lieutenant P M British 32-257
Brown Pilot Officer A W British 25
Brown Sergeant A E British 234
Brown Pilot Officer B W New Zealander 610-72
Brown Sergeant C W D British 236 Killed
Brown Sergeant C B British 245
Brown Flying Officer D M British 1
Brown Pilot Officer D P American 1(RCAF)
Brown Flight Sergeant F S British 79 Died
Brown Flight Lieutenant G A British 253
Brown Sergeant J W British 600 Killed
Brown Flight Lieutenant M H Canadian 1 Killed
Brown Pilot Officer M K Canadian 242 Killed
Brown Flying Officer M P British 611-41
Brown Pilot Officer N Mc H British 611-41
Brown Flying Officer R C British 229
Brown Sergeant R S British 604
Brown Pilot Officer R J W British 111
Browne Sergeant C British 219
Browne Pilot Officer D O M British 1 Killed*
Bruce Flight Lieutenant D C British 111 Killed*
Brumby Sergeant N British 615-607 Killed*
Brunner Pilot Officer G C British 43
Bryant-Fenn Flying Officer L T British 79
Bryne Sergeant E L British FIU
Bryson Pilot Officer J Canadian 92 Killed*
Brzezina Flight Lieutenant S Polish 74 Killed
Brzozowski Sergeant M Polish 303 Killed*
Buchanan Pilot Officer J British 29 Killed
Buchanan Pilot Officer J R British 609 Killed*
Buchin Pilot Officer M S H C Belgian 213 Killed*
Buck Sergeant J A British 43 Killed*
Bucknole Sergeant J S British 54 Killed
Budd Flight Lieutenant G O British 604
Budzinski Sergeant J Polish 605-145
Bull Flight Lieutenant C H British 25 Killed*
Bull Pilot Officer J C British 600
Bulmer(FAA) Sub Lieutenant G G R British 32 Killed*
Bumstead Sergeant R F British 17-111
Bunch Sergeant D C British 219
Bunch(FAA) Sub Lieutenant S H British 804 Killed
Bungey Flight Lieutenant R W Australian 145
Burda Pilot Officer F Czechoslovakian 310
Burdekin Sergeant A G British 600
Burgess Sergeant J H B British 222
Burgoyne Pilot Officer E British 19 Killed*
Burley Sergeant P S British 600
Burnard Flight Sergeant F P British 616-74
Burnell-Phillips Sergeant P A British 607 Killed
Burnett Flying Officer N W British 266-46 Killed
Burns Sergeant W R New Zealander 236
Burns Sergeant O V British 235
Burt Sergeant A D British 611-603
Burtenshaw Sergeant A A British 54 Killed
Burton Flight Sergeant C G British 23
Burton Sergeant D L New Zealander 248
Burton Squadron Leader H F British 66-616
Burton Pilot Officer L G British 236 Killed
Burton Flying Officer P R-F South African 249 Killed*
Bush Pilot Officer C R New Zealander 242
Bush Sergeant B M British 504
Bushell Sergeant G D British 213 Killed
Butterfield Sergeant S L British 213 Killed*
Butterick Sergeant A F British 3-232
Butterworth Sergeant K British 23
Byng-Hall Pilot Officer P British 29
Cain Sergeant A R British 235 Killed
Caister Pilot Officer J R British 603
Calderhead Pilot Officer G D British 54 Killed
Calderwood Sergeant T M British 85
Cale Pilot Officer F W Australian 266 Killed*
Calthorpe Sergeant British 25
Cambell Sergeant D C O British 66
Cambridge Flight Lieutenant W P British 253 Killed*
Cameron Sergeant J D British 604 Killed
Cameron Flight Sergeant M British 66
Cameron Sergeant N British Jan-17
Campbell Sergeant A New Zealander 264
Campbell Pilot Officer A R McL Canadian 54
Campbell Flight Lieutenant A M British 29
Campbell Sergeant D B New Zealander 23
Campbell Sergeant D C O British 66
Campbell Pilot Officer G L British 236 Killed
Campbell Pilot Officer N N Canadian 242 Killed*
Campbell-Colquhoun Flight Lieutenant E W British 66-264
Candy Pilot Officer R J British 25
Canham Sergeant A W British 600
Cannon Sergeant B British 604
Capel Sergeant B British 23
Capon Pilot Officer C F A British 257 Killed
Capstick Pilot Officer H Jamaican 236 Died
Carbury Flying Officer B J G New Zealander 603
Cardell Pilot Officer P M British 603 Killed*
Cardnell Pilot Officer C F British 23 Killed*
Carey Flight Lieutenant F R British 43
Carlin Pilot Officer S British 264 Killed
Carnaby Flying Officer W F British 264-85 Killed
Carnall Sergeant R British 111
Carpenter(FAA) Sub Lieutenant J C British 229-46 Killed*
Carpenter Pilot Officer J M V British 222
Carr Flying Officer W J British 235 Killed
Carr-Lewty Sergeant R A British 41
Carriere Pilot Officer J C Canadian 219
Carswell Flight Lieutenant M K New Zealander 43
Carter Sergeant L R British 66-610-41 Killed
Carter Flying Officer P E G British 73-302 Killed*
Carter Pilot Officer V A British 615-607
Carthew Pilot Officer G C T Canadian 253-85-145
Carver(FAA) Lieutenant R H P British 804
Carver Flying Officer J C British 87 Killed
Carver Pilot Officer K M British 229
Case Pilot Officer H R British 64-72 Killed*
Cassidy Flying Officer E British 25-249
Casson Pilot Officer L H British 616
Castle Sergeant C E P British 219 Killed
Cawse Pilot Officer F N British 238 Killed*
Cave Pilot Officer J G British 600-242
Cebrzynski Flying Officer A Polish 303 Killed*
Chabera Sergeant F Czechoslovakian 312
Chadwick Sergeant D F British 64
Chaffe Pilot Officer R I British 245-43 Killed
Chalder Pilot Officer H H British 266-41 Killed*
Chalupa Pilot Officer S J Polish 302
Chamberlain Wing Commander G P British FIU
Chamberlain Pilot Officer J T R British 235
Chandler Sergeant H H British 610
Chapman Sergeant V R British 264
Chappell Pilot Officer A K British 236
Chappell Pilot Officer C G British 65-609
Chapple Sergeant D W E British 236 Killed
Chard Sergeant W T British 141
Charles Flying Officer E F J Canadian 54
Charnock Sergeant G British 25
Charnock Sergeant H W British 64-19
Chater Flight Lieutenant G F South African 247-3
Cheetham Sergeant J C British 23 Killed
Chelmecki Pilot Officer M Polish 56-17
Chesters Pilot Officer P British 74 Killed
Chetham Pilot Officer C A C British 1 Killed
Chevrier Pilot Officer J A J Canadian 1-1(RCAF)
Chew Sergeant C A British 17 Killed
Chignell Wing Commander R A British 145 Killed
Chilton(FAA) Sub Lieutenant P C S British 804
Chipping Sergeant D J British 222
Chisholm Flying Officer R E British 604
Chlopik Flight Lieutenant T P Polish 302 Killed*
Chomley Pilot Officer J A G South Rhodesian 257 Killed*
Choron Adjudant M P C French 64
Christie Flight Lieutenant G P British 242-66 Killed
Christie Sergeant J McBean British 152 fKilled*
Christmas Pilot Officer B E British 1(RCAF)
Chrystall Sergeant C British 235
Churches Pilot Officer E W G New Zealander 74 Killed
Churchill Squadron Leader W M British 605 Killed
Cizek Pilot Officer E Czechoslovakian 1 Killed
Clackson Flight Lieutenant D L British 600
Clandillon Sergeant J A British 219 Killed
Clark Pilot Officer C A G South African FIU Killed
Clark Squadron Leader D de B British 600
Clark Sergeant G P British 604
Clark Pilot Officer H D British 213
Clark Sergeant W T British 219
Clarke Pilot Officer A W British 504 Killed*
Clarke Sergeant G S British 248 Killed*
Clarke Sergeant G T British 151 Killed
Clarke Sergeant H R British 66-610
Clarke Pilot Officer R W British 79 Killed
Clarke Squadron Leader R N British 235 Killed
Cleaver Flying Officer G N S British 601
Clenshaw Sergeant I C C British 253 Killed*
Clerke Flight Lieutenant R F H British 32-79
Clift Flying Officer D G British 79
Clifton Pilot Officer J K G British 253 Killed*
Clouston Squadron Leader A E New Zealander 219
Clouston Flight Lieutenant W G New Zealander 19
Clowes Pilot Officer A V British 1
Clyde Flight Lieutenant W C British 601
Coates(FAA) Lieutenant J P British 804 Killed
Cobden Pilot Officer D G New Zealander 74 Killed
Cochrane Pilot Officer A C Canadian 257 Killed
Cock Pilot Officer J R Australian 87
Cockburn(FAA) Lieutenant Commander J C British 804
Cockburn(FAA) Sub Lieutenant R C British 808
Coggins Pilot Officer J British 235 Killed
Coghlan Flying Officer J H British 56 Killed
Coke Flying Officer The Hon D A British 257 Killed
Cole Sergeant C F J British 236
Coleman Pilot Officer E J British 54 Killed
Colebrook Pilot Officer C British 54 Killed
Collard Flying Officer P British 615 Killed*
Collett Sergeant G R British 54 Killed*
Collingbridge Pilot Officer L W British 66
Collins Squadron Leader A R British 72-46
Collyns Pilot Officer B G New Zealander 238 Killed
Comely Pilot Officer P W British 87 Killed*
Comerford Flight Lieutenant H A G British 312
Compton AC 2 J W British 25
Connell Pilot Officer W C British 32
Connor Flying Officer F H P British 234
Connors Flight Lieutenant S D P British 111 Killed*
Considine Pilot Officer B B Irish 238
Constantine Flying Officer A N Australian 141 Killed
Cook Sergeant A W British 604
Cook Sergeant H British 266-66
Cook Sergeant R V British 219
Cooke Pilot Officer C A British 66
Cooke Sergeant H R British 23
Coombes Sergeant E British 219
Coombs Sergeant R J British 600
Cooney Flight Sergeant C J British 56 Killed*
Coope Squadron Leader W E British 17 Killed
Cooper Sergeant C F British 600 Killed*
Cooper Sergeant D C British 235
Cooper Sergeant J E British 610 Killed
Cooper Sergeant R N British 610 Killed
Cooper Sergeant S F British 253
Cooper Sergeant T A British 266
Cooper-Key Pilot Officer A M British 46 Killed*
Cooper-Slipper Pilot Officer T P M British 605
Coote Sergeant L E M British 600 Killed
Copcutt Sergeant R British 248 Killed*
Copeland Sergeant N D British 235
Copeland Sergeant P British 616-66-73 Killed
Copeman Pilot Officer J H H British 111 Killed*
Corbett Pilot Officer G H Canadian 66 Killed*
Corbett Flight Lieutenant V B Canadian 1(RCAF)
Corbin Sergeant W J British 66-610
Corcoran Sergeant H British 236 Killed*
Cordell Sergeant H A British 64-616
Corfe Sergeant D F British 73-610-66 Killed
Cork(FAA) Sub Lieutenant R J British 242 Killed
Corkett Pilot Officer A H British 253
Corner Pilot Officer M C British 264 Died
Corry Pilot Officer N H British 25
Cory Pilot Officer G W British 41
Cosby Sergeant E T British 3-615
Cosby Flight Lieutenant I H British 610-72-222
Cotes-Preedy Pilot Officer D V C British 236
Cottam AC 2 G British 25
Cottam Pilot Officer H W British 213 Killed
Courtis Sergeant J B New Zealander 111 Killed
Courtney Flying Officer R N H British 151
Coussens Sergeant H W British 601
Couzens Pilot Officer G W British 54
Coverley Flying Officer W H British 602 Killed*
Covington Pilot Officer A R British 238
Coward Flight Lieutenant J B British 19
Cowen Sergeant W British 25
Cowley Sergeant J British 87
Cowsill Sergeant J R British 56 Killed*
Cox Sergeant D G S R British 19
Cox Sergeant G P British 236
Cox Pilot Officer G J British 152
Cox Pilot Officer K H British 610 Killed*
Cox Flying Officer P A N British 501 Killed*
Cox Sergeant R C R British 248 Killed*
Cox Sergeant W E British 264
Cox Sergeant British 421 Flt
Coxon Sergeant J H British 141 Killed
Crabtree Sergeant D B British 501
Craig Flight Lieutenant G D British 607
Craig Sergeant J T British 111 Killed
Cranwell Sergeant E W British 610
Crawford Pilot Officer H H New Zealander 235 Killed
Cresswell Sergeant D G British 141 Killed
Crew Flying Officer E D British 604
Crisp Sergeant J L British 43 Killed
Crockett Pilot Officer R F British 236 Killed
Crofts Flying Officer P G British 615-605 Killed*
Croker Sergeant E E New Zealander 111 Killed
Crombie Sergeant R British 141 Killed*
Crook Pilot Officer D M British 609 Killed
Crook Sergeant H K British 219
Crook Sergeant V W J Australian 264
Croskell Sergeant M E British 213
Crossey Pilot Officer J T British 249
Crossley Squadron Leader M N British 32
Crossman Pilot Officer J D Australian 32-46 Killed*
Crossman Sergeant R G British 25 Killed
Crowley Pilot Officer H R British 219-600
Crowley-Milling Pilot Officer D British 242
Cruikshanks Pilot Officer I J A British 66 Killed
Cruttenden Pilot Officer J British 43 Killed*
Cryderman Flying Officer L E Canadian 242
Cuddie Pilot Officer W A British 141 Killed
Cukr Sergeant Vaclav Eric Czechoslovakian 43-253
Cullen AC 2 R W British 23
Culmer Sergeant J D British 25
Culverwell Sergeant J H British 87 Killed*
Cumbers Sergeant A B British 141
Cunningham Sergeant J British 29
Cunningham Flight Lieutenant J British 604
Cunningham Flight Lieutenant J L G British 603 Killed*
Cunningham Pilot Officer W British 19
Cunnington Sergeant W G British 607 Killed
Cupitt Sergeant T British 29
Curchin Pilot Officer J Australian 609 Killed
Curley Sergeant A G British 141 Killed*
Currant Pilot Officer C F British 605
Curtis Sergeant F W British 25
Cutts Flying Officer J W British 222 Killed*
Czajkowski Pilot Officer F Polish 151 Killed
Czerniak Pilot Officer J M Polish 302 Killed
Czernin Flying Officer Count M B British 17
Czerny Flight Lieutenant H Polish 302
Czerwinski Flying Officer T Polish 302 Killed
Czternastek Pilot Officer Polish 32
Dafforn Pilot Officer R C British 501 Killed
Dale Sergeant P A British 141 Killed
Dalton Sergeant R W British 604
Daly Sergeant J J British 141
Dann Sergeant J E British 23
Dannatt Sergeant A G British 29
D'Arcy-Irvine Flying Officer B W J British 257 Killed*
Dargie Sergeant A M S British 23 Killed
Darley Squadron Leader H S British 609
Darling Sergeant A S British 611-603 Killed
Darling Sergeant E V British 41 Killed
Darwin Pilot Officer C W W British 87 Killed
Daszewski Pilot Officer J Polish 303 Killed
Davey Pilot Officer B British 504-32-257 Killed
Davey Pilot Officer J A J British 1 Killed*
David Flying Officer W D British 87-213
Davidson Sergeant H J British 249 Killed
Davies Pilot Officer A E British 610-222 Killed*
Davies Pilot Officer C G A British 222
Davies Flight Lieutenant J A British 604 Killed*
