01 Apr 2020

Are you stuck at home with little or no aviation chat to keep you going? World-renowned aviation photojournalists Jamie Hunter and Rich Cooper have produced a video especially for air cadets (and a few others…) see here https://youtu.be/epG5QFsBD2A

Jamie, an advocate of the RAF Air Cadets and a former cadet, said: “The films we are producing cover all the hot topics in aviation but in a socially distanced kind of manner…

“It’s a bit Top Gear in nature but for aviation buffs.

“We’d like to hear from air cadets about what they want in future episodes or, indeed, what they want on the ‘BBQ’.

“We’re lining up more films and the sky’s literally the limit so let us know what subjects to cover.”

The films are being edited by celebrated aviation film producer Bob Hayes, great nephew of Robert Blackburn of Blackburn aircraft (Buccaneer), as a gift to the cadets.

If you have ideas for future films please get in touch.

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Air Cadet Magazine

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