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Force Development Squadron

The mission of Force Develpment Squadron is to provide the ASACS Force with a comprehensive and robust Force Development programme to support the Station Commander’s Directive and Main Effort.

What is Force Development?

Force Development is a concept which encompasses areas of training that cross traditional boundaries of job-related training and development. It is the method of driving the ‘Warfighter first, specialist second’ ethos home to all those in the Service and with the realisation that expeditionary operations are here to stay and this requires more from all service personnel. The current tempo of operations, at home and abroad, means that RAF personnel must be fit and ready to deploy at short notice and, as such, they must train and prepare accordingly.

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Who delivers Force Development at RAF Boulmer?

Force Development Squadron is made up from the disciplines listed below. Each has its specific role to play and each supports the other, crossing boundaries to provide a comprehensive and robust training programme.

Physical Education Flight

The Physical education flight offers a comprehensive range of sports facilities and opportunities, with a team of Physical Training Instructors on hand to assist individuals or groups with training programmes on or off the Station. They can offer assistance with the instruction and delivery of Mobile Team Challenge activities, designed to facilitate communications, leadership and team bonding.

Force Development Training Flight

This is where personnel can get advice and guidance on personal professional development to maintain currency or to develop future career opportunities. Close links are maintained with the Personal Learning Advisor (PLA) to ensure easy access to night classes and other further education opportunities provided by the local authorities.

RAF Regiment Flight

The RAF regiment Flt at RAF Boulmer delivers Skill at Arms training, Nuclear Biological and Chemical training, First Aid and Station Guard Force Training under the banner of Common Core Skills (CCS) which is undertaken by all Service personnel. They are also the operators of the Close Combat Trainer; a computer based firing range where personnel can experience a whole range of different scenarios, testing their communications and weapons skills.

The Pillars of Force Development

The Force Development concept is built around five main areas known as ‘Pillars’ as detailed below:


To develop an understanding of RAF history, discuss the Morality of War and the implications of respect, integrity, service and excellence (RISE). Additionally, ethos is developed to strengthen the spirit and attitudes of the military community, whilst focussing on the core task.

Leadership Training

This is the development of the RAF’s greatest resource; it’s personnel. This is achieved through team development, adventure training (AT), high/low ropes courses and theory training.

Air Warfare/Air Power

This is the fostering of an understanding of the relative aspects of modern air combat operations and of personnel’s individual and collective responsibilities in delivering the Air Surveillance and Control System elements in a robust and effective manner.

Common Military Skills

This is the provision of the most up-to-date tri-service training based on ‘lessons learnt’ to ensure personnel are prepared and able to take their place on the battlefield in any environment.

Deployed Operations Training

This is the preparation of personnel for out-of-area operations through regularly practicing these skills during exercises.

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