Davies Sergeant L British 151
Davies Sergeant M P British 213-1 Killed
Davies Flying Officer P F Mc British 56
Davies Pilot Officer R B British 29
Davies-Cooke Pilot Officer P J British 610-72 Killed*
Davis Sergeant A S British 235
Davis Flight Lieutenant C R American 601 Killed*
Davis Flying Officer C T British 238 Killed
Davis Sergeant J British 54
Davis Sergeant J N British 600
Davis Sergeant P E British 236
Davis Sergeant P O British 222 Killed
Davis Sergeant W L British 249
Davison Pilot Officer J T New Zealander 235
Davy Pilot Officer T D H British 266-72 Killed
Daw Pilot Officer V G British 32
Dawbarn Pilot Officer P L British 17
Dawick Sergeant K New Zealander 111
Dawson Sergeant T British 235
Dawson-Paul(FAA) Sub Lieutenant F British 64 Killed*
Day Sergeant F S British 248 Killed
Day Pilot Officer R L F British 141 Killed
Deacon Sergeant A H British 85-111
Deadman Sergeant H G British 236
Deanesly Flight Lieutenant E C British 152
Debenham Pilot Officer K B L British 151 Killed
Dee Sergeant O J British 235
Deere Flight Lieutenant A L New Zealander 54 Killed
De Grunne Pilot Officer Comte R C C de H Belgian 32
De Greische Captain C J M P de S French 245
De Hemptinne Pilot Officer B M Belgian 145 Killed
De Jace Pilot Officer L J Belgian 236 Killed
De Larbouchere Ajudant F H E J A French 85 Killed
De La Perelle Pilot Officer V B New Zealander 245 Killed
Deller Sergeant A L M British 43
De Mancha Pilot Officer R A British 43
Demetriadi Flying Officer R S British 601 Killed*
Demoulin Sergeant R J G Belgian 236 Killed*
De Montbron Sergeant X de C French 64-92
Demozay Second Lieutenant J E French 1
Denby Pilot Officer G A British 600
Denchfield Sergeant H D British 610 Killed
Denholm Squadron Leader G L British 603
Denison Flight Lieutenant R W British 236
Denton Sergeant D A British 236 Killed
Derbyshire Pilot Officer J M British 236 Killed
Desloges Flying Officer J-P J Canadian 401(RCAF)
De Spirlet Pilot Officer V X E Belgian 87
Deuntzer Sergeant D C British 79-247 Killed
Devitt Squadron Leader P K British 152
Dewar Pilot Officer J M F British 229 Killed
Dewar Wing Commander J S British 87-213 Killed
Dewey Pilot Officer R B British 611-603 Killed
Dewhurst Flying Officer K S British 234 Killed*
Dexter Pilot Officer P G British 54-603
DHamale Sergeant R E de C Belgian Killed
Dibnah Pilot Officer R H 1-242 Killed
Dickie Pilot Officer W G British 601
Dickinson Sergeant J H British 253 Killed*
Dieu Pilot Officer G E F Belgian 236 Killed*
Difford Flying Officer I B South African 85-605
Digby-Worsley Sergeant M P British 248 Killed*
Ditzel Sergeant J W British 25 Killed*
Dixon Sergeant C A W British 601
Dixon Sergeant F J P British 501
Dixon Sergeant G British FIU
Dixon Pilot Officer J A British 1 Killed*
Dixon AC 2 L British 600
Dobree Pilot Officer British 264
Dodd Pilot Officer J D British 248 Killed
Dodge Sergeant C W British 219
Doe Pilot Officer R F T British 234-238
Dolezal Pilot Officer F Czechoslovakian 19
Domagala Sergeant M Polish 238
Don Pilot Officer R S British 501 Killed
Donahue Pilot Officer A G American 64 Killed
Donald Flight Lieutenant I D G British 141 Killed*
Donaldson Wing Commander E M British 151
Dossett Sergeant W S British 29
Doughty Flying Officer N A R British 247
Douglas Pilot Officer W A British 610
Doulton Pilot Officer M D British 601 Killed*
Douthwaite Pilot Officer B British 72
Doutrepont Pilot Officer G L J Belgian 229 Killed*
Dowding Pilot Officer D H T British 74
Down Sergeant J D British 64-616
Down Pilot Officer P D Mc British 56
Draby AC 1 British 25
Drake Flying Officer B British 213-421 Flt
Drake Pilot Officer G J South African 607 Killed*
Draper Pilot Officer B V British 74 Killed
Draper Pilot Officer G G F British 610-41
Drapper Sergeant R A British 232 Killed
Dredge Sergeant A S British 253 Killed
Drever Flying Officer N G British 610
Drew Squadron Leader P E British 236 Killed*
Drobinski Pilot Officer B Polish 65
Drummond Flying Officer J F British 46-92 Killed*
Duart Pilot Officer J H British 219
Dubber(FAA) Petty Officer R E British 808 Died
Duckenfield Pilot Officer B L British 501
Duda Pilot Officer J Czechoslovakian 312
Duff Pilot Officer S S British 23
Duke-Woolley Flight Lieutenant R M B D British 253-23
Dulwich Sergeant W H British 235 Killed
Duncan Sergeant British 29
Dundas Flying Officer H S L British 616
Dundas Flying Officer J C British 609 Killed
Dunmore Sergeant J T British 266-222 Killed
Dunn Sergeant I L British 235
Dunning-White Flying Officer P W British 145
Dunscombe Sergeant R D British 213-312 Killed
Dunworth Squadron Leader F P R British 66-54
Dupee Sergeant O A British 219
Durrant Sergeant C R New Zealander 23 Killed
Duryasz Flight Lieutenant M Polish 213
Duszynski Sergeant S Polish 238 Killed*
Dutton Sergeant G W British 604
Dutton Flight Lieutenant R G British 145
Duviver Pilot Officer R A L British 229 Killed
Dvorak Sergeant A Czechoslovakian 310 Killed
Dye Sergeant B E British 219 Killed
Dyer Sergeant H D P New Zealander 600 Killed
Dygryn Sergeant J Czechoslovakian 85-1 Killed
Dyke Sergeant L A British 64 Killed*
Dymond Sergeant W L British 111 Killed*
Eade Sergeant A W British 266-602
Earp Sergeant R L British 46
Easton Sergeant D A British 248
Eckford Flying Officer A F British 242-32-253
Edge Flight Lieutenant A R British 609
Edge Squadron Leader G R British 605-253
Edgley Sergeant A British 601-253
Edworthy Sergeant G H British 46 Killed*
Edmiston Pilot Officer G A F British 151
Edmond Flying Officer N D Canadian 615 Killed*
Edmunds Pilot Officer E R New Zealander 245-615
Edridge Flying Officer H P M British 222 Killed*
Edsall Pilot Officer E F British 54-222 Killed
Edwards Sergeant British 204
Edwards Sergeant British 247
Edwards AC 2 A J British 604
Edwards Sergeant F British 29
Edwards Pilot Officer H D Canadian 92 Killed*
Edwards Sergeant H H British 248
Edwards Pilot Officer I H British 234
Edwards Pilot Officer K C British 600
Edwards Flying Officer R L Canadian 1(RCAF) Killed*
Edwards Flight Lieutenant R S J Irish 56
Edy Pilot Officer A L British 602 Killed
Egan Sergeant E J British 600-615-501 Killed*
Eiby Pilot Officer W T New Zealander 245
Ekins Sergeant V H British 111-501
Elcombe Sergeant D W British 602 Killed*
Eley Sergeant F W British 74 Killed*
Elger Pilot Officer F R C British 248
Eliot Pilot Officer H W British 73 Killed
Elkington Pilot Officer J F D British 1
Ellacombe Pilot Officer J L W North Rodesian 151
Ellery Pilot Officer C C British 264
Elliott Flying Officer G J Canadian 607
Elliott Pilot Officer R D British 72
Ellis Flying Officer G E British 64
Ellis Squadron Leader J British 610
Ellis Sergeant J H M British 85 Killed*
Ellis Sergeant R V British 73
Ellis Sergeant W T British 266-92
Elsdon Flying Officer T A F British 72
Elsdon Sergeant H D B British 236 Killed*
Else Sergeant P British 610
Emeny Sergeant C S New Zealander 264
Emmett Flight Lieutenant W A C British 25
Emmett Sergeant G British 236
English Pilot Officer C E British 85-605 Killed*
Ensor Flying Officer P S B British 23 Killed
Etherington Sergeant W J British 17
Evans Sergeant C R British 235 Killed
Evans Pilot Officer D British 615-607-257 Killed
Evans Sergeant G J British 604
Evans Pilot Officer H A C British 236
Evans Sergeant W R British 85-249
Everett Sergeant A D British 235
Everitt Sergeant G C British 29 Killed
Eyles Sergeant P R British 92 Killed*
Eyre Flying Officer A British 615
Fajti Pilot Officer F Czechoslovakian 310-1-17
Falkowski Flying Officer J P Polish 32
Farley Flight Lieutenant W R British 151-46 Killed
Farmer Flight Lieutenant J N W British 302
Farnes Pilot Officer E British 141
Farnes Sergeant P C P British 501
Farquhar Wing Commander A D British 257
Farrow Sergeant J R British 229 Killed*
Fayolle Pilot Officer F E French 85 Killed
Feary Sergeant A N British 609 Killed*
Feather Sergeant J L British 235 Killed*
Fechtner Pilot Officer E Czechoslovakian 310 Killed*
Fejfar Flying Officer S Czechoslovakian 310 Killed
Fenemore Sergeant S A British 245-501 Killed*
Fenn Sergeant C F British 248
Fenton Squadron Leader H A British 238
Fenton Sergeant W G New Zealander 604
Fenton Pilot Officer J O British 235 Killed
Fenwick Pilot Officer C R British 610
Fenwick Flying Officer S G British 601
Ferdinand Pilot Officer R F British 263 Killed
Ferguson Sergeant E H British 141 Killed
Ferguson Flying Officer P J British 602
Feric Pilot Officer M Polish 303 Killed
Ferris Flying Officer H M British 111 Killed*
Fildes AC 2 F British 25
Finlay Squadron Leader D O British 54-41
Finnie Pilot Officer A British 54 Killed*
Finnis Flight Lieutenant J F F British 1-229
Finucane Flying Officer B E Irish 65 Killed
Fisher Flying Officer A G A British 111
Fisher Flying Officer B M British 111 Killed*
Fisher Flying Officer G British 602
Fiske Pilot Officer W M L American 601 Killed*
Fitzgerald Flight Lieutenant T B New Zealander 141
Fizell AC 1 J F British 29
Fleming Pilot Officer J New Zealander 605
Fleming Pilot Officer R D S British 249 Killed*
Fletcher Squadron Leader A W Canadian 235
Fletcher Sergeant J D British 3
Fletcher Sergeant J G B British 604 Killed*
Fletcher Sergeant W T New Zealander 23
Flinders Pilot Officer J British 32
Flood Flight Lieutenant F W Australian 235 Killed*
Flower Sergeant H L British 248
Foglar Sergeant V Czechoslovakian 245
Foit Pilot Officer E A Czechoslovakian 310
Fokes Sergeant R H British 92 Killed
Folliard AC 2 J H British 604
Fopp Sergeant D British 17
Forbes Squadron Leader A S British 303-66
Ford Sergeant E G Canadian 3-232 Killed
Ford Sergeant R C British 41
Forde Flying Officer D N British 145-605
Forrest Sergeant D H British 66-421 Flt
Forrester Pilot Officer G M British 605 Killed*
Forshaw Flight Lieutenant T H T British 19-616-609
Forster Flying Officer A D British 151-607
Forsyth Sergeant C L M New Zealander 23 Killed
Forward Sergeant R V British 257
Foster Pilot Officer R W British 605
Fotheringham Sergeant a C British 3
Fowler Flying Officer A L New Zealander 248 Killed
Fowler Sergeant R J British 247
Fox Sergeant P H British 56
Fox AC 1 L British 29
Foxley-Norris Flying Officer C N British 3
Fox-Male Pilot Officer D H British 152
Francis Sergeant British 3
Francis Pilot Officer C D British 253 Killed
Francis Sergeant C W British 74
Francis Sergeant D N British 257
Francis Sergeant J British 23
Francis Pilot Officer N I C British 247 Killed
Franklin Flying Officer W D K British 74
Franklin Pilot Officer W H British 65 Killed
Frantisek Sergeant J Czechoslovakian 303 Killed*
Fraser Sergeant R H B British 257 Killed*
Freeborn Flight Lieutenant J C British 74
Freeman Sergeant R P British 29
Freer Sergeant P F British 29 Killed
Freese Sergeant L E British 611-74 Killed
French Sergeant T L British 29 Killed
Frey Flight Lieutenant J A Polish 607
Friend Sergeant J R British 25 Killed
Friendship Pilot Officer A H B British 3
Fripp Sergeant J H British 248
Frisby Pilot Officer E M British 504 Killed
Frith Sergeant E T G British 611-92 Killed*
Frizell Pilot Officer C G Canadian 257
Frost Pilot Officer J L British 600
Fulford Sergeant D British 64-19 Killed
Fumerton Pilot Officer R C Canadian 32
Furneaux Sergeant R H British Mar-73
Furst Sergeant B Czechoslovakian 310-605
Gabszewicz Flying Officer A Polish 607
Gadd Sergeant Pilot J E British 611
Gage Pilot Officer D H British 616-602 Killed
Gallus Sergeant P P British 303-3
Gamblen Flying Officer D R British 41 Killed*
Gane Pilot Officer S R British 248 Killed*
Gant Sergeant E British 236
Gardiner Sergeant E C British 219 Killed*
Gardiner Flying Officer F T British 610 Killed
Gardiner Sergeant W N British 3
Gardner Sergeant B G D British 610 Killed
Gardner Pilot Officer J R New Zealander 141
Gardner Flying Officer P M British 32
Gardner(FAA) Sub Lieutenant R E British 242
Garfield Sergeant W J British 248 Killed*
Garrard Pilot Officer A H H British 248 Killed
Garside Sergeant G British 236
Garton Sergeant G W British 73
Garvey Sergeant L A British 41 Killed*
Garvin Squadron Leader G D British 264
Gash Sergeant F British 264
Gaskell Pilot Officer R S British 264
Gaunce Flight LieutenantL M Canadian 615 Killed
Gaunt Pilot Officer G N British 609 Killed*
Gaunt Sergeant W E British 23
Gavan Sergeant A British 54
Gawith Flying Officer A A New Zealander 23
Gayner Flying Officer J R H British 615
Gear Sergeant A W British 32
Geddes Pilot Officer K I British 604
Gee Sergeant V D British 219 Killed
Genney Pilot Officer T British 604 Killed
Gent Sergeant R J K British 32-501 Killed
Gibbins Sergeant D G British 54-222
Gibbons Sergeant C M British 236
Gibson Flight Lieutenant J A A British 501
Giddings Flight Lieutenant H S British 615-111 Killed
Gil Pilot Officer J Polish 43-229-145 Killed
Gilbert Pilot Officer E G British 64
Gilbert Pilot Officer H T British 601 Killed
Gilbert(FAA) Midshipman P R J British 111
Gilders Sergeant J S British 72 Killed
Gill Sergeant J V British 23 Killed
Gillam Flight Lieutenant D E British 616-312
Gillam Sergeant E British 248 Killed
Gillan Pilot Officer J British 601 Killed*
Gillen Flying Officer T W British 247
Gillespie Pilot Officer J L British 23 Died*
Gillies Flight Sergeant J British 602-421 Flt Killed
Gillies Flight Lieutenant K McL British 66 Killed*
Gillman Pilot Officer K R British 32 Killed*
Gilroy Pilot Officer G K British 603
