Commandant Air Cadets Special Award

02 Jul 2020

Two new awards have been established by Commandant Air Cadets, Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty in her final few days in post.

The COVID-19 pandemic altered her final farewell to staff members and volunteers, however, Air Cdre McCafferty today announced two awards for outstanding member of permanent staff and outstanding volunteer.

The special awards - new legacy trophies – will be presented to the winners – permanent staffer Mrs Jayne Maddison and volunteer Warrant Officer Donna Hall on July 15.

Jayne, who works at HQ RAFAC, RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire, was chosen for her helpful, positive disposition and success and hard work at the annual conferences.

Commandant RAF Air Cadets, Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty said: “I did not ask for nominations as I wanted the inaugural awards to be to two people who had inspired and impressed me during my time.

“That said, it was a very hard decision to make as there are many outstanding staff members and volunteers who were equally worthy of consideration.

“I selected Mrs Maddison from our HQ simply because she is one of the most positive people I know, always cheerful, always happy to help and always willing to go the extra mile.

“Her contribution to our annual conferences has ensured their success and her hard work behind the scenes in the IHub keeps the rest of the organisation on its toes as far as data compliance goes – not the most exciting role in the HQ but one that is vital to our day-to-day operations. Jayne has made me smile and I hope this award does the same for her.”

Jayne said: “The award came out of the blue, I was extremely surprised. It is difficult to explain how I am feeling right now as I am both delighted and shocked in equal measure to be the first recipient. “I would sincerely like to thank the Comdt for her recognition of my achievements and given the calibre of my colleagues I feel extremely proud that I was even considered. “RAFAC has always been an enjoyable place to work and receiving this award has just made it even better! Thank you so much.”

WO Donna Hall RAFAC, the Regional Warrant Officer for Wales & West Region Air Training Corps received the award as most outstanding volunteer.

Air Commodore McCafferty said: “WO Hall is omnipresent across Wales & West Region and the wider Air Training Corps and rarely has any time off from supporting air cadets.

“She is passionate about her role, lives and breathes drill and ceremonial and supports wider initiatives with her hard work, good humour and positivity. Again, a member of our team who makes me smile and I know she inspires those around her.”

Donna said: “I feel exceptionally honoured and humbled to receive this award. I volunteer because I love the Royal Air Force Air Cadets and everything we offer as an organisation to our cadets and volunteers.

“To be recognised for what I do by Commandant Air Cadets is beyond amazing. To be the recipient of this inaugural award has left me a little bit speechless, but I am truly grateful.”

The Commandant will present the trophies - at distance – on her last day in post.

*The RAF Air Cadets comprises both the Air Training Corps and the Combined Cadet Force (RAF).

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