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We are only able to provide acurate information regarding flights arriving at RAF Brize Norton within the next 24 hours both on this website and via the Passenger Information Line.

Timings may be subject to last minute changes. For up to date information please call the Passenger Information Line on 01993 896050 or 01993 895861 (Military 95461 x6050 or 95461 x5861).

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We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with one of our phone lines, please only use 01993 895861 or Military 95461 x5861 for more passenger information

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Arrival Flight details updated at 0310L 17th Jan 2017


Flight Number

Estimated Time of Arrival


17th JanRR58210649
17th JanRR23032130
18th JanTOW22310900
19th JanRR66031900
20th JanRR45011910
21st JanTOW22330900
21st JanRR67451510
21st JanRR23012030

Please use this link to view Flight Departure Information

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