Cadet Portal launch

23 Oct 2019

The Bader Cadet Portal has begun trials with 12 selected Squadrons from across the Air Training Corps today. 583 cadets will be initially testing the system and providing feedback to HQ RAF Air Cadets about how it performs. This follows the release of the new version of the Bader Squadron Management System last month which was a key step in getting ready for the release of the Cadet Portal.

Cadets will be able to:

  • Manage their own personal data and push any changes back to their central record
  • Access their training dashboard to see what qualifications and awards they have achieved
  • Sign up for events and activities that their Squadron is advertising and all the supporting information for those events
  • Download key documents, forms, RAFAC Air Cadet Publications and RAF Air Publications
  • View their Squadron’s training programme
  • View drill and uniform videos and supporting information including a Virtual Brassard which shows them where to position their badges
  • Access welfare and support guidance


The trials will take place between 23rd October - 25th November and after that, Cadet Portal will be released to Durham/Northumberland Wing.  We then aim to have the system deployed to each cadet across the Air Training Corps by January 2020.

The Cadet Portal has been designed, developed and built by a team of volunteer developers called the Volunteer Software Development Team (VSDT) who work directly with the Bader IT Team at HQ RAF Air Cadets.


Officer Commanding VSDT, Squadron Leader James Elliott, said:

“The release of Cadet Portal to the trial Squadrons is a huge milestone for us. Cadet Portal has been in development for just over 18 months and my team of volunteers have put a huge amount of time and effort into building this platform for our cadets alongside our colleagues in the Bader IT Team. 

" The aim of Cadet Portal is to provide the cadets with a single point of access for information away from the Squadron which is an official platform authorised by the RAF, MoD and the RAF Air Cadets. It will help cadets have access to official information so they can find out about the full range of opportunities available to them through the RAF Air Cadets and on the other side, help reduce the administrative burden placed on our volunteers."



The cadets involved in the trial are being strongly encouraged to feedback on Cadet Portal which the development team will use to make further improvements before it is released to the rest of the Air Training Corps.

Group Captain Mark Leeming is the RAF Air Cadets Command Board sponsor for the Cadet Portal project and he said:

“Getting Cadet Portal deployed has been a complex and Herculean task and a shining example of Volunteer and Permanent Staff cooperation and collaborative working”.


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