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Due to essential electrical maintenance within the Air Terminal, no car parking applications will be authorised on the 21 Jan 15.

Passengers intending to take a room in the Gateway House the night before their flight may book in directly at GWH and leave flight check-in until the following day, before the flight closes. Passengers will have to show their proof of flight at GWH reception and hand in their passport in exchange for a room key. Passports will be returned at GWH reception when checking out and will be required for flight check-in at the Air Terminal.

Passengers please note, those using a military DII terminal to browse the passenger information pages may experience expired dates and timings. This is due to a lag time in the network when updating the web pages. For best results please use a non-DII terminal.

All timings may be subject to last minute changes. For up to date information please call the Passenger Information Line on 01993 895861 (Military 95461 x5861).

Our phone line on 01993 896050 (Military 95461 x6050) is currently U/S. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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