Lancaster Low Level over Derwent Dam

RAF Scampton Museum

Welcome to the RAF Scampton Museum

RAF Scampton has had a rich and varied history. Search the Internet and you will find no end of references to the exploits of the airmen who served here. Of course, our most famous squadron is 617 also known as the Dambusters. Post-war Scampton was an extremely important base housing one of the United Kingdoms nuclear deterrents - the Blue Steel Missile. Even today Scampton leads an interesting life as home to the RAF Aerobatic Team - The Red Arrows.

To celebrate the history of Scampton, we have created a station museum, it's housed in one of the original WW2 hangers and contains over 400 artifacts (including a Blue Steel Missile) which will be of interest to all aviation enthusiasts around the world. Entry to the museum is free to the general public. All we ask is that you contact the curator prior to your visit as the museum is not permanently manned and due to current security measures access to the station is not possible without prior arrangement. This website will hopefully give you a flavour of our rich history and tempt you to come and visit.

If you plan to visit the Museum we ask that you please bring with you a valid Photo ID e.g. driving licence or passport

Curator: Mr Mervyn Hallam 07748630832 and Roger Crisp 01522 500738

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We gratefully acknowledge the many websites describing the history of RAF Scampton and the Dambusters and hope that if any material found here originates from these sites, the authors will be understanding. We have endeavoured to use photographic material owned by the Museum or the RAF, however, there is often some doubt about the ownership of some old images. If you feel we have breached copyright or have not included proper acknowledgements please feel free to contact us. Additionally if you find any historical inaccuracies or omissions please contact the Webmaster.

The Pre-War Years


RAF Scampton, was one of the few airfields which started life during World War One. With war clouds gathering it was re-activated in 1936.

World War 2

Lancaster Low Level

Scampton became the home of 617 Squadron in 1943, who were known as Squadron X when they were formed. We now know of them as the Dambusters.

The Cold War

Restored Vulcan

Scampton is also famous as being the home of the Avro Vulcan bomber during the Cold War period of the 1950s and 60s. Armed with the Blue Steel nuclear deterrent the Vulcan was a formidable weapon.

Present Day Scampton


Nowadays you will probably think of the Red Arrows when you think of Scampton, as the RAF Aerobatic Team (RAFAT) are currently based here. However there is a little more to Scampton than the Reds.

Photo Gallery


Our Gallery contains some recent photgraphs of RAF Scampton which may be of some interest.

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