Type 101 Radar on Deployment

1 Air Control Centre

No 1 Air Control Centre

Mission Statement

"To generate and sustain a deployable, early entry, TacATC, Air C2 and BM capability for expeditionary ops and proved resilience to ASACS in support of MT3, utilising the capabilities of Aerospace Battle Management and Air Traffic Management."

On the 1st of April 1995, 1ACC was reformed at RAF Boulmer in Northumberland to fill the role of the Royal Air Force's deployable radar and Command and Control (C2) element.

Originally equipped with the Type 99 Radar, the Unit quickly reacquiered itself with the disciplines required for deployable C2 operations. In 1997 1ACC became the first customer for the Type 101 radar, which marked a quantum leap in performance over the Type 99. During December 2002, 1ACC received the Thales Tactical Air Control Centre (TACC), a system that has considerably enhance 1ACC's deployment an Battle Management capabilities. 1 ACC now provides a tactical Air Command and Control (C2) capability that will enable 4-Hour weapons control and air surveillance coverage within a given area of responsibility. From May 003 to January 2004 1ACC was deployed in support of Op TELIC in Iraq and from July 2006 to December 2009 played a vital role in Operation Herrick in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

1ACC has since conducted Radar gap filling operations around the whole of the UK and multiple domestic and foreign Exercises. Following the amalgamation with the RAF Scampton Control and Reporting Centre (CRC), a new hybrid orgamization was formed providing both the deployable air battle management capability and static resilient Air Defence cover of the UK. From December 2011 all of 1ACC will be garrisoned at RAF Scampton.

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