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Mental Health

The UK has had a Psychiatric Division, in various guises, since its genesis in 1914 when a Hospital was established in le Touquet, France, to deal with the large numbers of soldiers evacuated from the British Expeditionary Force with ‘nervous and mental shock’.

Things have moved on considerably from these early beginnings. Defence Mental Health now embraces all three services and is utilised in all areas that British Forces see service.

Community Psychiatric services are provided to all large garrison areas where British Forces are serving. This service is enhanced through support of military operations in the field, air evacuation and naval support roles.

DCMH Locations

DCMH Locations

See where Departments of Community Mental Health are based around the UK.

Deployed Field Mental Health Team


Learn how mental health nurses help deployed troops out on the ground.

Mental Health Aeromedical Evacuation

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See how your mental health nursing skills can be used in an aeromedical environment.

Senior Nurse Advisor Mental Health

Sqn Ldr Ben Campion - SNA MH

Read about what the job entails.

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