Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain No.32 Squadron

Battle of Britain history of No. 32 Squadron.

32 squadron badge


Hurricane Mk.1


Adeste comites - 'Rally round, comrades'


A hunting horn stringed - symbolising the squadron's ability to hunt the enemy.

No 32 Squadron was formed on 12 January 1916 at Netheravon and moved to France as a fighter squadron in May 1916. Equipped with DH2s it flew patrols over the Western Front for a year before beginning to re-equip with DH5s. These in turn began to be replaced by SE5As in December 1917 which were flown for the rest of the war on fighter and ground attack missions. In March 1919, the squadron returned to the UK as a cadre and disbanded on 29 December 1919.

No 32 reformed on 1 April 1923 at Kenley as a single flight of Snipe fighters. A second flight was formed on 10 December 1923 and a third brought the squadron up to strength on 1 June 1924. Grebes were received at the end of 1924 and were replaced by Gamecocks two years later. Equipped in succession with Siskins, Bulldogs and Gauntlets, No 32 received Hurricanes in October 1938 and these were flown on defensive patrols when World War Two broke out. In May 1940, the squadron flew patrols over northern France and took part in the defence of south-east England during the opening weeks of the Battle of Britain before moving to northern England at the end of August 1940.

A Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 in 32 Squadron markings

A Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 in 32 Squadron markings


Biggin Hill 4 June 1940

Acklington 28 August 1940

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