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The 15 University Air Squadrons have a long tradition of offering flying training to undergraduates, a chance to experience life in the RAF and the opportunity to bring out your own potential. Joining a UAS will provide the perfect introduction if you're considering an RAF career, whether in a flying or ground-based role in the Regular or Reserve forces. There is no obligation to sign up and by getting involved you're making no further commitment other than your time and effort. The training and personal development you receive will give you a head start in whatever career path you choose. However, should you decide that the RAF is for you, and many do, there are various sponsorship schemes available to ease the financial burden of university life.

This website is a window to the University Air Squadrons and their Headquarters at No 6 Flying Training School, RAF College Cranwell. From it you can navigate to all of the individual squadron sites to find out who and where they are, what they do and how to apply.

Latest News

OUAS triumphs in the Southern Shield

060815 - OUAS - SS15-1

04 July 2015

More success for OUAS as they prevail in the Southern Shield sports competition

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6 FTS re-formed on 7 September 2015 with its Headquarters at the Royal Air Force College, Cranwell. Here is a brief history of the school....

Interested in a Particular UAS?

EMUAS on Exped

If you are looking for information on a particular UAS click here to find its own website.

Looking for sponsorship?

Flying Suit

The MOD offers several levels of sponsorship through A-levels and University. Click here to find out what might be available to you.

Ready to Apply?

Grob in the Morning

Each UAS recruits at a variety of University Freshers' Fairs. See the appropriate sqn pages for details.If you're already on a UAS and looking for sponsorship, speak to your Sqn Adjt for the latest information



Unfortunately not everyone is able to join a UAS. Follow this link to see whether you are you eligible to apply.



The UAS is buzzing with activity on a daily basis. Find out what our squadrons have been up to on their own gallery pages.

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