Volunteers on the covid-19 frontline - part 2

16 Apr 2020

Our RAFAC volunteers, some of whom are key workers in their professional careers working within the NHS, Emergency services, and other vital roles, such as doctors; nurses; paramedics; drivers; support staff; care sector; food stores; delivery drivers; engineering companies - are operating around the clock in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

We are pleased to share some more of their stories with you today following on from last week’s story, which can be found at this link: https://www.raf.mod.uk/aircadets/news/volunteers-on-the-covid-19-front-line/

Pilot Officer Kieran Whitford

I've been with the Scottish Ambulance Service at Aberdeen Station for over four years now and could never have imagined being in this situation. Our team are all working hard to keep the public safe. Taking extra precautions with PPE and making challenging decisions. It's a hard time but the support we give each other, and that which we're receiving from the public, is incredible and is pulling us through!


Civilian Instructor Rich Davies

I'm a firefighter, we're literally doing the essential work only - which means 999 calls and on-station work/training not leaving the station except 999 response. We are cleaning down every aspect of the station where possible at the start and end of each shift, including the fire appliance cab internally and externally. We also clean down after every call.  We are busy responding to incidents with added PPE such as personal P3 face masks, goggles, latex gloves and full fire kit. We are maintaining the highest standard of hygiene and safety as possible.


Acting Pilot Officer Hannah Banks 

As a neighbourhood team officer, it is essential that we show the communities that we carry on regardless with everyone’s health and welfare at the forefront of our daily patrols.

With the introduction of the Public Health Protection (Coronavirus restrictions) Regulations 2020, Police now have powers to disperse groups of people, with fines being introduced and potential arrests of those who are non-compliant. Crime is still happening even in these uncertain times with investigations ongoing.

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