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Occupational Health

Occupational Health (OH) is concerned with the prevention, identification and management of health issues relating to employment.

Aim of Occupational Health Nurses in the PMRAFNS

Our aim is to preserve and enhance health at work ensuring all service personnel are fit for the tasks they are required to perform relevant to their current, future and operational role. The Regional Occupational Medicine Department (ROMD) provides specialist occupational medicine, clinical services and advisory services to RAF Stations.

Most departments are staffed by an Occupational Medicine Consultant (ROMC), a Specialist Occupational Health Nurse Advisor (ROHA)and an Occupational Medicine Specialist Registrar. As a ROHA, you will see your patients either within their Station Medical Centre or their working environment. OH Model

Your role will include:

• Specialist advice to Senior Medical Officers, Engineering Officers, Station Execs, Line Managers and Station Health and Safety Officers.

• Routine OH visits.

• Individual casework for an occupational medicine opinion.

• Advice on Medical Employment Standards.

• Placements of individuals with restricted work capacity in appropriate work. OH image 2

• Advice on workplace health issues, hazards and work-related ill health.

• Occupational health promotion activities.

• Training activities.

• Telephone advice.

• Functional assessments.

• Advice on workplace visits, assessments and health surveillance programmes.

• Review of long-term sickness absences.

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