Gilyeat Sergeant H R British 29
Girdwood Sergeant A G British 257 Killed*
Glaser Pilot Officer E D British 65
Gleave Squadron Leader T P British 253
Gledhill Sergeant G British 238 Killed*
Gleed Flight Lieutenant I R British 87 Killed
Glegg Pilot Officer A J British 600
Glendenning Sergeant J N British 54-74 Killed
Glew Sergeant N British 72 Killed
Glowacki Sergeant W J Polish 145-605 Killed*
Glowacki Sergeant A Polish 501
Glyde Flying Officer R L Australian 87 Killed*
Gmur Sergeant F Polish 151 Killed*
Gnys Pilot Officer W Polish 302
Goddard Flight Lieutenant H G British 219
Goddard Pilot Officer W B British 235 Killed
Godden Squadron Leader S F British 3
Goldsmith Flying Officer C W South African 603-54 Killed*
Goldsmith Sergeant J E British 236 Killed
Gonay Pilot Officer H A C Belgian 235 Killed
Goodall Pilot Officer H I British 264 Killed*
Gooderham Sergeant A T British 46
Gooderham Sergeant A J British 25-151-46 Killed
Goodman Sergeant G British 85
Goodman Flying Officer G E British 1 Killed
Goodman Sergeant M V British 604
Goodwin Sergeant C British 219 Killed*
Goodwin Pilot Officer H McD British 609 Killed*
Goodwin Sergeant R D British 64
Goodwin Sergeant S A British 266
Goord Pilot Officer R L British 151
Gordon Squadron Leader J A G Canadian 151 Killed
Gordon Pilot Officer W H G British 234 Killed*
Gordon Sergeant S British 235 Killed
Gore Flight Lieutenant W E British 607 Killed*
Gorrie Pilot Officer D G British 43 Killed
Gorzula Pilot Officer M Polish 607
Gosling Pilot Officer R C British 266
Goth Pilot Officer V Czechoslovakian 310-501 Killed*
Gould Pilot Officer D L British 32-607-601
Gould Sergeant G L British 235
Gouldstone Sergeant R J British 29 Killed*
Gout Pilot Officer G K British 234 Killed*
Gowers Flying Officer A V British 85 Killed
Gracie Flight Lieutenant E J British 56 Killed
Graham Squadron Leader E British 72
Graham Sergeant J British 236 Killed
Graham Pilot Officer K A G British 600-611 Killed
Graham Pilot Officer L W South African 56
Grandy Squadron Leader J British 249
Grant(FAA) Sub Lieutenant D British 804
Grant Sergeant E J F British 600 Killed
Grant Sergeant I A C New Zealander 151 Killed
Grant Pilot Officer S B British 65
Grassick Flying Officer R D Canadian 242
Graves Sergeant E A British 235
Graves Pilot Officer R C British 253
Gray Flying Officer A P British 615
Gray Flying Officer C F New Zealander 54
Gary Pilot Officer C K British 43
Gray Pilot Officer D McT British 610 Killed
Gray Sergeant K W British 85 Killed
Gray Sergeant M British 72 Killed*
Gray Pilot Officer T British 64
Grayson Flight Sergeant C British 213 Killed
Green Pilot Officer A W V British 235 Killed*
Green Flight Lieutenant C P British 421 Flt
Green Sergeant F W W British 600
Green Sergeant G G British 236
Green Sergeant H E British 141
Green Pilot Officer M D British 248 Killed*
Green Pilot Officer W V British 235 Killed*
Green Sergeant W J British 501
Greenwood Pilot Officer J D B British 253
Greenshields(FAA) Sub Lieutenant H la F British 266 Killed*
Gregory Sergeant A E British 219
Gregory Sergeant A H British 111 Killed
Gregory Pilot Officer F S British 65 Killed*
Gregory Sergeant W J British 29
Grellis Pilot Officer H E British 23
Gresty Sergeant K G British 219 Killed
Gretton Sergeant R H British 266-222
Gribble Pilot Officer D G British 54 Killed
Grice Flying Officer D H British 32
Grice Flyong Officer D N British 600 Killed*
Gridley Sergeant R V British 235 Killed
Grier Pilot Officer T British 601 Killed
Griffin Sergeant J J British 73 Killed
Griffith Sergeant C British 32
Griffiths Sergeant G British 17-601
Grogan Pilot Officer G J Irish 23
Groszewski Flying Officer B Polish 43 Killed
Grove Sergeant H C British 3-501 Killed
Grubb Sergeant E G British 219
Grubb Sergeant H F British 219
Gruszka Flying Officer F Polish 65 Killed*
Grzeszczak Flying Officer B Polish 303 Killed
Guerin Adjutant C French 232 Killed
Guest Pilot Officer T F British 79-56
Gundry Pilot Officer K C British 257 Killed
Gunn Pilot Officer H R British 74 Killed*
Gunning Pilot Officer P S British 46 Killed*
Gunter Pilot Officer E M British 257-43-501 Killed*
Gurteen Pilot Officer J V British 504 Killed*
Guthrie(FAA) Sub Lieutenant G C McE British 808
Guthrie Sergeant N H British 604
Guy Sergeant L N British 601 Killed
Guy(FAA) Midshipman P British 808 Killed
Guymer Sergeant E N L British 238
Hackwood Pilot Officer G H British 264 Killed
Haig Flight Lieutenant J G E British 603
Haigh Sergeant C British 604 Killed*
Haine Pilot Officer R C British 600
Haines Flying Officer L A British 19 Killed
Haire Sergeant J K British 145 Killed
Hairs Pilot Officer P R British 501
Hall Sergeant British 29
Hall Flight Lieutenant N M British 257 Killed*
Hall Sergeant P F British 235
Hall Pilot Officer R C British 219
Hall Pilot Officer R M D British 152
Hall Pilot Officer W C British 248 Killed
Hallam Flight Lieutenant I L McG British 222 Killed
Halliwell Pilot Officer A B British 141
Hallowes Sergeant H J L British 43
Halton Sergeant D W British 615 Killed*
Hamale Sergeant R E de J'a Belgian 46 Killed
Hamar Pilot Officer J R British 151 Killed*
Hamblin Wing Commander R K British 17
Hamer Sergeant R C British 141 Killed
Hamill Pilot Officer J W New Zealander 229 Killed
Hamilton Pilot Officer A C British 141 Killed*
Hamilton Pilot Officer A L Australian 248
Hamilton AC 2 C B British 219 Killed
Hamilton Pilot Officer C E British 234 Killed
Hamilton Flight Lieutenant H R Canadian 85 Killed*
Hamilton Sergeant J S British 248 Killed
Hamlyn Sergeant R F British 610
Hammerton Sergeant J British 3-615 Killed
Hammond Pilot Officer D J British 253-245
Hampshire Sergeant C W British 85-111-249-422
Hanbury Pilot Officer B A Canadian 1-1 (RCAF) Killed
Hanbury Pilot Officer O V British 602 Killed
Hancock Pilot Officer E L British 609
Hancock Pilot Officer N E British 65-152
Hancock Pilot Officer N P W British 1
Hannan Pilot Officer G H British 236
Hanson Flying Officer D H W British 17 Killed*
Hanus Pilot Officer J J Czechoslovakian 310
Hanzlicek Sergeant O Czechoslovakian 312 Killed*
Hardacre Flying Officer J R British 504 Killed*
Hardcastle Sergeant J British 219 Killed*
Hardie Sergeant G British 232
Harding Flight Lieutenant N D British 29
Harding Flying Officer N M British 23 Killed
Hardman Pilot Officer H G British 111
Hardwick Sergeant W R H British 600
Hardy Sergeant O A British 264
Hardy Pilot Officer R British 234
Hare Sergeant M British 245 Killed
Hargreaves Pilot Officer F N British 92 Killed*
Harket Sergeant A S British 234
Harkness Squadron Leader H Irish 257
Harnett Flying Officer T P Canadian 219
Harper Flight Lieutenant W J British 17
Harris Pilot Officer P A British 111-3 Killed
Harrison Sergeant A R J British 219 Killed
Harrison Pilot Officer D S British 238 Killed*
Harrison Pilot Officer J H British 145 Killed*
Harrold Pilot Officer F C British 25-151-501 Killed*
Hart Flying Officer J S Canadian 54-602
Hart Pilot Officer K G British 65 Killed
Hart Pilot Officer N Canadian 242 Killed
Hartas Pilot Officer P McD British 616-603-421 Flt Killed
Harvey Sergeant L W British 54-245
Hastings Pilot Officer D British 74 Killed*
Hatton Sergeant British 604
Havercroft Sergeant R E British 92
Haviland Pilot Officer J K American 151
Haviland Pilot Officer R South African 248 Killed*
Haw Sergeant C British 504
Hawke Sergeant P S British 64-19
Hawke Sergeant S N British 604 Killed
Hawkings Sergeant R P British 601 Killed*
Hawley Sergeant F B British 266 Killed*
Haworth Flying Officer J F J British 43 Killed*
Hay Flying Officer I B D E South African 611
Hay(FAA) Lieutenant R C British 808
Hayden Sergeant L H British 264
Hayes Squadron Leader H L British 242
Hayes Flight Lieutenant T N British 600
Haylock Sergeant R A British 236
Haysom Flight Lieutenant G D L South African 79
Hayter Flying Officer J C F New Zealander 615-605
Haywood Sergeant D British 151-504
Head Sergeant F A P British 236 Killed*
Head Sergeant G M British 219 Killed
Heal Flight Lieutenant P W D British 604
Healy Sergeant T W R British 41-611 Killed
Heath Flight Lieutenant B British 611
Hebron Pilot Officer G S British 235
Hedges Pilot Officer A L British 245-257
Heimes Sergeant L Belgian 235
Helcke Sergeant D A British 504 Killed*
Hellyer Flight Lieutenant R O British 616
Hemingway Pilot Officer J A Irish 85
Henderson Pilot Officer J A McD British 257
Hendry Sergeant D O British 219
Henn Sergeant W B British 501
Henneberg Flying Officer Z K Polish 303
Henson Sergeant B British 32-257 Killed
Henstock Flight Lieutenant L F British 64
Heron Pilot Officer H M T British 266-66
Herrick Pilot Officer B H New Zealander 236 Killed
Herrick Pilot Officer M J New Zealander 25 Killed
Heslop Sergeant V W British 56
Hess Squadron Leader A Czechoslovakian 310
Hetherington Sergeant E L British 601 Killed
Hewett Sergeant G A British 607
Hewitt Pilot Officer D A Canadian 501 Killed*
Hewlett Sergeant C R British 65 Killed
Hewson Flight Lieutenant J M British 616
Heycock Squadron Leader G F W British 23
Heywood Pilot Officer N B British 32-607-257 Killed*
Heyworth Squadron Leader J H British 222-79
Hick Sergeant D T British 32-145
Higgins Sergeant W B British 32-253 Killed*
Higginson Pilot Officer F W British 56
Higgs Flying Officer T P K British 111 Killed*
Hight Pilot Officer C H New Zealander 234 Killed*
Hiles Pilot Officer A H British 236 Killed
Hilken Sergeant C G British 74
Hill Pilot Officer A E British 248 Killed
Hill Sergeant A M British 25
Hill Sergeant C R New Zealander 141
Hill Sergeant G British 65
Hill Pilot Officer G E British 245 Killed
Hill Pilot Officer H P New Zealander 92 Killed*
Hill Squadron Leader J H British 222
Hill Pilot Officer M R South African 266 Killed
Hill Pilot Officer S J British 609 Killed
Hillary Flying Officer R H British 603 Killed
Hillcoat Flight Lieutenant H B L British 1 Killed*
Hillman Sergeant R W British 235 Killed
Hillock Pilot Officer F W Canadian 1(RCAF)
Hillwood Sergeant P British 79-56
Himr Pilot Officer J J Czechoslovakian 56 Killed
Hindrup Sergeant F G New Zealander 600 Killed
Hine Sergeant M H British 65 Killed
Hird Sergeant L British 604 Killed
Hithersay Sergeant A J B British 141
Hlavac Sergeant J Czechoslovakian 79-56 Killed*
Hlobil Pilot Officer A Czechoslovakian 312
Hoare-Scott Pilot Officer J H British 601 Killed
Hobbis Pilot Officer D O British 219 Killed
Hobbs Pilot Officer J B British 3-232 Killed
Hobbs Sergeant S J British 235 Killed
Hobson Pilot Officer C A British 600 Killed*
Hobson Flight Lieutenant D B British 64
Hobson Squadron Leader W F C British 601
Hoods Sergeant W H British 25
Hodge Sergeant J S A British 141 Killed
Hodgkinson Sergeant A J British 219 Killed
Hodgson Pilot Officer W T New Zealander 85 Killed
Hodson Sergeant C G South Rhodesian 1-229
Hogan Squadron Leader H A V British 501
Hogg Pilot Officer D W British 25 Killed*
Hogg Flight Lieutenant E S British 152
Hogg Sergeant J H British 141 Killed
Hogg Sergeant R D British 56-17 Killed
Hogg Pilot Officer R M British 152 Killed*
Hogg Sergeant R V British 616 Killed
Holden Flight Lieutenant E British 501
Holden Flying Officer K British 616
Holder Pilot Officer G A British 236
Holder Sergeant R British 151 Killed*
Holderness Flight Lieutenant J B South Rhodesian 248-1-229
Holland Squadron Leader A L British 501-65
Holland Pilot Officer D F British 72 Killed*
Holland Sergeant K C Australian 152 Killed*
Holland Pilot Officer R H British 92
Holland Sergeant R M British 600
Hollis Sergeant E J British 25
Holloway Sergeant S V British 25
Hollowell Sergeant K B British 25
Holmes Sergeant E L British 248 Killed
Holmes Pilot Officer F H British 152 Killed
Holmes Pilot Officer G H British 600 Killed
Holmes Sergeant G British 25
Holmes Sergeant R T British 504
Holroyd Sergeant W B British 151-501
Holton Sergeant A G V British 141
Homer Flying Officer M G British 1-242 Killed*
Hone Pilot Officer D H British 615
Honor Flying Officer D S G British 145
Hood Squadron Leader H R L British 41 Killed*
Hook Sergeant A British 248 Killed
Hookway Pilot Officer D N British 234
Hooper Flying Officer B G British 25
Hope Bt Flight Lieutenant Sir A P British 601
Hope Flying Officer R British 605 Killed*
Hopewell Sergeant J British 616-66-73 Killed
Hopgood Sergeant C L British 64 Killed
Hopkin Pilot Officer W P British 54-602
Hopton Sergeant B W British 600-615-73-66 Killed
Hornby Sergeant W H British 234
Horner Sergeant F G British 610
Horrox Pilot Officer J M British 151 Killed
Horsky Sergeant V Czechoslovakian 238 Killed*
Horton Flying Officer P W New Zealander 234 Killed
Hough Pilot Officer H B L British 600 Killed
Houghton Pilot Officer C G British 141
Houghton Sergeant O V British 501 Killed*
Howard Pilot Officer J British 54-74 Killed
Howard Sergeant British 235
Howard-Williams Pilot Officer P I British 19
Howarth Sergeant E F British 501 Killed
Howe Pilot Officer B British 25 Killed
Howe Pilot Officer D C British 235
Howell Flight Lieutenant F J British 609
Howell Sergeant F V British 87
Howes Sergeant H N British 85-605 Killed
Howes Pilot Officer P British 54-603 Killed*
Howitt Pilot Officer G L British 245-615
Howitt Sergeant I E British 41
Howley Pilot Officer R A Newfoundlander 141 Killed*
Hoyle Sergeant G V British 232 Killed
Hoyle Sergeant H N British 32-257
Hradil Pilot Officer F Czechoslovakian 310-19 Killed
