Strategic Defence and Security Review

The SDSR will be based on a new National Security Strategy (NSS) currently being developed. The strategy will define the UK's interests - for example in security and prosperity - and consider the international and domestic threats to those interests. It will then set the UK's priorities in addressing those threats, and implications for our organisation and capabilities across government. Preparation of the new National Security Strategy will effectively be the first step towards a coherent, well-founded SDSR. Discussions on the NSS are already well-advanced. For the MOD, the NSS and SDSR will ensure that the resources for our Armed Force are matched to our foreign policy requirements so that they have what they need to do what we ask of them, and that the Defence Budget is spent as efficiently, effectively and economically as possible. The Defence Secretary is clear that the SDSR is an opportunity for radical thinking. All defence programmes will need to demonstrate their relevance and value for money. There will inevitably be reductions in some areas in order to enhance others. The review will report in the autumn, coinciding with the outcome of the Spending Review

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The Government is conducting a cross-Government, policy-based, resource-aware SDSR..


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