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Station Name: RAF Wyton

Location: Brampton and Wyton: Cambridgeshire. PE28 2EA Henlow: Bedfordshire. SG16 6DN


Station overview

Originally, RAFs Brampton, Wyton and Henlow were separate stations. However, in the mid-1990’s, with the closure of HQ Logistics Command then at Brampton, and the cessation of operational flying from Wyton, the 2 Stations amalgamated to become Brampton Wyton. Henlow joined the group in 2001, and brought with it RAF Stanbridge, to produce the largest station in terms both of both geography and number of personnel in the RAF. The Station stretches from Brampton and Wyton, around 7 miles apart, in the north, southwards around 30 miles to Henlow, and then westwards some 20 miles (towards Leighton Buzzard) to Stanbridge. The main role of the Station is to provide support and accommodation for its numerous Lodger Units (LUs), including the Director General Logistics (Strike) organisation which occupies a substantial amount of accommodation at Wyton and the Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre (JARIC) at Brampton. At Henlow, LUs include the RAF Centre for Aviation Medicine, Tactical Provost Wing (TPW) and the Assistant Director Engineering Operations department of the Defence Communication Services Agency. Since 1980, Stanbridge has housed the RAF’s main logistics computer and it is responsible for the monitoring of all RAF logistics records throughout the World.

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