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The 6 Wing HQ was originally formed as No 1306 Mobile Wing HQ at RAF Odiham on 1st April 1944. It deployed to Normandy shortly after D-Day, moving through France and Belgium into Holland to undertake a mix of Light Anti Aircraft and ground defence tasks. By December 1944, the Wing was part of the Canadian II Corps during the ‘Battle of the Bulge’. Retitled No 1306 Wing in January 1945, the Wing was first disbanded on 9 February 1945.

The Wing reformed in the field role in October 1945 at RAF Gatow. HQ 1306 Wing was engaged in the security of Gatow and the policing of the local area. A further reorganisation of the RAF Regiment brought about another change of title for the unit, and in August 1947 it became HQ 6 Wing RAF Regiment. Upon completion of conversion training to the Light Anti Aircraft role, undertaken at RAF Wahn, the Wing HQ deployed in 1949 to RAF Celle, the main loading airhead for the British contribution to the Berlin Airlift and remained in Germany until disbandment in 1957.

On 1 July 1983, as a result of the USAF purchase of the Rapier SAM system, HQ 6 Wing was reformed at RAF West Raynham in a new role as the USAF Rapier Force HQ. Following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990 the RAF Regiment were heavily involved in the preparation and conduct of the Deployed Operating Bases throughout the Middle East. In January 1991 HQ 6 Wing relieved HQ 3 Wing at Tabuk airfield in Saudi Arabia and remained deployed throughout the war. The USAF withdrew funding from the USAF Rapier Force and HQ 6 Wing was again disbanded in 1994.

Following the end of the Cold War the RAF Regiment retitled the 3 Tactical Survive to Operate HQs as Force Protection Wing HQs and increased their number to 6. No 6 RAF Force Protection Wing HQ formed at RAF Leuchars on 01 January 2006.


The RAF Force Protection Wing HQ provides dedicated Force Protection Command and Control to deployed operations worldwide. They are structured with dedicated regular and Auxiliary RAF Regiment Field Squadrons under command but have the utility to receive any additional assets as required to deliver effective force protection to deployed and forward operating bases, airports of disembarkation, contingency operating bases and tactical landing zones.

No 6 RAF Force Protection Wing has under it's command No 63 Sqn RAF Regiment (The Queen’s Colour Squadron), No 603 Sqn (City of Edinburgh) R Aux AF a Force Protection Operational Support Squadron, and the Expeditionary Air Wing Force Protection Training Flight at RAF Leuchars.

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