RAF Air Cadets Chief of Staff is a record breaker

05 Sep 2018

Group Captain John Lawlor, the Chief of Staff for the RAF Air Cadets and the Chairman of the RAF Athletics Association ran the opening leg of the 100 x10km relay race at RAF Cosford.

He was part of the team of one hundred military personnel who completed the challenge to celebrate the centenary year of the Royal Air Force.

Each runner completed 25 laps around the 400 metres track and the long-distance runners managed to cut over four hours off the existing record which had been held by American University students in Illinois.

The team had aimed to run each leg at an average time of 41 minutes but they managed to beat their target and timed out at 64 hours and 36 minutes.

Group Captain John Lawlor, the Chief of Staff for the RAF Air cadets and the Chairman of the RAF Athletics Association said:

“I am so proud of the team involved as it was a long three days and we were delighted with the time as we thought it would be a lot closer to the previous record.

The RAF has a great athletics history and I feel so privileged and proud to be part of today’s generation of RAF athletes to make their own mark in history.

We are delighted that we’ve been part of this world record attempt during the RAF’s centenary year and it is the pinnacle of my time with the RAF Athletics Association and something that I will cherish forever.”


Senior Aircraftsman and Endurance champion Mike Kallenberg, one of the Air Force’s top long-distance runners was given the honour of completing the final leg which he ran in an impressive 35 minutes and twenty-two seconds. He came up with the idea when Gp Capt Lawlor initially suggested Kallenberg should do a solo attempt.

Mike Kallenberg said:

The success of our World Record Attempt was thanks to a huge team effort on and off the track. It’s great that the months of hard work from so many has paid off. A big thanks to all the athletes, timekeepers, supporters, RAF Athletics, RAF Tri, RAF Cosford, RAF100, RBL and most importantly the organising committee of Flt Lt Lyman, Flt Lt Terry, Flt Lt Carveth, Flt Lt Brown and SAC Pollard'

The race has now been officially verified by the Guinness World Record Books.

Air Cadet Magazine

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Air Cadet Magazine

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