Forward Support Wing

Engineering Logistics Wing

Responsibilities and Composition

Engineering Logistics Wing (ELW) provides logistical and engineering support to the RAF Chinook Force and Army Lynx helicopters. ELW supports these aircraft in all theatres of operation and on exercise.

The Wing comprises of:

  • ELW Headquarters
  • Engineering Support Squadron.
  • 18/27 (Engineering) Squadron
  • 7 (Engineering) Squadron
  • Logistics Squadron

Commanded by Officer Commanding ELW, the Wing Headquarters Building incorporates the Executive Officer, Warrant Officer ELW, Engineering Records/LITS Support, Station Health & Safety Officer and the Station Energy & Environmental Protection Advisor.

From there the Wing splits into various different parts each with its’ own role to play in the extensive network of people, parts and equipment needed to keep the Chinooks and Lynx flying.

Engineering Support Squadron (ESS)

ESS contains all the areas in which components and parts of the aircraft are sent to be serviced and fixed.

  • Component Engineering Flight services and fixes many of the Chinook aircraft components. This can be anything from a blade to a small piece of the Automatic Flying Control System. This work is carried out by a mixture of civilians and RAF trained technicians who also work closely with industry to ensure the serviceability of kit is maintained.
  • Armaments Engineering Flight store, service and maintain all the weapons on station, both on and off aircraft use.
  • Chinook Maintenance Flight carries out a servicing of the aircraft which involves the stripping down and inspecting of every Chinook every 200 hours of flying. This is to ensure the aircraft is still fit to fly and to change any parts which have become worn.
  • Ground Engineering Flight maintain all the vital ground-based equipment needed to run a busy engineering section everything from the staging used to get onto the aircraft to workshops manufacturing complex parts for repairs.

18/27 (Engineering) and 7 (Engineering) Sqns

18/27 (Engineering) and 7 (Engineering) Sqns are both very busy maintaining a hectic flying programme which is vital for the aircrews to retain their currency on aircraft.

They are regularly deploy on Exercises and Operations which are carried out all over the world in support of ground troops, aid assistance and the evacuation of personnel from dangerous areas.

Logistics Squadron

None of the above would be possible without the Logistics squadron who are responsible for maintaining and operating the extensive chain of parts and spares required to carry out these engineering tasks. From a new nut and bolt to a spare engine they ensure all the necessary parts get to wherever they’re needed in the world. Logistics also involves clothing and barrack stores to keep the RAF looking smart, professional and equipped with the specialist clothing they need to carry out their jobs.

Mechanical Transport also comes under Logistics who provide safe, economical and appropriate transportation to RAF Odiham and the Chinook force.

A busy, hard working, highly skilled collection of RAF personnel who work closely with our industry partners. The driving force behind the Chinook helicopter fleet we deliver and sustain Chinook operations world-wide, in order to support UK Defence Missions and Tasks.

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