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Battle of Britain Bunker, RAF Uxbridge

The Battle of Britain Bunker, located at the former RAF Uxbridge site, is one of Hillingdon’s, if not the nation’s, most important buildings. It was from here that the air defence of London and the south-east was coordinated during the Battle of Britain (July – October 1940) and throughout the Second World War.

Uxbridge Bunker Today, the Opertaions Room has been restored to look as it did on 15th September 1940, the day that Winston Churchill visited to witness one of the most important days fighting of the entire war. The Ops table (right), complete with original map on which RAF and Luftwaffe aircraft were tracked, remains the centrepiece of the Ops Room and the Tote Boards on which squadron readiness was denoted with a series of light indicators displays the state of battle from Battle of Britain Day itself.

Tours of the Bunker take place every weekday at 10am and 2pm. To book places on one of these tours please contact us on the telephone number or email address below:

Tel – 01895 238154 Email – 11gpenquiries@btconnect.com

In 2014 the Bunker will also be open at weekends from 10am to 3pm without appointment from 25 April to the end of August (not including Saturday 14 June and the month of July).

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