Terms and conditions

Eligibility and fitness

All RAFAC Officers, adult Warrant Officers, adult Sergeants, Civilian Instructors, Instructor Cadets, and adult staff from the Combined Cadet Force, Army Cadet Force Association and Sea Cadets are eligible to attend these courses.

Candidates must be physically fit to undergo strenuous outdoor activity. Course directors will not hesitate to send you home if you do not measure up to the standards required.

Cost of NGB Registration and Certificates/Awards

Any NGB registration fees or cost of awards or certificates are the responsibility of individual candidates. There is no charge for Joint Service Awards.

Travel and pay

These courses are officially recognized and accordingly, travel expenses can be claimed (subject to approval from Wing HQs). RAFAC Officers, adult Warrant Officers and adult Sergeants can also claim pay within their entitlements.

Joining instructions

Course joining instructions will be sent direct to candidates’ home addresses once a place on a course has been confirmed.


If you find that you are unable to attend the course after submitting you application you must contact Phys Ed Admin immediately. Do not wait until after the ‘bids by date’.

Cancellation can affect other participants, lead to the unnecessary employment of instructors and in some cases cause the cancellation of the course if numbers drop below the required amount.

All candidates should bear this in mind before applying or accepting a place on a course. Civilian organisations charge upwards of £350 for one-week instructor training and assessment so these courses have a high value – don’t waste them.

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Air Cadet Magazine

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