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The RAF Motor Sports Association (RAFMSA) has been active since 1961 and encourages participation in motor sports events at local, Inter-Service, national and international level.

The RAFMSA is one of the RAF’s main sports associations and is growing stronger every year, its members are active in every form of competition, including 4 x 4 events, karting, rallying, circuit racing, speed events, rallycross, motocross, enduro, trials, endurance motorcycling and road racing.

Whether you race two wheels or four, we probably have something of interest to you! Click the links below or the quick links to the right to take you to your chosen type of motorsport.

This years Festival of Motorsport will be held at RAF Barkston Heath on the 12th October 2014 - click the link on the right of this page for more information.

The views expressed within articles published on this site are not necessarily official RAF or MOD policy, but rather the views of contributors and editorial staff. Any questions should be addressed to the webmaster in the first instance.
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