Volunteers on the covid-19 frontline - part 3

30 Apr 2020

Our RAFAC volunteers, some of whom are key workers in their professional careers working within the NHS, Emergency services and other vital roles, such as doctors; nurses; paramedics; drivers; support staff; care sector; food stores; delivery drivers; engineering companies - are operating around the clock in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

We are pleased to share some more of their stories with you today following on from last week’s story, The original story can be found at this link: https://www.raf.mod.uk/aircadets/news/volunteers-on-the-covid-19-front-line/ and part 2 can be found at this link https://www.raf.mod.uk/aircadets/news/volunteers-on-the-covid-19-frontline-part-2/


Warrant Officer Mark Ellis, 188 (Ipswich) Squadron

As a key worker in the Police, its business as usual for me and my colleagues. People following the lockdown guidance and staying at home has meant we're being called to more domestic incidents and we're also having to keep a close eye on all of the unoccupied businesses to make sure they're not being damaged or broken into.. and of course reminding anyone we come across whilst we're out on patrol of social distancing and ensuring they're following the rules.


Squadron Leader Andy Dobson, 379 (County of Ross) Squadron

As part of the key worker team, Andy’s current role in the community is to deliver prescriptions to elderly customers who have had to self-isolate and have no family or friends able to collect medication, along with delivering medication to customers who have displayed symptoms of the COVID19 virus.

Sqn Ldr Dobson RAFVR(T) Retd. said, “The last few weeks have been very challenging and without the positive atmosphere and great sense of humour within the team along with fantastic management, the unbelievable level of work each day would not have been achievable.”


Sergeant Paul Wade, 422 (Corby) Squadron

To show the squadron’s thanks for the Key Workers of the Town’s emergency services Paul decided to donate items, sweets, chocolate and snacks, mostly paid for by him with donations from other staff members in boxes labelled up with 422 (Corby) Squadron badges.  The boxes have been delivered to the Corby Fire Station and the local Ambulance Station with a further box of goodies being delivered to the Kettering Police Hub. Paul said; “this is to show our appreciation for all that emergency services are doing for us and to cement already establish link between them and the squadron”.

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