Hruby Pilot Officer O Czechoslovakian 111
Hubacek Sergeant J Czechoslovakian 310
Hubbard Sergeant B F R British 235 Killed
Hubbard Flying Officer T E British 601
Huckin Sergeant P E British 600
Hughes Sergeant A J British 245
Hughes Sergeant D E New Zealander 600 Killed*
Hughes Pilot Officer D L British 141
Hughes Flight Lieutenant D P British 238 Killed*
Hughes Pilot Officer F D British 264
Hughes Flight Lieutenant J Mc M British 25 Killed
Hughes Flight Lieutenant P C Australian 234 Killed*
Hughes Flight Sergeant W R K British 23
Hughes-Rees Sergeant J British 609 Killed
Hugo Flying Officer P H South African 615
Hulbert Sergeant D J British 257-501
Hulbert Sergeant F H R British 601
Hull Squadron Leader C B South Rodesian 263-43 Killed*
Humpherson Flying Officer J B W British 32-607 Killed
Humphrey Pilot Officer A H British 266
Humphreys Pilot Officer J D British 29 Killed
Humphreys Pilot Officer J S New Zealander 605
Humphreys Pilot Officer P C British 32
Humphreys Flying Officer P H British 152
Hunt Sergeant D A C British 66
Hunt Pilot Officer D W British 257
Hunt Pilot Officer H N British 504 Killed
Hunter Squadron Leader P A British 264 Killed*
Hunter Sergeant D J British 29
Hunter Flight Lieutenant A S British 604 Killed
Hunter-Tod Flight Lieutenant J H British 23
Hurry Sergeant C A L British 43-46
Hurst Pilot Officer P R S British 600 Killed
Hutchinson Sergeant I British 222
Hutchinson(FAA) Sub Lieutenant D A British 74-804 Killed
Hutley Pilot Officer R R British 32-213 Killed*
Hutton Sergeant R S British 85 Killed
Hybler Pilot Officer J E Czechoslovakian 310
Hyde Sergeant R J British 66
Hyde Sergeant J W New Zealander 229
Hyde Flying Officer G G Canadian 1(RCAF) Killed
Ievers Flight Lieutenant N L Irish 312
Igglesden Flying Officer C P British 234
Imray Sergeant H S British 600
Ingle Flying Officer A British 605
Ingle-Finch Pilot Officer M R British 151-607-56
Innes Sergeant R A British 253
Inness Pilot Officer R F British 152
Inniss Flying Officer A R de H British 236
Irving Flight Lieutenant M M British 607 Killed*
Isaac Sergeant L R British 64 Killed*
Isherwood Sergeant D W British 29
Iveson Sergeant T C British 616-92
Ivey Sergeant R British 248
Jack Flight Lieutenant D McF British 602
Jackson AC 2 A British 29 Killed*
Jackson Sergeant P F British 604 Killed
Jacobs Pilot Officer H British 219-600
Jacobson AC 2 N British 29 Killed*
James Sergeant R H British 29
James Sergeant R S S British 248 Killed
Jameson Squadron Leader P G British 266
Janicki Pilot Officer Z Polish 32 Killed
Jankiewicz Flying Officer J Polish 601-303 Killed
Januszewicz Flying Officer W Polish 303 Killed*
Jarrett Sergeant G W J British 501-245
Jaske Pilot Officer J A Czechoslovakian 312
Jastrzebski Flight Lieutenant F Polish 302 Killed*
Javaux Pilot Officer L L G Belgian 235 Killed
Jay Pilot Officer D T British 87 Killed*
Jebb Flying Officer M British 504 Killed*
Jeff Flight Lieutenant R V British 87 Killed*
Jeffcoat Pilot Officer H J British 236 Killed
Jefferies Flight Lieutenant J British 310 Killed
Jefferson Sergeant G British 43
Jefferson Pilot Officer S F British 248
Jeffery-Cridge Sergeant H R British 236
Jefferys Sergeant G W British 43-46 Killed*
Jeffries Pilot Officer C G St D British 3-232
Jeffrey Flying Officer A J O British 64 Killed*
Jeka Sergeant J Polish 238
Jenkins Pilot Officer D N O British 253 Killed*
Jennings Sergeant B J British 19
Jerram(FAA) Sub Lieutenant D M British 213
Jereczek Pilot Officer E W Polish 43-229
Jessop Sergeant E R British 257-43-253 Killed
Jicha Pilot Officer V Czechoslovakian 238-1 Killed
Jiroudek Flight Sergeant M Czechoslovakian 310
Johns Sergeant G B British 229
Johnson Sergeant A E British 23
Johnson Pilot Officer A E British 46 Killed
Johnson Sergeant C A British 25
Johnson Pilot Officer C E British 264 Killed*
Johnson Sergeant G B New Zealander 23
Johnson Pilot Officer J E British 616
Johnson Sergeant J I British 222 Killed*
Johnson Sergeant R A British 43
Johnson Sergeant R B British 222
Johnson Sergeant R K H British 235 Killed
Johnson Pilot Officer S F F British 600 Killed
Johnson Sergeant W J British 85-145
Johnston Pilot Officer J T Canadian 151 Killed*
Johnstone Squadron Leader A V R British 602
Joll Pilot Officer I K S British 604
Jones Pilot Officer C A T British 611-312-616
Jones Flying Officer D A E British 3-501
Jones Sergeant E British 29 Killed
Jones Sergeant H D B British 504-85 Killed
Jones Sergeant J F R British 25
Jones Pilot Officer J S B British 152 Killed*
Jones Pilot Officer J T British 264 Killed*
Jones Pilot Officer R L British 64-19
Jones Pilot Officer R E British 605
Jones Pilot Officer W R British 266-602
Jottard Pilot Officer A R I G Belgian 145 Killed*
Joubert Pilot Officer C C O British 56
Jowitt Sergeant L British 85 Killed*
Juleff Pilot Officer JR British 600
Kahn Pilot Officer A H E British 248 Killed
Kane Flying Officer T M British 234
Kania Flight Sergeant J Polish 303
Karasek Sergeant L R British 23 Killed*
Karubin Sergeant S Polish 303 Killed
Karwoski Pilot Officer W E Polish 302
Kaucky Sergeant J Czechoslovakian 310
Kawalecki Pilot Officer T W Polish 151
Kay Sergeant A British 248 Killed*
Kay Pilot Officer D H S British 264 Killed
Kay Pilot Officer J K British 111-257
Kayll Squadron Leader J R British 615
Keard Pilot Officer J A British 235 Killed
Kearsey Sergeant A W British 152
Kearsey Pilot Officer P J British 607-213 Killed
Keast Sergeant F J British 600 Killed*
Keatings Sergeant J British 219
Kee Sergeant E H C British 253 Killed
Keel Sergeant G E British 235 Killed*
Keeler Sergeant R R G British 236
Keighley Pilot Officer G British 610
Kellett Flying Officer M British 111
Kellett Squadron Leader R G British 249-303
Kellitt Sergeant W H British 236
Kellow Flight Lieutenant R W British 213
Kells Flying Officer L G H British 29 Killed
Kelly Squadron Leader D P D G British 74
Kelsey Sergeant E N British 611 Killed
Kemp Pilot Officer J L British 54
Kemp Pilot Officer J R New Zealander 141 Killed*
Kemp Pilot Officer N L D British 85-242
Kendal Pilot Officer J B British 66 Killed
Kennard Flying Officer H C British 66
Kennard-Davis Pilot Officer P F British 64 Killed*
Kennedy Flight Lieutenant J C Australian 238 Killed*
Kennedy Sergeant R W British 604 Killed
Kenner Pilot Officer P L British 264 Killed*
Kennett Pilot Officer P British 3 Killed
Kensall Sergeant G British 25 Killed
Kent Squadron Leader J A Canadian 303-92
Kent Pilot Officer R D British 235
Keough Pilot Officer V C American 609 Killed
Keprt Sergeant J Czechoslovakian 312
Ker-Ramsay Flight Lieutenant R G British 25-FIU
Kershaw Pilot Officer A British 1 Killed
Kerwin Flying Officer B V Canadian 1(RCAF) Killed
Kestin(FAA) Sub Lieutenant I H British 145 Killed*
Kestler Sergeant O Czechoslovakian 111 Killed
Keymer Sergeant M British 65 Killed*
Keynes Sergeant J D British 236 Killed
Kidson Pilot Officer R New Zealander 141 Killed*
Killick Sergeant P British 245
Killingback Sergeant F W G British 249
Kilmartin Flight Lieutenant J I Irish 43
Kilner Sergeant J R British 65
Kinder Pilot Officer D S British 615-73
Kinder Flying Officer M C New Zealander 85-607-92
Kindersley(FAA) Lieutenant A T J British 808 Killed
King Squadron Leader E B British 253-249-151 Killed*
King Pilot Officer F H British 264 Killed*
King Flying Officer L R D British 64 Killed
King Pilot Officer M A British 249 Killed*
King Flying Officer P J C British 66 Killed*
King Pilot Officer W L British 236 Killed
Kingaby Sergeant D E British 266-92
Kingcombe Flight Lieutenant C B F British 92
Kings Pilot Officer R A British 238
Kirt Sergeant T B British 74 Killed*
Kirkpatrick Pilot Officer J C Belgian 235 Killed*
Kirkwood Pilot Officer M T British 610 Killed
Kirton Sergeant D I British 65 Killed*
Kita Sergeant S Polish 85-253
Kitson Pilot Officer T R British 245 Killed
Kleczkowski Pilot Officer S Polish 302
Klein Sergeant Z Polish 234-152 Killed
Klozinski Sergeant W Polish 54
Knight Flight Lieutenant R A L British 23 Killed
Knocker Pilot Officer W R A British 264
Komaroff Sergeant L A British 141 Killed
Kominek Flight Sergeant J Czechoslovakian 310
Kopecky Sergeant Polish 111-253
Kopriva Sergeant J Czechoslovakian 310
Korber Sergeant K Czechoslovakian 32 Killed
Kordula Pilot Officer F Czechoslovakian 17-1
Kosarz Sergeant W Polish 302 Killed
Kosinski Flight Lieutenant B K Polish 32 Killed
Koukal Sergeant F Czechoslovakian 310
Kowalski Flying Officer J Polish 302
Kowalski Sergeant J Polish 303
Kozlowski Pilot Officer F Polish 501 Killed
Kramer Pilot Officer M British 600 Killed
Krasnodebski Squadron Leader Z Polish 303
Kratkoruky Sergeant B Czechoslovakian 1 Killed
Kredba Pilot Officer M Czechoslovakian 310 Killed
Krepski Pilot Officer W Polish 54 Killed*
Krol Flying Officer W Polish 302
Kruml Pilot Officer T Czechoslovakian 312
Kucera Sergeant J 238
Kucera Sergeant J Czechoslovakian 245 Killed
Kucera Sergeant O Czechoslovakian 111
Kumiega Pilot Officer L British 17
Kustrzynski Flying Officer Z Polish 607
Kuttlewascher Sergeant K M Czechoslovakian 1
Kwiecinski Flight Sergeant J Polish 145 Killed*
Lacey Sergeant E R British 219
Lacey Sergeant J H British 501
Lackie Sergeant W L British 141
Lafont Adjutant H G French 245-615
Laguna Flight Lieutenant Polish 302 Killed
Laing Flying Officer A J A British 64
Laing Sergeant R I New Zealander 151
Lake Flying Officer D M British 219 Killed
Lamb Sergeant A British 25
Lamb Pilot Officer O E New Zealander 151 Killed
Lamb Flight Lieutenant P G British 610
Lamb Pilot Officer R L New Zealander 600
Lamb(FAA) Sub Lieutenant R R British 804 Killed
Lambert Flight Lieutenant H M S British 25 Killed*
Lambie Pilot Officer W G M British 219 Killed
Lammer Pilot Officer A Stateless 141
Landels Pilot Officer L N British 32-3-615 Killed
Landsell Sergeant J British 607 Killed*
Lane Squadron Leader B J E British 19 Killed
Lane Pilot Officer R British 43 Killed
Langdon Pilot Officer C E New Zealander 43 Killed
Langham-Hobart Pilot Officer N G British 73
Langley Pilot Officer G A British 41 Killed*
Langley Sergeant L British 23
Lanning Pilot Officer F C A British 141
Lapka Pilot Officer S Polish 302
Lapkowski Pilot Officer W Polish 303 Killed
Larbalestier Pilot Officer B D British 600
Laricheliere Pilot Officer J E P Canadian 213 Killed*
Lascot Pilot Officer H G Belgian 236
Latta Pilot Officer J B Canadian 242 Killed
Lauder Sergeant A J British 264
Laughlin Flying Officer J H British 235
Laurence Sergeant G British 141 Killed
Lawford Sergeant D N British 609-247
Lawler Sergeant E S British 604
Lawrence Sergeant J T British 235
Lawrence Pilot Officer K A New Zealander 234-603-421 Flt
Lawrence Sergeant N A British 54
Laws Pilot Officer A F British 64 Killed*
Laws Sergeant G G S British 151-501 Killed
Lawson Pilot Officer R C British 601 Killed
Lawson Flight Lieutenant W J British 19 Killed
Lawson-Brown Pilot Officer J British 64 Killed
Lawton Flight Lieutenant P C F British 604
Laycock Flying Officer H K British 79-87 Killed
Lazoryk Flying Officer W Polish 607
Leary Pilot Officer D C British 17 Killed
Leathart Squadron Leader J A British 54
Leathem Pilot Officer E G C British 248
Leather Flight Lieutenant W J British 611
Le Cheminant Sergeant J British 616
Leckrone Pilot Officer P H American 616 Killed
Lecky Pilot Officer J G British 610-41 Killed*
Le Conte Sergeant E F British FIU
Ledger Sergeant L British 236
Le Dong Sergeant T British 219 Killed
Lee Flying Officer K N T British 501
Lee Sergeant M A W British 72-421 Flt Killed
Lee Flight Lieutenant R H A British 85 Killed*
Lees Pilot Officer A F Y British 236
Lees Squadron Leader R B British 72
Lefevre Flying Officer P W British 46 Killed
Legge Pilot Officer R J British 601
Leggett Pilot Officer P G 615-245-46
Leigh Sergeant A C British 64-72
Leigh Squadron Leader R H A British 66
Lejeune Sergeant O G Belgian 235
Lenahan Pilot Officer J D British 607 Killed*
Leng Sergeant M E British 73
Lennard(FAA) Midshipman P L British 501 Killed
Lenton Flying Officer E C British 56
Le Rougetel Flight Lieutenant S P 600
Le Roy Du Vivier Pilot Officer D A R G Belgian 43-229
Lerway Sergeant F T British 236
Leslie AC G M British 219 Killed
Levenson Sergeant S A British 611 Killed
Lewis Pilot Officer A G South African 85-249
Lewis Sergeant C S British 600
Lewis LAC J H British 25
Lewis Flying Officer R G Canadian 1(RCAF) Killed
Lewis Sergeant W G British 25 Killed
Leyland Sergeant R H British FIU
Lillie Sergeant British 264
Lilley Sergeant R British 29 Killed
Limpenny Sergeant E R British 64
Lindsay Pilot Officer A I British 72 Killed
Lindsey Pilot Officer P C British 601 Killed*
Lines Flying Officer A P British 17
Lingard Pilot Officer J G British 25-219
Linney Flying Officer A S British 229
Lipscombe Sergeant A J British 600 Killed
Lister Squadron Leader R C F British 41-92
Litchfield Pilot Officer P British 610 Killed*
Litson Sergeant F W R British 141
Little Pilot Officer A G British 235
Little Flight Lieutenant B W British 609
Little Squadron Leader J H British 219 Killed
Little Sergeant R British 238 Killed*
Little Flying Officer T B Canadian 1(RCAF) Killed
Llewellin Flying Officer A J A British 29 Killed
Llewellyn Sergeant R T British 213
Lloyd Sergeant D E British 64-19 Killed
Lloyd Pilot Officer J P British 64-72
Lloyd Sergeant P D British 41 Killed*
