Control and Reporting Centre

1 Air Control Centre Control and Reporting Centre

Introduction: Air Defence for the United Kingdom is performed by the UK Air Surveillance And Control System (ASACS), through ASACS Force Command (AFC), commanded by the Force Commander.

In January 2006 the CRC (Control and Reporting Centre) at RAF Scampton came online, installed into a historic building which hosted the brief for the 'Dambusters' Squadron prior to their historic raid in World War II. it has two main functions; the first is to produce a Recognized Air Picture of the UK's airspace and NATO Air Policing Area 1. Secondly, the CRC is to police that airspace, scrambling jet fighters where necessary to intercept and identify any aircraft that are deemed to be suspicious, as part of Military Task 3 (Homeland Defence). In 2009 1 Air Control Centre merged with the CRC to integrate the static and deployable aspects of the unit. 1ACC now employs around 220 personnel with approximately 100 personnel, who are either Airspace Battle Managers or Engineers, working inside the CRC.

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