In addition to our flying Squadrons, RAF Benson has four Wings that enable the flying Squadrons to complete their duties.

Base Support Wing

Base Support Wing, formerly called Administration Wing, is essential in co-ordinating the day to day running of the station. The Wing currently comprises:

Management Support Squadron - responsible for all catering, infrastructure and security required on the Station and is the largest Squadron on the Wing.

Force Development Squadron is responsible for all training and development of personnel, including Force Protection training, as well as physical fitness. Media and public relations are also part of the Squadron.

Personnel Management Squadron is responsible for the support of all personnel from administration to discipline to welfare. Accounting functions are also part of the Squadron.

The Chaplaincy is responsible for the spiritual welfare of all personnel and dependants, regardless of religious denomination.

The Site Estates team are responsible for the maintenance and, where necessary, upgrade of all infrastructure on the Station.

The Budgets department is responsible for the management of all budgets currently allocated to the Station.

The Station Medical and Dental Centre is responsible for the physical and dental health of personnel. The Medical Centre also caters for a number of dependants.

Operations Wing

Operations Wing provides the coordination, direction, support and infrastructure which facilitate all RAF Benson flying operations, both home and away. Operations Wing is responsible for the Puma and Merlin Force Headquarters, Air Traffic Control, the Fire Section, 606 Squadron and Station Operations. Operations Wing is also responsible for the lodger units of 6 Air Experience Flight and the Oxford University Air Squadron.

Engineering and Logistics Wing

Engineering and Logistics Wing is responsible for engineering and logistic support to all the flying Squadrons based at RAF Benson. This includes the Puma Depth Support Hub, Engineering Support Squadron and Logistics Squadron. The Puma Depth Support Hub includes the Puma 2 Maintenance Flight, the Puma 2 Support Flight and the Puma 2 Engineering Development and Investigation Team. Logistics Squadron and the Engineering Support Squadron are responsible for all supply chain management, engineering documentation, logistical movements and military transport.

R and S Wing

R and S Wing incorporates the Rotary Wing Operational Evaluation and Training Unit (RWOETU) and Support Helicopter Standards and Evaluation Flight (SH STANEVAL). They are responsible for the standards evaluation of all helicopter operations for the support helicopters of the Joint Helicopter Command as well as training such as the Qualified Helicopter Tactics Instructors course which runs annually.

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