External Training

As a nurse in the Princess Mary's Royal Air Force Nursing Service (PMRAFNS) I have always strived to deliver the most effective and elite nursing care at all times, as part of a team to benefit my patients. After gaining experience in Accident and Emergency (A&E) previously in the NHS and now Royal Air Force, I have grown to understand the importance of developing practice in order to provide the most safe, effective care, as well as to manage and develop others.

Having demonstrated to my chain of command my passion and competency as an A&E nurse, I was accepted to apply and undertake my specialist training and progress to become an Emergency Nurse Specialist. This has given me an immense sense of pride as it is the initial step to becoming part of the world renowned Tri-Service Emergency Medicine cadre.

Specifically to the PMRAFNS, on successful completion I will become eligible to serve in a range of emergency care settings in peace and in conflict, from the structured to the austere. In addition, I will be able to apply to compete for a position on the Royal Air Force jewel in the medical crown; Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT).

I am now over half way through my specialist training at Coventry University and I am thoroughly enjoying it. It has taught me new ways of thinking and applying advanced, as well as basic clinical knowledge and assessment skills into practice, which enables effective clinical care and management.

The pathway I chose to undertake incorporates a range of lecture taught modules including Health Assessment, Emergency Care, Critical Care Transfers, Minor Injuries and Illness, in addition to Research and Evidence Based Practice. This is facilitated by a medical clinical mentor and practical application within a level one trauma centre to ensure proficiency.

All work and no play would definitely make for a dull experience and not what the RAF wants, especially when away from a parent unit. In my spare time I have plenty of time to socialise and keep active by joining my local rowing club and running, ensuring I am continuously operationally fit.

Although I am grateful and cherishing this experience, the end is in sight beaconing my next posting, wherever it might be. The future experiences which are to be had are always a heady thought.

Corporal Adam Mavin

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