About the Vigilant T1


The Air Cadet Organisation uses the Grob G 109B motor glider, known in service as the Vigilant T.Mk 1, to provide basic flying and gliding training to its cadets.  It is currently employed by 645 Volunteer Gliding Squadron (VGS) at RAF Topcliffe and 631 VGS at RAF Woodvale.  They train air cadets in basic flying techniques, ultimately enabling them to fly solo.

The RAF Central Gliding School at RAF Syerston, Nottinghamshire also uses the Vigilant, to train VGS instructors. 


The Vigilant is a simple motor glider ideally suited to its training role with the Air Cadet Organisation.

The Vigilant sits on the runway, ready to take off.
The Vigilant motor glider is the least common of the two types in service.


Grob Vigilant T.Mk 1:

  • Powerplant: one 95hp Grob 2500E1 piston engine
  • Length: 26ft 7in (8.10m)
  • Wingspan: 57ft 1in (17.40m)
  • Maximum speed: 130kt (241km/h)
  • Maximum altitude: 8,000ft