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The home and overseas bases of the RAF are all listed in this reference section. If you know the name or location of the station you are looking for, you can find it in one of the drop-down lists below. If you know where in the UK the station you are looking for is, you can find it on the map below.

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Station Name: RAF Ascension Island

Location: Ascension Island, South Atlantic

Postcode: BFPO 677

Station overview

Situated approximately in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and over 700 miles from its nearest neighbour, Ascension Island was used extensively as a staging base during the Falklands War. This is still the major role for the Station, which it performs for both the RAF and the USAF. Regular flights from RAF Brize Norton link the island to the UK, as does the six-weekly arrival of the MOD cargo and resupply vessels.

RAF Ascension Island Station Crest

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