Tough mudder


Cpl Lucy Bullock talks about her teams entrance in to 'Tough Mudder'

After completing my nurse training in 2008 at Manchester University I worked within the NHS for 4 years. After graduating from basic training, I joined the PMRAFNS and my fitness was better than it had ever been. I’d always loved a challenge but found the idea of running a marathon a little boring. I was then introduced to Tough Mudder, the event described by it’s organisers as “probably the toughest on the planet”.

The event is essentially a half marathon that incorporates a gruelling series of 25 military-style obstacles, including waist-high, mile-long mud swamps, wall-climbing, plank-walking and underwater tunnels, topped off with electroshock therapy twice throughout the course. Tough Mudder-5

I was then faced with the task of setting up the dedicated ‘Team Machine’ who would face this challenge with me, this included friend and colleague Cpl James Outhwaite (MDHU Peterborough). For six months we took part in a varied training programme that included long distance running, interval

training and weight resistance. We would also be frequently spotted at the local park swinging on the monkey bars!

On the day, your team gets you through, because physical ability aside, everyone has a different mental “obstacle” to contend with. Mine was small spaces, for others it was the heights. Overall the event itself was a true test of strength, mental grit, and camaraderie, attributes I commonly use to fulfill my nursing role in the PMRAFNS.

There was even a point when the task was to, quite literally, carry each other – a challenge that seems to endorse the spirit of Help for Heroes, the charity we supported by doing the event. Being able to support a cause so close to our hearts made receiving the iconic orange headband even more worthwhile and in the end we raised just over £700. Tough Mudder 2

I’m currently working on the Critical Care Unit at MDHU Peterborough where I feel well supported and encouraged by my line manager and colleagues to take part in a number of sports. I feel very proud to be part of such a hard working team and would encourage anyone ‘tough enough’ to take up the PMRAFNS challenge!

Cpl Lucy Bullock

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