Puma and Chinook flying

Resident Squadrons


RAF Benson currently has four resident helicopter Squadrons. Each Squadron consists of both aircrew and engineers as well as administrative and operations support staff. We also have one Royal Auxiliary Air Force Reserve Squadron.

28 Squadron

28 Sqn Introbox

28 Squadron currently operate Chinook and Puma helicopters and is responsible for training RAF helicopter aircrew.

33 Squadron

33 Sqn Introbox

33 Squadron operate the Puma Mk2 helicopters alongside 230 Squadron.

230 Squadron

230 Sqn Introbox

230 Squadron operate the Puma Mk2 helicopters alongside 33 Squadron.

606 (Chiltern) RAuxAF Squadron

606 Sqn Introbox

606 (Chiltern) Squadron is a dedicated helicopter support squadron formed in 1996 at RAF Benson.

78 Squadron

78 Sqn Introbox

78 Squadron formally disbanded in October 2014.

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