RAFAT Taxiing RAF Scampton

Heritage Centre

RAF Aerobatic Team


Also known as the Red Arrows. One of the worlds greatest aerobatic display teams is based at Scampton.

Why we are here


We are here to further the defence mission of the Royal Air Force both in the United Kingdom and overseas by helping to project air-power wherever it is needed.

Who is based here


There is more to RAF Scampton than the Red Arrows. One of only 2 Control and Reporting Centres that keeps a watchful eye on our skies 24/7 is also based at Scampton.

Station Heritage Centre

Dambusters Wooden Sight

RAF Scampton has had a rich and varied history. Our most famous squadron is 617 also known as the Dambusters. Post-war Scampton was home to one of the United Kingdoms nuclear deterrents - the Blue Steel Missile.


SDSR Information

Strategic Defence and Security Review.

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