Lloyd AC British 29
Lochnan Flying Officer P W Canadian 1(RCAF) Killed
Lock Pilot Officer E S British 41 Killed
Lockhart Flying Officer J British 85-213 Killed
Lockton Sergeant E E British 236 Killed*
Lockwood Sergeant J C British 54 Killed
Lofts Flying Officer K T British 615-249
Logan Pilot Officer C British 266 Killed
Lokuciewski Pilot Officer W Polish 303
Lonsdale Pilot Officer J British 3 Killed
Lonsdale Sergeant R H British 46-242-501
Looker Flying Officer D J British 615
Loudon Flight Lieutenant M J British 141
Lovell Pilot Officer A D J British 41
Lovell Gregg Squadron Leader T G New Zealander 87 Killed*
Loverseed Sergeant J E British 501
Lovett Flight Lieutenant R E British 73 Killed*
Lowe Sergeant J British 236
Loweth Pilot Officer P A British 249
Lowther AC W British 219
Loxton Squadron Leader W W British 25
Lucas Pilot Officer R M Mc D British 141
Lucas Sergeant S E British 32-257
Lukaszewicz Flying Officer K Polish 32-501 Killed*
Lumsden Pilot Officer D T M British 236
Lumsden Sergeant J C British 248
Lund Pilot Officer J W British 611-92 Killed
Lusk Flying Officer H S New Zealander 25
Lusty Sergeant K R British 25
Lyall Flight Lieutenant A McL British 25
Lyall Pilot Officer A British 602 Killed
Lynch AC J British 25 Killed
Lyons Pilot Officer E B British 65
Lysek Sergeant A Polish 302 Killed
MacArthur Flight Lieutenant M R British 236
Maconochie Sergeant S R D British 235
MacDonald Sergeant A S British 601
MacDonald Pilot Officer D K British 603 Killed*
MacDonald Flight Lieutenant H K British 603 Killed*
MacDonell Squadron Leader A R D British 64
MacDougal Sergeant C W British 111 Killed
MacDougall Pilot Officer I N British 141
MacDougall Squadron Leader R I G British 17
Maciejowski Sergeant M K Polish 111-249
MacFie Flying Officer C H British 611-616
MacGregor Sergeant A N British 266-19
Machacek Pilot Officer J Czechoslovakian 145 Died
Machin Sergeant W H British 264 Killed*
Macinski Pilot Officer J Polish 111 Killed*
MacKay Pilot Officer R British 234
MacKenzie Pilot Officer D C New Zealander 56 Killed
MacKenzie Flying Officer J N New Zealander 41
MacKenzie Pilot Officer K W British 43-501
MacKinnon(FAA)Lieutenant A McL British 804
MacKinnon Sergeant D D British 236 Killed*
MacLachlan Squadron Leader A M British 92
MacLachlan Flight Lieutenant J A F British 145-73 Killed
MacLachlan Squadron Leader J R British 46
MacLaren Pilot Officer A C British 604
MacLean Flight Lieutenant C H British 602
MacLeod Sergeant G S M British 235 Killed
MacNamara Flying Officer B R British 603
MacPhail Pilot Officer F J British 603
MacRae Sergeant I N British FIU
MacRory Sergeant H L British 23 Killed
Madle Pilot Officer S J British 615-605
Maffett Pilot Officer G H British 257 Killed*
Maggs Pilot Officer M H British 264
Maguire Squadron Leader H J British 229
Mahoney(FAA) Petty Officer T J British 804
Main Sergeant A D W British 249 Killed*
Main Sergeant H R British 25 Killed
Maitland-Walker Flight Lieutenant W H British 65
Makins Flight Sergeant A E British 247
Malan Squadron Leader A G South African 74
Malengreau Pilot Officer F F G Belgian 87
Males Pilot Officer E E British 72 Killed*
Malinowski Sergeant B Polish 43
Malinski Pilot Officer J L Polish 302
Mallett Sergeant R S British 29 Killed
Maly Pilot Officer J M Czechoslovakian 310 Died
Mamedoff Pilot Officer A American 609 Killed
Manger Flying Officer K British 17 Killed*
Mann Pilot Officer H J British 1
Mann Sergeant J British 64-92
Mansel-Lewis Pilot Officer J British 92 Killed
Mansfeld Sergeant M J Czechoslovakian 111
Mansfield Sergeant B M British 236 Killed
Mansfield Sergeant D E British 236
Manton Sergeant E British 610 Killed*
Manton Squadron Leader G A L British 56
Marchand Pilot Officer R A British 73 Killed*
Marek Sergeant F Czechoslovakian 310-19 Killed*
Markiewicz Sergeant A L Polish 302
Marland Sergeant R G British 222 Killed
Marples Flying Officer R British 616 Killed
Marrs Pilot Officer E S British 152 Killed
Marsh(FAA) Lieutenant (Royal Marines) A E British 804
Marsh Sergeant E H British 152
Marsh Sergeant H J British 238 Killed*
Marsh Sergeant W C British 236
Marshall Sergeant A E British 73 Killed
Marshall Pilot Officer J E British 85 Killed
Marshall Pilot Officer J V British 232
Marshall Sergeant T B British 235
Marshall Sergeant T R British 219 Killed
Marsland Pilot Officer G British 245-253
Marston Pilot Officer K J British 56 Killed
Martel Pilot Officer B Polish 54-603
Martin Sergeant A British 264
Martin Pilot Officer A W British 235
Martin Flying Officer J C New Zealander 32-257 Killed
Martin(FAA) Sub Lieutenant R M S British 808 Killed
Maslen Sergeant T A British 235 Killed
Mason Sergeant W British 235 Killed
Massey Sergeant K British 248
Mather Pilot Officer J R British 66 Killed*
Mathers Sergeant J W British 29-23
Matheson Flight Lieutenant G C British 222 Killed
Matthews Sergeant H G British 236
Matthews Flying Officer H K F British 54-603 Killed*
Matthews Sergeant I W British 64 Killed
Matthews Pilot Officer K British 23 Killed
Matthews Flying Officer P G H British 1
Maxwell Pilot Officer D A British 611-603 Killed
Maxwell Squadron Leader H L British 600
Maxwell Sergeant W British 264 Killed*
Mayers Pilot Officer H C Australian 601 Killed
Mayhew Flying Officer P F British 32-79 Killed
Mayne Warrant Officer E British 74
McAdam Sergeant J British 41 Killed
McAdam Sergeant W D British 23 Killed
McAllister AC P J British 29-23
McArthur Flight Lieutenant J H G British 238-609
McCann Sergeant T A British 601 Died
McCarthy Sergeant J P British 235
McCarthy Sergeant T F British 235 Killed
McCaul AC 2 J P British 219 Killed*
McCaw Flying Officer D C British 238 Killed*
McChesney Sergeant R I New Zealander 236 Killed
McClintock Pilot Officer J A P British 615 Killed
McColl Pilot Officer J B Canadian 615-607
McComb Squadron Leader J E British 611
McConnell Sergeant J British 145
McConnell Pilot Officer W W Irish 245-32-607-249
McCormack Sergeant J B British 25 Killed
McDermott Sergeant J A New Zealander 23
McDonough Pilot Officer B M Australian 236 Killed*
McDougall Pilot Officer R British 3-232
McDowall Sergeant A British 602
McFadden Pilot Officer A British 73 Killed
McGaw Pilot Officer C A Australian 73-66 Killed
McGibbon Pilot Officer J British 615 Killed*
McGlashan Pilot Officer K B British 245
McGowan Pilot Officer R H British 92
McGowan Flying Officer R A British 46
McGrath Pilot Officer J K U B British 601
McGregor Pilot Officer A J British 504
McGregor Flight Lieutenant G R Canadian 1(RCAF)
McGregor Squadron Leader H D New Zealander 213
McGregor Pilot Officer P R British 46
McGugan Sergeant R British 141
McHardy Flying Officer D B H British 229
McHardy Pilot Officer E H New Zealander 248
McInnes Pilot Officer A British 601-238
McIntosh Sergeant P R C British 151-605 Killed*
McIntyre Pilot Officer A G New Zealander 111
McKay Sergeant D A S British 501-421 Flt
McKellar Squadron Leader A A British 605 Killed
McKenzie Pilot Officer J W British 111 Killed*
McKie Sergeant E J British 248
McKnight Pilot Officer W L Canadian 242 Killed
McLaughlin Sergeant J W British 238
McLure Pilot Officer A C R British 87 Killed
McMahon Sergeant British 235
McMullen Flying Officer D A P British 54-222
McNab Squadron Leader E A Canadian 1(RCAF)
McNair Sergeant R J British 3-249
McNay Sergeant A British 73 Killed*
McPhee Sergeant J British 151-249
McPherson Flight Sergeant R R British 65 Killed
Meaker Pilot Officer J R B British 249 Killed*
Meares Squadron Leader S T British 54 Killed
Measures Flight Lieutenant W E G British 74-238
Medworth Sergeant J C O British 25
Meeson Sergeant C V British 56 Killed*
Melvill Flying Officer J C British 264
Melville-Jackson Pilot Officer G H British 236
Menage Sergeant T N British 29 Killed
Mercer Sergeant R T D British 609 Killed
Merchant Sergeant H J British 1
Meredith Sergeant A D British 242-141
Mermagen Squadron Leader H W British 222-266
Merrett Sergeant J C British 235
Merrick Pilot Officer C British 610
Merryweather Sergeant S W British 229 Killed
Mesner Sergeant B W British 248 Killed*
Metcalfe Sergeant A C British 604
Metham Sergeant J British 253 Killed
Meyer Sergeant R H R British 236 Killed
Michiels Sergeant A C A Belgian 235 Died
Middlemiss Sergeant W British 235
Middleton Pilot Officer W A New Zealander 266 Killed
Mierzwa Pilot Officer B Polish 303 Killed
Miksa Pilot Officer W J Polish 303
Milburn Sergeant R A British 601-87
Mildren Pilot Officer P R British 54-66 Killed
Mileham Pilot Officer D E British 610-41 Killed
Miles Sergeant E E British 236
Miles Sergeant S F British 23
Miley Flying Officer M J British 25 Killed*
Millar Flying Officer W B N Canadian 1(RCAF)
Millard Pilot Officer J G P British 1-242
Miller Sergeant A C British 604
Miller AC 2 A J British 23
Miller Squadron Leader A G British 17-FIU
Miller Flight Lieutenant R British 616-3 Killed
Miller Pilot Officer R F G British 609 Killed*
Miller Sergeant T H British 25 Killed
Millington Pilot Officer W H Australian 79-249 Killed*
Millist Pilot Officer K M British 615-73 Killed
Mills AC 1 J B British 23
Mills Sergeant J P British 43-249
Mills Squadron Leader R S British 263-87
Milne Pilot Officer J A Canadian 605
Milne Flying Officer R M British 151
Milnes Sergeant A H British 32
Mitchell Sergeant G British 23
Mitchell Pilot Officer G T M British 609 Killed*
Mitchell Pilot Officer H T Canadian 87
Mitchell Squadron Leader H M British 25
Mitchell Sergeant H R New Zealander 3 Killed
Mitchell Flying Officer L R G British 257 Killed*
Mitchell Sergeant P British 65 Killed
Mitchell Pilot Officer P H G British 266
Mitchell Sergeant R R British 229
Moberley Flying Officer G E British 616 Killed*
Molson Flying Officer H de M Canadian 1(RCAF)
Monk Pilot Officer E W J British 25 Killed
Monk Sergeant D A British 236
Montagu Squadron Leader G W British 236 Killed
Montagu-Smith Flight Lieutenant A M British 264
Montbon Sergeant Zavier de Free French 64
Montgomery Pilot Officer C R British 614 Killed*
Montgomery Sergeant H F British 43 Killed*
Moody Sergeant D G British 604
Moody Pilot Officer H W British 602 Killed*
Moore Sergeant A R British 245-3
Moore Sergeant P J British 253 Killed
Moore Pilot Officer W R British 264
Moore Flying Officer W S British 236 Killed
More Squadron Leader J W C British 73 Killed
Morewood Flight Lieutenant R E G British 248
Morfill Flight Sergeant P F British 501
Morgan Flight Lieutenant T F D British 43
Morgan Pilot Officer P J British 79-238
Morgan-Gray Flying Officer H British 46 Killed
Morris Flying Officer E J South African 79
Morris Pilot Officer G E British FIU
Morris Pilot Officer J British 248
Morrison Sergeant N British 54-72-74 Killed
Morrison Sergeant J P British 17-46 Killed*
Morrough-Ryan Flying Officer O B British 41 Killed
Mortimer Pilot Officer P A British 85-257 Killed
Morton Pilot Officer J S British 603
Moss Sergeant R C British 29
Moss(FAA) Sub Lieutenant W J M British 213 Killed*
Mott Sergeant W H British 141
Mottram Pilot Officer R British 92 Killed
Mouchette Adjutant R French 245-615 Killed
Mould Sergeant E A British 74 Killed
Moulton Sergeant E W British 600
Mounsdon Pilot Officer M H British 56
Mount Flight Lieutenant C J British 602
Mowat Flight Lieutenant N J New Zealander 245
Mowat Sergeant R I British 248
Moynham Sergeant H F J British 248 Killed
Mrazek Pilot Officer K Czechoslovakian 43-46
Muchowski Sergeant K A Polish 85-501
Mudie Pilot Officer M R British 615 Killed*
Mudry Sergeant M Polish 79
Muirhead Flight Lieutenant I J British 605 Killed*
Mumler Squadron Leader M Polish 302
Mungo-Park Flying Officer J C British 74 Killed
Munn Flight Sergeant W S British 29
Murch Pilot Officer L C British 253 Died
Murland Sergeant W J New Zealander 264
Murray Squadron Leader A D British 46-501-73
Murray Sergeant J British 610-74 Killed
Murray Sergeant P H British 23 Killed
Murray Pilot Officer T B British 616
Naish Sergeant K E British 235
Narucki Pilot Officer A R Polish 607 Killed
Naughtin Sergeant H T British 235 Killed
Neil Pilot Officer T F British 249
Nelson Flight Sergeant D British 235
Nelson Flying Officer W H Canadian 74 Killed
Nelson-Edwards Pilot Officer G H British 79
Nesbitt Flying Officer A D Canadian 1(RCAF)
Neville Sergeant W J British 610 Killed*
Newbury Flying Officer J C British 609
Newham Sergeant E A British 235
Newling Flying Officer M A British 145 Killed
Newport Sergeant D V British 235
Newton Sergeant E F British 29
Newton Sergeant H S British 111
Nicholas Flying Officer J B H British 65
Nicholls Sergeant D B F British 85-242-151
Nicholls Sergeant T G F British 23 Killed
Nichols Sergeant D H British 56
Nicolson Flight Lieutenant J B E British 249 Killed
Nicolson Sergeant P B British 232 Killed
Niemiec Pilot Officer P Polish 17
Nightingale Pilot Officer F G British 219 Killed
Niven Pilot Officer H G Canadian 601-602
Nixon Sergeant W British 23 Killed
Noble Pilot Officer B R British 79
Noble Sergeant D British 43 Killed*
Noble Sergeant W J British 54
Nokes-Cooper Pilot Officer B British 236 Killed*
Norfolk Pilot Officer N R British 72
Norris Sergeant P P British 213 Killed*
Norris Flying Officer R W Canadian 1(RCAF)
Norris Flying Officer S C British 610
North Pilot Officer G British 85-257 Killed
North Pilot Officer H L New Zealander 43 Killed
North-Bomford Sergeant D J British 229-17-111
