Mountain leader courses

Mountain Leader (Summer) Introductory course

If you’re interested in leading hill or mountain based expeditions then this is where you’ll start.

This course covers:

  • Group management skills
  • How to navigate in all conditions
  • How to deal with mountain hazards
  • Awareness of environmental issues

You don’t need to be registered with Mountain Leader Training (MLT) UK for this course. However, you must register and obtain a logbook before applying for the next stage – the Mountain Leader (Summer) Training Course. The experience you gain on the ML(S) Introductory course can be entered in your logbook after registration.

How to register with Mountain Leader Training UK

Find details online by visiting or send an e-mail to:

Mountain Leader (Summer) Training Courses

Before applying for these courses you must register with MLT UK, obtain a logbook and fill in your pre-training hill-walking experience. This must be a minimum of 20 quality mountain days (QMDs). You’ll need to send in a copy of your logbook with your application form for each course.

HQAC Physical Education Administration will liaise with course directors to ensure that each candidate has gained sufficient pre-course experience before confirming a place.

Mountain Leader (Summer) Pre-Assessment

The aim of this course is to provide personnel who have completed the introductory training course with an opportunity to work under the guidance of an experienced leader on more difficult terrain. You will practice the skills learnt during introductory training and prepare for assessment.

Mountain Leader (Summer) Assessment

To apply for this course you must have logged a minimum of 40 QMDs. This experience should be gained in at least three different regions of the UK and Ireland and should include at least eight nights camping, four of which should be wild camping. You must also hold a current first aid certificate. Experience gained in other mountain activities is useful but not required.

Walking Group Leader (WGL) Training

Candidates with an interest in WGL Training or assessment should contact National Air Cadets Adventure Training Centre (NACATC) Windermere on 01539 444946. The Chief Instructor there will advise you on pre-course requirements and (subject to finding the minimum number of candidates) may be able to arrange courses on an ad-hoc basis.

‘Top up your Log Book’ Mountain Walking

These courses are an opportunity for mountain leader candidates to gain QMDs in North Wales and the Lake District. You must have completed the ML(S) Introductory course before applying for this course.

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