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Royal Air Force St Mawgan is the only RAF Station west of Oxfordshire and, as such, it is the hub of Royal Air Force activity in the SW. It parents some 3000 personnel throughout the region and, whilst its day-to-day population is small (circa 230 people), it trains some 5000 personnel from throughout Defence in survival training per year and, additionally, provides 100,000 bed-nights a year to regulars, reservists and cadets who come to the region to train. In addition, it accommodates circa 2000 soldiers of the 3-star Headquarters of the NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps for 6 months of the year; therefore, there are significant periods when the Station strength will be in the region of 2,500 people, many of whom will be from NATO nations.

Station Commander - Biography

Why are we here? Review our vision, and mission.

Station Motto: 'Vigila - Be watchful'.

Unofficial Motto: 'We teach the best to survive the worst'

Latest News

RAF St Mawgan Charity Fundraisers Visit Cornwall Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance

16 December 2014

Personnel from RAF St Mawgan recently visited the headquarters of Cornwall Air Ambulance to present a cheque for over £1300.

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Troops Host Children’s Activity Day in Cornwall

Troops Host Activity Day

19 November 2014

The Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Support Battalion troops hosted families from the community to an Activity Day.

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Who is Based Here?

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Astra Cinema

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