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With a legacy stretching back over 50 years, RAF Fylingdales is respected both nationally and internationally for its unparalleled missile warning and space operations expertise. To preserve this reputation, my intent is to ensure that RAF Fylingdales performs its assigned missions to the highest possible standards [mission excellence]. This will require all personnel to strive for excellence in their respective areas and to understand how they contribute to the Station’s operational output [personal excellence]. In order to enable us to succeed in these areas, I intend to provide the necessary moral, spiritual and welfare support for all personnel and their families – even to those outside the RAF where it is within my gift to do so [welfare support]. I also intend to ensure sound leadership, empowerment and development at all levels in order to unlock the full potential of our people [leadership and development]. I will develop a working ethos founded on dignity, mutual respect and teamwork that recognises experience and expertise across the ‘Fylingdales Family’ [ethos]. Externally, and in coordination with HQ AIR, I intend to use the RAF Fylingdales ‘brand’ to draw-in, educate and inform key audiences, decision-makers and opinion-formers locally, nationally and internationally [engagement]. Lastly, I intend to take advantage of all that the RAF, the Station and the local area have to offer and I encourage all personnel to do the same.

Dave Keighley MA

Wing Commander

Station Commander, RAF Fylingdales

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