Flying scholarship success

28 Mar 2019

Cadet Corporal Paddy Mitchell of 177(Blackpool airport) Squadron has been awarded a prestigious Sir Michael Knight Flying Scholarship by the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust.

Cpl Mitchell has already completed a normal Air Cadet flying scholarship at Tayside Aviation for which he was awarded his Air Cadet Pilot Scholarship (Gold Wings).


His performance at Tayside Aviation put him within the 90th percentile of those undertaking ACPS training in 2018, an achievement of which he is rightly proud.

This new Flying Scholarship is a six week residential course at Tayside Aviation with a minimum of 33 hours flying training, Private Pilot Licence examination modules and full access to online ground school training.

The award will be presented to him at a ceremony at HQAC RAF Cranwell.

Cpl Mitchell joined 177 squadron after his 13th birthday and he has always wanted a career in aviation or the RAF.

He helps to train cadets on the two flight simulators at the squadron and prepare teams for the Wing training Day competition.

He is currently training and working towards his RAF application.


Cpl Paddy Mitchell said:

" This is an amazing award and it's wonderful to think that I can get my PPL courtesy of the ATC and the RAFCT.

" Being a member of 177  Squadron has been on of the best decisions I have ever made and all  of the staff have given me a tremendous amount of support and I cannot thank them enough."


Flt Lt Nickson, OC 177 said:

" This is an amazing success for Cpl Mitchell, it will really aid him with his career plans.

" It's the second year that we have been awarded the same Flying Scholarship; I am so proud of how successful my cadets are proving to be."

Air Cadet Magazine

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Air Cadet Magazine

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