Norwell Sergeant J K British 54-41
Norwood Pilot Officer R K C British 65
Nosowicz Pilot Officer Z Polish 56
Nowak Pilot Officer T Polish 253 Killed
Nowakiewicz Sergeant E J A Polish 302
Nowell(FAA) Sub Lieutenant W R British 804
Nowierski Flying Officer T Polish 609
Nunn Pilot Officer S G British 236
Nute Sergeant R R J British 23 Killed
Nutter Sergeant R C British 257
Oaks Sergeant T W New Zealander 235
O'Brian Squadron Leader P G StG Canadian 152-247
O'Brien Squadron Leader J S British 92-234 Killed*
O'Bryne Sergeant P British 73-501
O'Connell Pilot Officer A British 264
Odbert Squadron Leader N C British 64
Oelofse Pilot Officer J R S South African 43 Killed*
Offenberg Pilot Officer J H M Belgian 145 Killed
Ogilvie Pilot Officer A K Canadian 609
Ogilvie Pilot Officer D B British 601
Ogilvy Pilot Officer C A British 610
Oldfield Sergeant T G British 64-92 Killed*
O'Leary AC 1 A A British 604
Olenski Flying Officer Z Polish 234-609
Oleson Pilot Officer W P British 607
Olewinski Sergeant B Polish 111 Killed
Olive Flight Lieutenant C G C Australian 65
Oliver Sergeant G D British 23 Killed
Olver Pilot Officer P British 611-603
O'Malley Flying Officer D H C British 264 Killed*
O'Meara Flying Officer J J British 64-72-421 Flt
Ommaney Sergeant R J British 229 Killed
O'Neill Flying Officer D H British 611-41 Killed*
O'Neill Flight Lieutenant J A British 601-238
Orchard Sergeant H C British 65 Killed
Orgias Pilot Officer E New Zealander 23 Killed*
Ortmans Pilot Officer V Belgian 229
Orzechowski Flight Lieutenant J Polish 615-607
Osmand Pilot Officer A G British 213-3 Killed
Ostaszewski-Ostoja Flying Officer P Polish 609
Ostowicz Pilot Officer A Polish 145 Killed*
Ottewill Sergeant P G British 43
Overton Flying Officer C N British 609
Owen AC A E British 600 Killed
Owen Sergeant H British 219-235
Owen Sergeant W G British 235
Oxspring Flight Lieutenant R W British 66
Page Sergeant A D British 111-257 Killed
Page Flying Officer A G British 56
Page Sergeant A J British 257 Killed
Page Flight Lieutenant C L British 234-145
Page Sergeant V D British 601-610
Page Sergeant W T British 1 Killed
Pain Pilot Officer J F Australian 32
Paisey Pilot Officer F G British 235
Palak Sergeant J Polish 302-303
Palliser Sergeant G C C British 17-43-249
Palmer Sergeant N N British 248 Killed
Palusinski Pilot Officer J H Polish 303
Pankratz Flight Lieutenant W Polish 145 Killed*
Pannell Sergeant G C R New Zealander 3
Parke(FAA) Sub Lieutenant T R V British 804 Killed
Parker Sergeant D K British 66
Parker Sergeant K B British 64-92 Killed*
Parker Wing Commander I R British 611
Parker Pilot Officer V British 234
Parket Pilot Officer T C British 79
Parkes Sergeant W B British 501
Parkin Pilot Officer E G British 501
Parkinson Sergeant C British 238 Killed*
Parnall Flight Lieutenant D G British 249 Killed*
Parnall Pilot Officer S B British 607 Killed*
Parr Sergeant D J British 29 Killed
Parr Sergeant L A British 79
Parrott Flying Officer D T British 19-421 Flt Killed
Parrott Flying Officer P L British 145-605
Parrott Sergeant R J British 32-46 Killed
Parry AC 2 E British 23 Killed
Parry Sergeant M E British 604
Parsons Sergeant C A British 610-66 Killed
Parsons Sergeant E E New Zealander 23
Parsons Sergeant J G British 235
Parsons Flying Officer P T British 504 Killed
Passy Flying Officer C W British 605
Pasziewicz Flying Officer L W Polish 303 Killed*
Paterek Sergeant E Polish 302-303 Killed
Paterson(FAA) Sub Lieutenant B British 804
Paterson Flying Officer J A New Zealander 92 Killed*
Patrick Sergeant L F British 222
Patston LAC A G British 604
Patten Flying Officer H P F British 64
Patterson Sergeant L J British 501 Killed
Patterson(FAA) Sub Lieutenant N H British 804 Killed
Patterson(FAA)Midshipman P J British 242 Killed*
Patterson Pilot Officer R L British 235 Killed*
Pattinson Flying Officer A J S British 616-23-92 Killed*
Pattison Flying Officer J D Canadian 1(RCAF)
Pattison Flying Officer J G New Zealander 266-92
Pattison Sergeant K C British 611 Killed*
Pattullo Pilot Officer W B 151-249-46 Killed*
Pavitt Sergeant H J British 235
Pavlu Sergeant O Czechoslovakian 1 Killed
Payne Sergeant A D British 610
Payne Pilot Officer R A British 602
Payne AC 2 R I British 23 Killed*
Peachment Pilot Officer C B G British 236
Peacock Sergeant D C 605 Killed
Peacock Flying Officer R J British 235 Killed
Peacock Sergeant W A British 46 Killed*
Peacock-Edwards Flying Officer S R British 615-253
Pearce Sergeant L H B British 32-249-46 Killed
Pearce AC P G British 600 Killed
Pearce Sergeant R British 29
Pearce Sergeant W J British 236 Killed
Pearcy Sergeant D J British 219 Killed
Pearman Pilot Officer S J British 141
Pearse Sergeant L L British 236
Pearson Sergeant D E British 236
Pearson Sergeant G W British 501 Killed*
Pearson Sergeant P British 238 Killed
Pease Flying Officer A P British 603 Killed*
Peebles Sergeant W British 235 Killed
Peel Flying Officer C D British 603 Killed*
Peel Squadron Leader J R A British 145
Pegge Flying Officer C O J British 610
Pemberton Squadron Leader D A British 1 Killed
Penfold Pilot Officer P E British 29
Penfold Sergeant W D British 236
Penford Flight Sergeant V W R British 23
Pennington Pilot Officer D A British 245-253
Pennington-Leigh Flight Lieutenant A W British 248-232 Killed
Pennycuick Sergeant B British 236
Percy Flying Officer H H British 264 Killed
Perkin Sergeant F S British 600-615-73-421 Flt
Perrin Adjutant G C French 249-615-249
Perry AC 2 H T British 23 Killed*
Peters Flying Officer G C B British 79 Killed*
Peterson Pilot Officer O J American 1(RCAF) Killed*
Pettet Pilot Officer A H British 248 Killed
Pettit Sergeant H W British 1-605 Killed
Pexton Flight Lieutenant R D British 615
Pfeiffer Pilot Officer J Polish 32-257
Philippart Pilot Officer J A L Belgian 213 Killed*
Phillip Sergeant A British 25 Killed
Phillips AC A British 604
Phillips Pilot Officer E R British 25 Killed
Phillips Flight Sergeant N T British 65 Killed*
Phillips Sergeant R F P British 602
Phillipson Sergeant J R British 604 Killed
Philo Pilot Officer R F British 151
Piatkowski Pilot Officer S Polish 79 Killed*
Pickering Sergeant J British 64
Pickering Pilot Officer J H British 66 Killed
Pickering Sergeant T G British 32-501
Pickford Sergeant J T British 604
Pidd Sergeant L British 238 Killed*
Pigg Flying Officer O StJ British 72 Killed*
Pilkington AC A British 23
Pilch Pilot Officer E R Polish 302 Killed
Pinckney Flying Officer D J C British 603 Killed
Pinfold Squadron Leader H M British 56
Pinkham Squadron Leader P C British 19 Killed*
Pipa Sergeant J British 43
Piper Sergeant A H British 236
Pippard Pilot Officer H A British 29
Pippet Flying Officer J G British 64 Killed
Pisarek Flying Officer M Polish 303 Killed
Pitcher Flying Officer P B Canadian 1(RCAF)
Pittman Pilot Officer G E British 17
Plant Sergeant R E British 723-611 Killed
Pledger Pilot Officer G F C British 141 Killed
Plenderleith Sergeant R British 73
Plummer Flying Officer R P British 46 Killed*
Plzak Sergeant S Czechoslovakian 310-19 Killed
Pniak Pilot Officer K Polish 32-257
Pocock Sergeant M H British 72
Pollard Sergeant J K British 232 Killed
Pollard Pilot Officer P S C British 611 Killed
Pond Flight Sergeant A H C British 601
Ponting Pilot Officer W A British 264 Killed*
Pool Pilot Officer P D British 266-72
Poole Sergeant E R L British 604
Poplawski Pilot Officer J Polish 111-229
Porter Sergeant E F British 141 Killed
Porter Sergeant J A British 242-615
Porter Sergeant O W British 111 Killed
Posener Pilot Officer F H South African 152 Killed*
Potter Sergeant J A British 19
Poulton Pilot Officer H R C British 616-64
Pound Sergeant R R C British 25
Powell Sergeant E British 25 Killed
Powell Pilot Officer R J British 248 Killed
Powell Flight Lieutenant R P R British 111
Powell Sergeant S W M British 141
Powell-Shedden Flight Lieutenant G F F British 242
Power Flight Lieutenant R M Australian 236
Prchal Sergeant E M Czechoslovakian 310
Preater Sergeant S G British 235
Prevot Pilot Officer L O J Belgian 235
Price Pilot Officer A O British 236
Price Sergeant J British 29
Price Sergeant N A J British 236
Price Sergeant R B British 54-245-73-222 Killed
Priestley Flying Officer J S New Zealander 235 Killed*
Prihoda Sergeant J Czechoslovakian 1 Killed
Pritchard Flight Lieutenant C A Australian 600
Proctor Sergeant J British 602 Killed
Proctor Pilot Officer J E British 32
Prosser Sergeant P R British 235 Killed
Proudman Sergeant D H British 248 Died
Prowse Pilot Officer H A R British 266-603
Ptacek Sergeant R Czechoslovakian 43 Killed
Puda Sergeant R Czechoslovkian 310-605
Pudney(FAA) Sub Lieutenant G B British 64 Killed
Pugh Sergeant J S British 25
Pugh Flying Officer T P British 263 Killed
Pushman Pilot Officer G R Canadian 23
Putt Flight Lieutenant A R British 501
Puxley Sergeant W G V British 236
Pye Sergeant J W New Zealander 25
Pyman Flying Officer L L British 65 Killed*
Pyne Sergeant C C New Zealander 219
Quelch Sergeant B H British 235
Quill Flying Officer J K British 65
Quinn Sergeant J British 236
Rabagliati Flight Lieutenant A C British 46 Killed
Rabone Flight Lieutenant J H M British 604
Rabone Flying Officer P W New Zealander 145-422 Flt Killed
Radomski Pilot Officer J Polish 303
Radwanski Pilot Officer G Polish 79-56
Rafter Pilot Officer R F British 603 Killed
Raine Sergeant W British 610 Killed
Rains Sergeant D N British 248 Killed
Ralls Sergeant L F British 605-422 Flt
Ramsay Pilot Officer J B British 151 Killed*
Ramsay Sergeant J S British 235 Killed
Ramsay Sergeant N H D British 610-222
Ramshaw Sergeant J W British 222 Killed*
Rasmussen Sergeant L A W New Zealander 264 Killed*
Ravenhill Pilot Officer M British 229 Killed*
Rawlence Flying Officer A J British 600
Rawnsley Sergeant C F British 604
Ray Sergeant R W British 56
Rayner Flying Officer R M S British 87
Read Pilot Officer W A A British 603
Ream Sergeant C A British 235
Reardon-Parker(FAA) Sub Lieutenant J British 804 Killed
Rechka Sergeant J Czechoslovakian 310
Reddington Sergeant L A E British 152 Killed*
Redfern Sergeant E A British 607-232 Killed
Redman Pilot Officer J British 257-245-43 Killed
Reece Sergeant L H M British 235 Killed*
Reed Sergeant H British 600
Rees Flying Officer B V British 610
Rees Sergeant J A British 601
Reid Pilot Officer R British 46 Killed
Reilley Pilot Officer H W Canadian 64-66 Killed*
Reilly Sergeant C C New Zealander 23 Killed
Renvoize Sergeant J V British 247
Reynell Flight Lieutenant R C Australian 43 Killed*
Reyno Flight Lieutenant E M Canadian 1(RCAF)
Rhodes Pilot Officer R A British 29 Killed*
Rhodes-Moorehouse Flight Lieutenant W H British 601 Killed*
Ricalton Flying Officer A L British 74 Killed*
Rich Sergeant P G British 25
Richards(FAA) Sub Lieutenant D H British 111
Richards Sergeant W C British 235 Killed
Richardson Sergeant E British 242
Richardson Squadron Leader W A British 141
Richardson Sergeant R W British 610
Richardson Sergeant R W British 141
Ricketts Sergeant H W British 235 Killed
Ricketts Pilot Officer V A British 248 Killed
Ricks Sergeant L P V J Canadian 235
Riddell-Hannam Sergeant J D British 236
Riddle Flight Lieutenant C J H British 601
Riddle Flight Lieutenant H J British 601
Ridley Sergeant M British 616 Killed*
Rigby Pilot Officer R H British 236 Killed*
Riley Pilot Officer F British 236 Killed
Riley Flight Lieutenant W British 263-302-145 Killed
Rimmet Flight Lieutenant R F British 229 Killed*
Ringwood Sergeant E A British 248 Killed*
Ripley Sergeant W G British 604 Killed
Rippon Pilot Officer A J British 601 Killed
Riseley Sergeant A H British 600
Ritcher Flying Officer G L British 234
Ritchie Flight Lieutenant I S British 603
Ritchie Pilot Officer J M British 141
Ritchie Pilot Officer J R British 600-111-72
Ritchie Sergeant R D British 605 Killed*
Ritchie Pilot Officer T G F British 602 Killed
Roach Pilot Officer R J B British 266
Robb Pilot Officer R A L British 236
Robbins Pilot Officer R H British 54-66
Roberts Sergeant A J A British 29
Roberts Sergeant D F British 25 Killed
Roberts Wing Commander D N British 609-238
Roberts Sergeant E C British 23
Roberts AC 1 G W British 23
Roberts(FAA) Midshipman G W British 808
Roberts Flying Officer R British 615-64
Robertson Sergeant F N British 66 Killed
Robertson Sergeant B L British 54 Killed
Robinson Sergeant D N British 152
Robinson Pilot Officer G British 264
Robinson Sergeant J British 111
Robinson Pilot Officer J C E British 1 Killed
Robinson Squadron Leader M British 616
Robinson Squadron Leader M W S British 73
Robinson Squadron Leader M L British 610-238-609 Killed
Robinson Flying Officer P B British 601
Robinson Sergeant P E M British 56 Killed
Robinson Sergeant P T British 257
Robshaw Pilot Officer F A British 85-229
Robson Flying Officer N C H British 72
Roden Sergeant H A C British 19 Killed
Rofe Pilot Officer B J British 25 Killed
Rogers Pilot Officer B A British 85-242 Killed
Rogers Pilot Officer E B British 501-615
Rogers Sergeant G W British 234 Killed
Rogowski Sergeant J Polish 303
Rohacek Pilot Officer R B Czechoslovakian 601-238 Killed
Rolls Sergeant W T E British 72
Roman Pilot Officer C L Belgian 236
Romanis Sergeant A L British 25 Killed
Rook Flight Lieutenant A H British 504
Rook Flying Officer M British 504
Roscoe Pilot Officer G L British 79-87 Killed
