Firefighters in action

Operations Wing

Operations Wing provides the personnel and facilities required to maintain operational support and services for RAF Brize Norton based and visiting aircraft, as well as orchestrating the safe arrival and departure of all aircraft, passengers and freight. The Wing comprises:

Air-to-Air Refuelling Cell

The Air-to-Air Refuelling Cell is responsible for the detailed planning, coordination and execution of operational and exercise aircraft deployments that require Air-to-Air Refuelling support throughout the world.

ASCOT Operations

Air Support Command Overseas Transport (ASCOT) Operations is responsible for the tasking, command & control and daily management of all RAF Air Transport and Air-to-Air Refuelling aircraft deployed overseas.

Some will note that Air Support Command no longer exists, however, the historical reference persists to this day.

Boeing Operational Control System

The Boeing Operational Control System application is an Oracle database used by Headquarters Number 2 Group and Defence Support Chain Operations and Movements personnel to plan and manage strategic and tactical air transport operations. The application is also used by a number of deployed units who require access to information relating the strategic and tactical flying programmes. All aspects of the application, including contractual and hosting arrangements are managed by a dedicated Officer.

C4I Support Squadron

The Command, Control, Communications, Computer and Intelligence (C4I) Support Squadron provides and manages all of the Station Telephony Systems, Communication and Information Systems, Secure Communications Facilities, Printing Capabilities (both design and production) and Communications Advice to the Mobility Force Headquarters for RAF Brize Norton.

C4I Support Squadron consists of 4 areas:

  • Information Systems Flight.
  • Communications Flight.
  • Print and Resource Centre.
  • Mobility Force Headquarters Cell.

Intelligence Cell

Station Intelligence Flight is responsible for the provision of timely and accurate intelligence to Brize Norton aircrew, who fly to many diverse locations around the world. The Intelligence flight is also responsible for similar briefings to any Brize Norton sub-units or personnel who may be deploying, either as a formed unit or as individual Augmentees, to any of the Operations that the UK is currently supporting. Finally, the Intelligence section provides intelligence briefings to both Station and Force Headquarters executives in order to provide them with the intelligence information required to assist their decision making process.

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