RAF Jaguars leave service after 33 years

6 Squadron Jaguar

The MOD announced that the RAF's ten remaining Jaguar aircraft will leave service after 33 years at the end of April 2007.

In July 2004 MOD announced the Jaguar would reach the end of its distinguished service during 2007. The ageing Jaguar is being replaced by the much more capable multi-role Typhoon aircraft, with the Tornado fleet taking on the bulk of the Jaguar's air-to-ground role.

6 Squadron JaguarAs the RAF has no plans to use the Jaguars on operations, the decision has been taken to take them out of operational service on 30 April 2007.

This decision will ensure that the Typhoon's air-to-ground capability can be established more quickly. Many Jaguar personnel will re-deploy to the Typhoon Force ahead of their planned dates and be part of the work-up for operational deployment of the aircraft. No 11 Squadron, the first squadron to bring in the Typhoon's air-to-surface capability, will now be able to establish itself in its permanent accommodation sooner, and build on the momentum it has created thus far.

RAF Coltishall, the spiritual home to the Jaguar, closed in September 2006.

A disbandment event for 6 Squadron, the last Jaguar squadron, is planned for 25 May 2007 at RAF Coningsby. This will include the last flypast of the RAF Jaguar Squadron.

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