Rose Flying Officer J British 3-232-32
Rose Sergeant J S British 23 Killed
Rose Pilot Officer S N British 602
Rose Pilot Officer E B M British 234 Killed
Rose-Price Flying Officer A T British 501 Killed*
Rosier Squadron Leader F E British 229
Ross Pilot Officer A R British 610 Killed
Ross Pilot Officer J K British 17 Killed
Rothwell Pilot Officer J H British 601-32-605 Killed
Round Sergeant J H British 248 Killed*
Rourke Sergeant J British 248
Rouse Sergeant G W British 236
Rowden Pilot Officer J H British 616-64 Killed
Rowell Sergeant P A British 249
Rowley Flight Lieutenant R M B British 145
Royce Flying Officer M E A British 504
Royce Flying Officer W B British 504
Rozwadowski Pilot Officer M Polish 151 Killed*
Rozycki Pilot Officer W British 238
Ruddock AC 2 W S British 23
Rudland Sergeant C P British 263
Rushmer Flight Lieutenant F W British 603 Killed*
Russel Flying Officer B D Canadian 1(RCAF)
Russell Sergeant A G British 43
Russell(FAA) Lieutenant G F British 804 Killed
Russell Pilot Officer G H British 236
Russell Flight Lieutenant H a'b British 32
Russell Pilot Officer J T British 141
Russell Sergeant L P New Zealander 264 Killed
Rust Sergeant C A British 85-249
Ruston Flight Lieutenant P British 604
Rutter Pilot Officer R D British 73
Ryall Corporal B British 29 Killed
Ryalls Pilot Officer D L British FIU Killed
Ryder Flight Lieutenant E N British 41
Rypl Pilot Officer F Czechoslovakian 310
Sadler Flight Sergeant H S British 611 Killed
Sadler Pilot Officer N A British 235 Killed
St Aubyn Flight Lieutenant E F British 616 Killed
St John Flying Officer P C B British 74 Killed*
Salmon Flying Officer H N E British 1-229
Salmond Pilot Officer W N C British 64
Salway Sergeant E British 141 Killed
Samolinski Pilot Officer W M C Polish 253 Killed*
Sample Squadron Leader J British 504 Killed
Sampson Sergeant A British 23
Sanders Flight Lieutenant J G British 615
Sanders Squadron Leader P J British 92
Sandifer Sergeant A K British 604
Sargent Sergeant R E B British 219
Sarre Sergeant A R British 263-603
Sasak Sergeant W Polish 32-145 Killed
Satchell Squadron Leader W A J British 302
Saunders Pilot Officer C H British 92
Saunders Flight Lieutenant G A W British 65
Savage Sergeant T W British 64 Killed
Savill Sergeant J E British 151-242-501
Saward Sergeant C J British 615-501
Sawicz Flying Officer T Polish 303
Sawyer Squadron Leader H C British 65 Killed*
Sayers Flight Sergeant J E British 41
Schollar Pilot Officer E C British 248
Schadtler-Law Pilot Officer K British 605
Schumer Pilot Officer F H British 600 Killed
Schwind Flight Lieutenant LH British 257-43-213 Killed*
Sclanders Pilot Officer K M Canadian 242 Killed*
Scott Sergeant A E British 73-422 Flt Killed
Scott Pilot Officer A M W British 3-607-605 Killed
Scott Squadron Leader D R British 605
Scott Flying Officer D S British 73
Scott Sergeant E British 222 Killed*
Scott Sergeant G W British 64-19
Scott Sergeant J A British 266-611-74 Killed*
Scott Flight Lieutenant R H British 604
Scott Sergeant W J New Zealander 264
Scott Flying Officer W J M British 41 Killed*
Scott-Malden Flying Officer F D S British 611-603
Scrase Flying Officer G E T British 600 Killed
Seabourne Sergeant E W British 238
Sears Pilot Officer L A British 145 Killed*
Secretan Flying Officer D British 72-54
Seda Sergeant K Czechoslovakian 310
Seddon Pilot Officer W J British 601 Killed
Seghers Pilot Officer E G A Belgian 32-46 Killed
Sellers Sergeant R F British 111-46
Selway Flying Officer J B British 604
Senior Sergeant J N British 23 Killed
Senior Sergeant B British 600
Seredyn Sergeant A Polish 32
Service Sergeant A British 29 Killed
Sewell Sergeant D A British 17 Killed
Shanahan Sergeant M M British 1 Killed*
Shand Pilot Officer M M New Zealander 54
Sharman Pilot Officer H R British 248
Sharp Sergeant B R British 235 Killed*
Sharp Pilot Officer L M British 111 Killed
Sharp Sergeant R J British 236
Sharpley Sergeant H British 234 Killed
Sharratt Sergeant W G British 248 Killed
Shaw(FAA) Petty Officer F J British 804 Killed
Shaw Flying Officer I G British 264 Killed*
Shaw Pilot Officer R H British 1 Killed*
Shead Sergeant H F W British 32-257
Sheard Sergeant H British 236 Killed
Sheen Flight Lieutenant D F B Australian 72
Shepherd Sergeant F W British 236 Killed
Shepley Pilot Officer D C British 152 Killed*
Shepherd Sergeant J B British 234
Shepherd Sergeant G E British 219 Killed*
Shepperd Sergeant E E British 152 Killed*
Shepherd Sergeant F E R British 611 Killed*
Sheridan Sergeant S British 236
Sherrington Pilot Officer T B A British 92
Shipman Pilot Officer E A British 41
Shirley Sergeant S H J British 604 Killed
Shorrocks Pilot Officer N B British 235 Killed*
Shuttleworth Pilot Officer Lord British 145 Killed*
Sibley Sergeant F A British 238 Killed*
Sika Sergeant J Czechoslovakian 43
Silk Sergeant F H British 111
Silver Sergeant W G British 152 Killed*
Silvestor Sergeant G F British 245-229
Sim Sergeant R B British 111 Killed*
Simmons Pilot Officer V C British 238
Simpson Pilot Officer G M New Zealander 229 Killed*
Simpson Flight Lieutenant J W C British 43
Simpson Pilot Officer L W British 264-141
Simpson Flight Lieutenant P J British 111-64
Sims Sergeant I R British 248 Killed
Sims Pilot Officer J A British 3-232
Sinclair Flight Lieutenant G L British 310
Sinclair Pilot Officer J British 219
Sing Flight Lieutenant J E J British 213
Siudak Sergeant A Polish 302-303 Killed*
Sizer Flying Officer W M British 213
Skalski Pilot Officer S Polish 302-501
Skillen Sergeant V H British 29 Killed
Skinner Flying Officer C D E British 604
Skinner Flight Lieutenant S H British 604 Killed
Skinner Sergeant W M British 74
Skowron Sergeant H Polish 303 Killed
Slade Sergeant J W British 64
Slatter Pilot Officer D M British 141 Killed*
Sleigh(FAA) Lieutenant J W British 804
Slouf Sergeant V Czechoslovakian 312
Sly Sergeant O K British 29 Killed*
Smallman AC 2 J British 236-23
Smith AC A British 600 Killed
Smith Sergeant A D British 66 Killed*
Smith Pilot Officer A J British 74
Smith Squadron Leader A T British 610 Killed*
Smith Flying Officer A W Canadian 141 Killed
Smith Flight Lieutenant C D S British 25 Killed
Smith Pilot Officer D N E British 74 Killed*
Smith Pilot Officer D S British 616 Killed*
Smith Flight Lieutenant E B B British 610
Smith Sergeant E C British 600
Smith Pilot Officer E L British 604
Smith Flight Lieutenant E S British 600
Smith(FAA) Sub Lieutenant F A British 145 Killed*
Smith Flight Lieutenant F M Canadian 72
Smith AC 2 F British 604 Killed
Smith Sergeant G E British 264
Smith Pilot Officer I S New Zealander 151
Smith Flying Officer J D Canadian 73 Killed
Smith Sergeant K B British 257 Killed*
Smith Sergeant L E British 234
Smith Sergeant L H British 219
Smith Sergeant N H J British 235
Smith Sergeant P R British 25 Killed
Smith Sergeant P R British 236 Killed
Smith Sergeant R C British 236 Killed
Smith Flight Lieutenant R L British 151
Smith Flying Officer R R Canadian 229
Smith Flying Officer W A British 229
Smith Sergeant W B British 602
Smith Flight Lieutenant W O L British 263 Killed
Smither Flying Officer R Canadian 1(RCAF) Killed*
Smithers Pilot Officer J L British 601 Killed*
Smithson Sergeant R British 249 Killed
Smythe Pilot Officer D M A British 264
Smythe Sergeant G British 56
Smythe Flying Officer R F British 32
Smythe Sergeant R H British 25-111-249
Snape Sergeant W G British 25
Snell Flying Officer V R British 151-501
Snow Pilot Officer W G British 25
Snowden Sergeant E G British 213
Soars Sergeant H J British 74
Sobey Sergeant E A British 235 Killed
Soden Pilot Officer JF British 266-603 Killed
Solak Pilot Officer J J Polish 151-249
Soloman Pilot Officer N D British 17 Killed*
Sones Sergeant L C British 605
Southall Sergeant G British 23 Killed
Southorn Sergeant G A British 235
Southwell Pilot Officer J S British 245 Killed
Spears Sergeant A W P British 222-421 Flt
Speke Flight Lieutenant H British 604 Killed
Spence Pilot Officer D J New Zealander 245 Killed
Spencer Squadron Leader D G H British 266
Spencer Sergeant G H British 504
Spiers Sergeant A British 236
Spires Sergeant J H British 235
Sprague Pilot Officer H A Canadian 3
Sprague Sergeant M H British 602 Killed*
Sprenger Flying Officer Canadian 1(RCAF)
Spurdle Pilot Officer R L New Zealander 74
Spyer Sergeant R A British 607 Killed
Squier Sergeant J W C British 64
Stanger Sergeant N M New Zealander 235 Killed
Stanley Pilot Officer D A British 64 Killed
Stanley Sergeant D O New Zealander 151 Killed*
Stansfeld Flying Officer W K Canadian 242-229
Staples Sergeant L British 85-242-151
Staples Pilot Officer M E British 609 Killed
Staples Sergeant R C J British 72
Stapleton Flying Officer B G South African 603
Starr Squadron Leader H M British 245-253 Killed*
Stavert Pilot Officer C M British 1-504
Steadman Sergeant D J British 54-245
Steborowski Flying Officer M J Polish 238 Killed*
Steele Sergeant R M British 235
Steere Flight Sergeant H British 19 Killed
Steere Flight Sergeant J British 72
Stefan Sergeant J Czechoslovakian 1
Stegman Pilot Officer S Polish 111-229 Killed
Stehlik Sergeant J Czechoslovakian 312
Stein Pilot Officer D British 263 Killed
Stenhouse Sergeant S British 43
Stephen Pilot Officer H M British 74
Stephens Sergeant C British 23 Killed*
Stephens Flying Officer M M British 3-232
Stephenson Pilot Officer P J T British 607
Stephenson Flying Officer I R British 264 Killed
Stephenson Flying Officer S P British 85
Sterbacek Pilot Officer J Czechoslovakian 310 Killed*
Stevens Pilot Officer E J British 141
Stevens Sergeant G British 151-213
Stevens Pilot Officer L W British 17 Killed
Stevens Sergeant R E British 29 Killed*
Stevens Sergeant R P British 151 Killed
Stevens Sergeant W R British 23
Stevenson Pilot Officer P C F British 74 Killed
Steward Sergeant G A British 17 Killed
Stewart Pilot Officer C New Zealander 54-222 Killed
Stewart Sergeant C N D British 604 Killed
Stewart Pilot Officer D G A British 615 Killed
Stewart-Clark Pilot Officer D British 603 Killed
Stickney Flight Lieutenant P A M British 235
Stillwell Sergeant R L British 65
Stock Sergeant E British 604
Stocks Sergeant N J British 248 Killed*
Stockwell(FAA) Petty Officer W E J British 804
Stoddart Flight Lieutenant K M British 611
Stokes Pilot Officer R W British 264 Killed
Stokoe Sergeant J British 603
Stokoe Sergeant S British 29 Killed
Stone Flight Lieutenant C A C British 263-245
Stones Pilot Officer D W A British 79
Stoney Flight Lieutenant G E B British 501 Killed*
Stoodley Sergeant D R British 43 Killed*
Storie Pilot Officer J M British 615-607
Storrar Pilot Officer J E British 145-73-421 Flt
Storrie Pilot Officer A J British 264 Killed
Straight Flying Officer W W British 601
Strange Flying Officer J T New Zealander 253
Strawson Sergeant J M British 603 Killed
Streathfeild Squadron Leader V C F British 248
Stretch Sergeant R R British 235
Strickland Pilot Officer C D British 615 Killed
Strickland Flight Lieutenant J M British 213 Killed
Strihavka Flight Sergeant J Czechoslovakian 85-310
Stroud Sergeant G A British 504-32-249
Stuart AC M British 23
Stuckey Sergeant S G British 213 Killed*
Studd Pilot Officer J A P British 66 Killed*
Stuidak Sergeant A Polish 302-303 Killed*
Sulman Pilot Officer J E British 607 Killed
Summers Sergeant R B G British 219
Sumner Sergeant F British 23 Killed
Sumpter Sergeant C H S British 604
Surma Pilot Officer F Polish 151-607-257 Killed
Sutcliffe Sergeant W A British 610 Killed
Sutherland Pilot Officer I W British 19 Killed*
Sutton Flying Officer F B British 56
Sutton Pilot Officer F C British 264
Sutton Sergeant H R British 235
Sutton Pilot Officer J R G British 611 Killed
Sutton Flying Officer K R New Zealander 264
Sutton Pilot Officer N British 72-611 Killed*
Swanwick Sergeant G W British 54
Swanwick Sergeant N T C British 141
Switon Sergeant L Polish 54-303
Sword-Daniels Pilot Officer A T British 25
Sydney Flight Sergeant C British 19-266-92 Killed*
Sykes Sergeant D B British 145
Sykes(FAA) Sub Lieutenant J H C British 64
Sylvester Pilot Officer E J H British 501 Killed*
Symonds Sergeant J E British 236
Szafraniec Sergeant W Polish 79-151-607-56 Killed
Szaposznikow Sergeant E Polish 303
Szczesny Pilot Officer H Polish 74
Szlagowski Sergeant J Polish 234-152 Killed
Szulkowski Pilot Officer W Polish 65 Killed*
Tabor Sergeant G W British 65-152 Killed
Tait Flying Officer K W New Zealander 87 Killed
Talman Pilot Officer J Mc British 213-145 Killed
Tamblyn Flight Lieutenant H N Canadian 141-242 Killed
Tanner Flight Sergeant J H British 610 Killed*
Tatnell Sergeant R F British 235 Killed
Taylor(FAA) Petty Officer D E British 808
Taylor Flying Officer D M British 64
Taylor AC E F British 29-600 Killed
Taylor Sergeant G S New Zealander 3 Killed
Taylor Sergeant G N British 236
Taylor Sergeant K British 29-600
Taylor Sergeant N British 601
Taylor Pilot Officer R British 235
Taylor Sergeant R H W British 604 Killed
Taylour(FAA) Lieutenant E W T British 808 Killed
Tearle Sergeant F J British 600
Temlett Pilot Officer C B British 3 Killed
Terry Sergeant P H R R British 72-603
Tew Flight Sergeant P H British 54
Thacker Pilot Officer D J British 32
Theasby AC A J British 25 Killed
Theilmann Flight Lieutenant J G British 234
Thom Sergeant A H British 79-87
