Initial training

As a Reservist, you will be expected to meet the same tough challenges as regular RAF personnel. That’s why you’ll receive the same high standard of training from day one. And you’ll have the same chance for development by learning specialist skills once you’ve completed your initial training.

Recruit Training

All recruits to the RAF Reserves go on basic training at RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire. This 15-day residential course includes an introduction to life in the RAF Reserves, military skills training, drill, field training and team-building exercises. It’s tough – anything worthwhile always is – but, if we’ve recruited you into the RAF Reserves, it’s because we believe that you have the potential to succeed.


Officer Initial training

Having successfully passed basic training, recruits who show officer potential go on to officer initial training at the prestigious RAF College Cranwell in Lincolnshire. This consists of a mix of distance learning and residential weekends, including a two-week residential phase at Cranwell, where you will mix with RAF regular officers on their initial training. The course teaches you the skills and knowledge needed to command, lead and support non-commissioned personnel.


Speciality Training

After successfully completing your initial training, you will go on to train for your chosen specialist role. Depending on your role, this will likely be a mix of training at the squadron and training on general RAF training courses.

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