Thomas Flying Officer C R D British 236 Killed*
Thomas Flight Lieutenant E H British 232-19-266
Thomas Flight Lieutenant F M British 152
Thomas Sergeant G S British 604
Thomas Pilot Officer R C British 235 Killed*
Thomas Pilot Officer R H British 266-66-64
Thomas Sergeant R T British 247 Killed
Thomas Pilot Officer S R British 264
Thompson Pilot Officer A R F British 85-249
Thompson Pilot Officer F N British 248
Thompson Squadron Leader J M British 111
Thompson Sergeant J B British 25 Killed*
Thompson Pilot Officer P D British 32-605
Thompson Sergeant W W British 234
Thomson Flight Lieutenant J A British 245-302
Thomson Flight Lieutenant R A New Zealander 72
Thomson Pilot Officer T R British 615-607-213
Thorn Sergeant E R British 264
Thorogood Sergeant L A British 87
Thorpe Sergeant P British 145
Tidman Pilot Officer A R British 64 Killed
Till Sergeant J British 248 Killed
Tillard(FAA) Lieutenant R C British 808 Killed
Tillett Pilot Officer J British 238 Killed
Titley Pilot Officer E G British 609 Killed
Tobin Pilot Officer E Q American 609 Killed
Tomlinson Pilot Officer P A British 29
Tongue Pilot Officer R E British 3-504
Toogood Sergeant L V British 43 Killed*
Toombs Pilot Officer F A British 264 Killed
Toombs Sergeant J R British 236
Topham Flying Officer J G British 219
Topolnicki Pilot Officer J Polish 601 Killed*
Touch Sergeant D F British 235
Towers-Perkins Pilot Officer W British 238
Townsend Squadron Leader P W British 85
Townsend Sergeant T W British 600
Tracey Pilot Officer O V New Zealander 79 Killed
Trevana Flying Officer Canadian 1(RCAF)
Trousdale Pilot Officer R M New Zealander 266
Trueman Flying Officer A A G Canadian 253 Killed*
Truhlar Sergeant F Czechoslovakian 312
Trumble Flight Lieutenant A J British 264
Truran Pilot Officer A J J British 615 Killed
Tuck Squadron Leader R R S British 92-257
Tucker Flying Officer A B British 151
Tucker Pilot Officer B E British 266-66
Tucker Sergeant F D British 236
Tucker Sergeant R Y British 235 Killed*
Turley-George Flying Officer D R British 54
Turnbull AC R N British 25
Turner Flight Lieutenant D E British 238 Killed*
Turner Flight Sergeant G British 32
Turner Flying Officer P S Canadian 242
Turner Sergeant R C British 264 Killed*
Tweed Sergeant L J British 111
Twitchett Sergeant F J British 43-229
Tyrer Sergeant E British 46
Tyson Squadron Leader F H British 3-312
Unett Sergeant J W British 235 Killed
Unwin Flight Sergeant G C British 19
Upton Pilot Officer H C British 43-607
Urbanowicz Flying Officer W Polish 145-303
Urie Squadron Leader J D British 602
Urwin-Mann Pilot Officer J R Canadian 238
Usmar Sergeant F British 41
Van Den Hove DEertsenrijck Pilot Officer Belgian 43-501 Killed*
Van Lierde Pilot Officer W E Belgian 87
Van Mentz Flying Officer B South African 222 Killed
Van Wayenberghe Pilot Officer A A L Belgian 236 Killed
Varley Pilot Officer G W British 79-247
Vasatko Pilot Officer A Czechoslovakian 312 Killed
Velebnovsky Pilot Officer A Czechoslovakian 85-1 Killed
Venesoen Sergeant F A Belgian 235 Killed
Venn Pilot Officer J A C British 236
Verity Pilot Officer V B S New Zealander 229
Vesely Pilot Officer V Czechoslovakian 312
Vick Squadron Leader J A British 607
Vigors Pilot Officer T A British 222
Viles Sergeant L W British 236
Villa Flight Lieutenant J W British 72-92
Vincent Group Captain S F British 257-229
Vindis Sergeant F Czechoslovakian 310
Vinyard Sergeant F F British 64 Killed*
Vokes Pilot Officer A F British 19 Killed
Vopalecky Warrant Officer J Czechoslovakian 310
Vrana Flying Officer A Czechoslovakian 312
Vybiral Pilot Officer T Czechoslovakian 312
Vykoukal Pilot Officer K J Czechoslovakian 111-73 Killed
Waddingham Flying Officer J British 141 Killed
Wade Pilot Officer T S British 92
Wadham Sergeant J V British 601-145 Killed*
Waghorn Sergeant British 111-249 Killed
Wagner Sergeant A D British 151 Killed
Wainwright Pilot Officer A G British 151 Killed
Wainwright Flying Officer M T British 64
Wake Sergeant F W British 264
Wakefield Pilot Officer H K British 235
Wakeham Pilot Officer E C J British 145 Killed*
Wakeling Sergeant S R E British 87 Killed*
Walch Flight Lieutenant S C Australian 238 Killed*
Walker Sergeant G A British 232
Walker Flying Officer J A Canadian 111 Killed
Walker Sergeant J I B New Zealander 600
Walker Pilot Officer J R Canadian 611-41 Killed
Walker Flying Officer J H G British 25 Killed
Walker Sergeant N Mc British 615-607 Killed
Walker Pilot Officer R J British 72
Walker Sergeant S British 236 Killed
Walker Pilot Officer W L B British 616
Walker-Smith Sergeant F R British 85 Killed
Wallace Pilot Officer C A B Canadian 3 Killed
Wallace Sergeant T Y South African 610-111 Killed
Wallen Flight Lieutenant D S British 604
Wallens Flying Officer R W British 41
Waller Sergeant G A British 29
Walley Sergeant P K British 615 Killed*
Wallis Sergeant D S British 235 Killed
Walmsley Sergeant H W British 248 Killed
Walsh Sergeant E British 141
Walsh Pilot Officer J J Canadian 615 Died
Walsh(FAA) Sub Lieutenant R W M British 111
Walton Sergeant H British 87
Want Sergeant W H British 248 Killed*
Wapniarek Pilot Officer S Polish 302 Killed*
Ward Flying Officer D H New Zealander 87 Killed
Ward Squadron Leader the Hon E F British 601
Ward Pilot Officer J L British 32-145 Killed
Ward Sergeant R A British 19-616-66 Killed*
Ward Sergeant W B British 604
Warden Sergeant N P British 610 Killed
Ward-Smith Sergeant P British 610
Ware Sergeant R T British 3 Killed
Wareham Pilot Officer M P British 1-242
Wareing Sergeant P T British 616
Waring AC W British 23
Warner Flight Lieutenant W H C British 610 Killed*
Warren Flying Officer C British 152
Warren AC 1 J B W British 600 Killed*
Warren Sergeant S British 1 Killed*
Warren Sergeant T A British 236
Waterston Flying Officer R McG British 603 Killed*
Watkins Flight Lieutenant D H British 611
Watkinson Pilot Officer A B South African 66
Watling Pilot Officer W C British 92 Killed
Watson Pilot Officer A R British 152 Killed
Watson Pilot Officer E J British 605 Killed
Watson Pilot Officer E O British 64
Watson Pilot Officer F S Canadian 3-1(RCAF) Killed
Watson AC 2 J G British 604
Watson Pilot Officer L G British 29
Watson Flying Officer R British 87
Watters Pilot Officer J New Zealander 236
Watts Sergeant E L British 248 Killed
Watts Sergeant R D H British 235 Killed*
Watts Flight Lieutenant R F British 253
Way Pilot Officer L B R British 229
Way Flying Officer B H British 54 Killed*
Wczelik Pilot Officer Polish 302 Killed
Weaver Flight Lieutenant P S British 56 Killed*
Webb Flight Lieutenant P C British 602
Webber Pilot Officer W F P British 141
Weber Pilot Officer F Czechoslovakian 145
Weber Sergeant J British 1-145
Webster Sergeant E R British 85
Webster Pilot Officer F K British 610 Killed*
Webster Sergeant H G British 73 Killed
Webster Flying Officer J T British 41 Killed*
Wedgewood Flight Lieutenant J H British 253 Killed
Wedlock Sergeant G V British 235
Wedzik Sergeant M Polish 302
Weir Pilot Officer A N C British 145 Killed
Welch AC 2 E British 604 Killed
Welford Pilot Officer G H E British 607
Wells Pilot Officer E P New Zealander 266-41
Wells Pilot Officer M L British 248
Wells Flying Officer P H V British 249
Wellum Pilot Officer G H A British 92
Welsh Pilot Officer T D British 264
Wendel Flying Officer K V New Zealander 504 Killed*
West Pilot Officer D R British 141
West Squadron Leader H British 41-151
Westcott Sergeant W H J British 235
Westlake Pilot Officer G H British 43-213
Westlake Pilot Officer R D British 235
Westmacott Flying Officer I B British 56
Westmoreland Sergeant T E British 616 Killed*
Whall Sergeant B E P British 602 Killed*
Wheatcroft Pilot Officer N R British 604 Killed
Wheeler Pilot Officer N J British 600-615-607
Whelan Sergeant J British 64-19
Whinney Pilot Officer M T British 3
Whipps Sergeant G A British 602 Killed
Whitbread Pilot Officer H L British 222 Killed*
Whitby Sergeant A British 79
White Flight Lieutenant B E G British 504 Killed
White Squadron Leader F L British 74
White Sergeant J British 248 Died
White Sergeant J British 72 Killed
White Pilot Officer J W British 3-FIU
White Sergeant R British 235
Whitehead Flight Sergeant C British 56 Killed
Whitehead Sergeant R O British 151-253
Whitehouse Sergeant S A H British 32-501
Whitfield Sergeant J J British 56 Killed*
Whitley Pilot Officer D British 264 Killed*
Whitley Squadron Leader E W New Zealander 245
Whitney Pilot Officer D M New Zealander 245
Whitson Sergeant A D British 236 Killed
Whittick Sergeant H G British 604
Whittingham Flying Officer C D British 151
Whitty Flight Lieutenant W H R British 607
Whitwell Sergeant P C British 600 Killed
Wickings-Smith Pilot Officer P C British 235 Killed*
Wickins Sergeant A S British 141
Wicks Flying Officer B J British 56 Killed
Widdows Squadron Leader S C British 29
Wigg Flying Officer R G New Zealander 65
Wigglesworth Pilot Officer J S British 238 Killed
Wight Flight Lieutenant R D G British 213 Killed*
Wightman(FAA)Midshipman O M British 151 Killed
Wilcock Sergeant C British 248 Killed
Wilcox Flying Officer E J British 72 Killed*
Wildblood Pilot Officer T S British 152 Killed*
Wilde Pilot Officer D C British 236
Wilkes Sergeant G N British 213 Killed*
Wilkinson Sergeant K A British 616-19
Wilkinson Squadron Leader R L British 266 Killed*
Wilkinson Flight Lieutenant R C British 3
Wilkinson Sergeant W A British 501
Willans Flying Officer A J British 23 Killed
Willcocks Sergeant P H British 610-66 Killed
Williams Squadron Leader C W British 17 Killed*
Williams Flying Officer D C British 141 Killed
Williams Pilot Officer D G British 92 Killed*
Williams Flight Sergeant E E British 46 Killed*
Williams Sergeant G T British 219
Williams Pilot Officer M A British 604
Williams Flying Officer T D British 611
Williams Pilot Officer W D British 152
Williams Pilot Officer W S New Zealander 266 Killed*
Willis AC R F British 219 Killed
Willis Sergeant W O New Zealander 600
Wills Sergeant W C British 3-73 Killed
Wilsden Sergeant A A British 29 Killed
Wilson Flying Officer D F New Zealander 141
Wilson Flight Lieutenant D S British 610
Wilson Pilot Officer L D British 29
Wilson Pilot Officer R R Canadian 111 Killed*
Wilson Sergeant W British 235
Wilson AC 2 W C British 29
Wingfield Sergeant V British 29 Killed
Winn Flying Officer C V British 29
Winskill Pilot Officer A L British 72-603
Winstanley Sergeant J British 151
Winter Pilot Officer D C British 72 Killed*
Winter Flying Officer R A British 247
Wise Sergeant J E British 141 Killed*
Wiseman Pilot Officer W D British 600
Wissler Pilot Officer D H British 17 Killed
Withall Flight Lieutenant L C Australian 152 Killed*
Witorzenc Pilot Officer S Polish 501
Wlasnowolski Pilot Officer B A Polish 32-607-213 Killed
Wojcicki Sergeant A Polish 213 Killed*
Wojciechowski Sergeant M I Polish 303
Wojtowicz Sergeant S Polish 303 Killed*
Wolfe Squadron Leader E C British 219-141
Wolton Sergeant R British 152
Wood Sergeant K R British 23 Killed
Wood Sergeant S V British 248
Woodgate Sergeant J E British 141 Killed
Woodger Pilot Officer D N British 235 Killed*
Woodhall Wing Commander A B British 310
Woodland Sergeant N N British 236
Woods-Scawen Pilot Officer C A British 43 Killed*
Woods-Scawen Flying Officer P P British 85 Killed*
Woodward Flying Officer H J British 64-23 Killed*
Woodward Flying Officer R S British 600 Killed
Woolley Sergeant A W British 601
Wootten Pilot Officer E W British 234
Wordsworth Pilot Officer D K A British 235 Killed
Worrall Squadron Leader J British 32
Worrall Pilot Officer P A British 85-249 Killed
Worrall(FAA) Sub Lieutenant T V British 111 Killed
Worsdell Pilot Officer K W British 219 Killed*
Worthington Flying Officer A S British 219
Wotton Sergeant H J British 234 Killed
Wright(FAA) Lieutenant A J British 804
Wright Flight Lieutenant A R British 92
Wright Sergeant D L British 235 Killed
Wright Sergeant E W British 605
Wright Sergeant J British 79 Killed*
Wright Sergeant K S British 616-66
Wright Sergeant R R British 248
Wright Pilot Officer W W British 604 Killed
Wroblewski Pilot Officer Z T A Polish 302
Wunsche Flight Sergeant K Polish 303
Wyatt LAC J P British 25 Killed*
Wyatt-Smith Flying Officer P British 263 Killed
Wydrowski Pilot Officer B Polish 615-607
Wynn Pilot Officer R E N E British 249 Killed
Yapp Pilot Officer D S British 253-245
Yates Sergeant G British 248
Yates AC 2 W British 604
York Sergeant R L British 610 Killed
Young Pilot Officer C R British 615-607-46 Killed
Young Pilot Officer J H R British 74 Killed*
Young Flight Lieutenant J S Canadian 234
Young Flying Officer J R C British 249
Young Pilot Officer M H British 264
Young Sergeant R C British 23
Young Sergeant R B M New Zealander 264 Killed*
Yuile Flying Officer A Mc Canadian 1(RCAF)
Yule Pilot Officer R D New Zealander 145
Zak Flying Officer W Polish 303
Zaluski Sergeant J Polish 302 Killed*
Zaoral Pilot Officer V Czechoslovakian 310-501 Killed
Zatonski Pilot Officer A R American 79 Killed
Zavoral Sergeant A Czechoslavakian 1 Killed
Zenker Pilot Officer P Polish 501 Killed*
Zima Sergeant R Czechoslavakian 310
Zimprich Pilot Officer S Czechoslovakian 310 Killed
Zukowski Pilot Officer A Polish 302 Killed*
Zumbach Pilot Officer J Polish 303
Zurakowski Pilot Officer J Polish 234-609

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